Watch This Woman Demonstrate How To Stop Police Violence

By Amanda Warren

RT America obtained some raw footage of officers beating a man at Target in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn on Saturday night.

The man was identified by The Daily News as Alando Brissett, 25, and had allegedly gotten into an argument with employees over a receipt. At the point where the video starts we see five officers who start beating the pinned down man. Soon, many officers swarm in from out of nowhere.

RT called it chaos erupting….

However, I do not see this as simply another instance of fighting and chaos. Something special about this event made a potentially tragic situation turn out much differently.

It’s not to say something shouldn’t have been done about the allegedly belligerent man in the store – but five officers holding down an unarmed man and continuing to punch him in the head is complete overkill. Why cause further injury when the outcome is already achieved?

What headlines have seemingly missed is one unidentified woman’s actions to stop the continuation of unnecessary violence.

One woman demonstrates how to stop police violence – do something! As soon as she took the courage to run up and shout at the officers to stop beating the man – everyone did. Curiously, countless officers showed up out of nowhere although they were still outnumbered.

That’s when they realized it was time to rethink using brutality….

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14 Comments on "Watch This Woman Demonstrate How To Stop Police Violence"

  1. Go ahead, do the math: count the cops who instantly showed up for this non-incident and multiply by their daily pay per cop. It’s difficult because of the milling around, but I count at least 15. Plus the cars to get them there. Plus their retirement pay. Plus the lawsuit defense and payouts when they get a little overzealous like in this video. This police state overkill is costing us a fortune. I’d rather have the potholes filled, how about you?

    • William Burke | July 29, 2015 at 4:29 pm | Reply

      As per the payouts, the taxpayers have to learn to say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We won’t pay for your excesses one more day!”

      Change the laws: make it illegal to use taxpayer funds to finance payouts; the payouts must come out of the department’s budget for the following fiscal year.

      You’ll see shit like this disappear virtually overnight. A $27 million budget and several multimillion-dollar payouts out of the budget would reduce the operational budget to, say, $5 million, $10 million. Layoffs of cops.

      Stop this crap. We’ll fire the force and hire well-trained private security. It’s already been done.

  2. Another video with NO CONTEXT. How are we supposed to judge this without knowing what the dindu did (or dindu, as the case may be). Stuff like this happens because black people RESIST ARREST. It is clear as day on the video that the guy is resisting.

    • RJ O'Guillory | July 29, 2015 at 10:16 am | Reply

      …oh…another comment from the internet racist…Ezra Pound…another informed, intelligent response from an emotional worm…

    • I don’t know what retarded country you live in, but where I live citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The US police barely have the intelligence to know which end of the gun to point, so how come they get to be judge and executioner all of a sudden?

  3. why didn’t they just kill the black dude. Isn’t that normal protocol?

  4. William Burke | July 29, 2015 at 4:23 pm | Reply

    “Need some help here at the food court! BACKUP! BACKUP!!!”

    Fourteen cops doing a gang beatdown on one American is just not enough. BACKUP!!

  5. A city with an overburdening number of police, and a low number of intelligent human beings. So many people the violence upon themselves, and do nothing at the ballot box to change it. Spending their time protesting the police action solves little, but denying them money and supporters in city hall would go a long way at creating a civli politeness from officers,

  6. Pigs plain and simple

  7. Mike Lashewitz | July 29, 2015 at 8:41 pm | Reply

    Hmm, What did I see.
    A black man on the ground and many black people yelling and protesting. I cannot help but think of how many people would not have intervened if the man on the ground had been white….

  8. I think the American people need their own police force to protect them from the “offical” thugs that currently run the show.

  9. Any cop raising his fist had better have handcuffs in it or he’s out of control. Need the public gang up on police like the police gang up on the public? Police are to be a third party arbitrator in a store situation. This was a police flash mob that came for trouble and their over-reacting will bring it!

  10. First, they didn’t stop. They just did it behind a bigger wall of police… Second if this happens in a mall, one of the most calm places in America, imagine what will happen if police try to do this at public festival… The police are playing with fire… They call themselves “the biggest gang in America”. But that is bad math… One spark is all any revolution takes when the time is right…

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