Vaccine Associated Narcolepsy Genetically Changing the Brain Forever!

By Experimental Vaccines

More information continues to emerge about the link between the Pandemrix H1N1 flu vaccine and the incurable sleeping disorder, narcolepsy. Kenny Valenzuela explains the importance of how vaccines can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Research links posted below:

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You can find more of Kenny Valenzuela’s informative videos at his site

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4 Comments on "Vaccine Associated Narcolepsy Genetically Changing the Brain Forever!"

  1. Hey! this narcolepsy symptom is HUGH – I am just one and know several more in my vicinity. This is a very under-reported story and I am glad you re-printed it here. Here’s the thing: this particular drug/vaccine side-effect is also a CASH COW because it is hard to connect to prior vaccine because people typically medicate the symptoms (and cause more organ/brain/gut damage) with anything they can get their hands on — caffeine pills, legal/natural drugs which can nevertheless cause psychosis, alcohol/coffee addiction cycles, hormone treatments, and then people get on the OVERMEDICATION MERRY-GO-ROUND (symptom drugging is very lucrative in US). The reason why this Vaccine damage symptom continues to be misunderstood is BECAUSE Vaccine damage is a guaranteed increasing profit stream. Treating the symptoms of damage from Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines is HUGE BIG BUSINESS. This Drugging Symptoms Approach to “treatment,” ends up funding medical practices, medical schools, boutique hospital services, research science institutions, and retirement plans (maintaining infrastructure of a highly flawed system). The biggest CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST PROFESSION in America is the Medical Profession. Our once-revered relationship with “Our Doctor” has been so corrupted by drugs and profitability that our doctors are now the Drug Reps for Big Pharma and conventionally trained M.D.’s have no basic understanding of body systems, and useful, non-drug Health Speech is a language relegated to a few high-profile entrepreneur-doctors. The only way to tackle this narcolepsy AND ALL THE OTHER RELATED PROBLEMS you and I are dealing with, is by walking away from the harmful interventions — basically, all the conventional approaches. You have to then turn your life and mind over to educating yourself about the problem and consider what alternative solutions are right for you. Get online day and night and you too can figure out your plan. But better hurry, TPP is in motion. Soon we will not have free access to The Internet As We Have Known It. Saving yourself will be the most demanding learning program of your life, I know — I did it. But reversing damage from harmful pharmaceuticals can happen — start with Natural News, Natural Society,, natural blaze, and Infowars. Listen to and trust your Body.

    • Javier Torres | July 17, 2015 at 6:05 am | Reply

      Ariel- I’m assuming you meant, HUGE. But, common little mistakes aside- this is part of their so-called, “Slow kill” programs. Which is closely related to “Soft kill” which is the little bother of Murder…of any cosmetically presented program of population control. Which is the true reason for these vaccines given to infants hours old- 15-18 at one time- and surprised they got sick or died.

      • Yes HugeJavier, good typocatch. And I am 100% with you on the Infant Vaccination Policy which should never have happened in the first place, let alone stayed so long. Nothing except INTENTIONALISM could explain how this public policy remains. It is inconceivable to explain it any other way than pure Survival Of The Fittest Run Amok. Humans meddling in the natural order of things never ends well. It is painful to imagine the Citizen-to-Citizen Confrontations which will come to our beautiful world soon. Those who find themselves in the role of holding that syringe at gunpoint will themselves be psycho-spiritually destroyed. The Psy-Ops aspect of Jade Helm and all the other Agenda 21 programs, which Alex hammers us about all the time, is the most difficult for us to grapple with but also that which will divide us in the end. What is the solution? Unless we Americans deal with our inability to face reality, this one bad habit will trump all our other risk factors. It is highly revealing that 75% of the world’s mind-altering substances are consumed by less than 5% of the world’s population (the USA). We have a real corner on the Market of Dishonesty, and Living In Reality begins with the relationship with our Self. These ideas, observations, and principles are nothing new and can be found in every mental health thought system from Buddhism to Christianity to core Psychoanalytic thought. America is mostly a nation of asleep, dumbed down, intoxicated, distracted, drugged, polluted, and sleep-deprived minds.

        • Javier Torres | July 17, 2015 at 11:00 am | Reply

          Damn Ariel- You are one smart lady. And I just don’t hand out compliments to anyone. You are 100% on board. I see that. You know, aren’t fooling yourself, and have brains- Wow, a complete woman. I agree with everything you’ve just said… and I’m not just saying this as I have been on you tube for over 8 years now trying to awaken those still slumbering despite the tremendous noise the elite make. Funny thing- MANY people know “something’s up”. Many have admitted this to me- MOST could care less. That is beyond me- but, I guess they have their reasons. As one person put it- this is way beyond my control so, I am just gonna party until the party ends. Others are so panicked, I feel almost responsible for the pain and fear they feel. I try VERY hard to forewarn people of not letting these things- as horrific as many are- get them sick…physically or mentally. In fact- that’s one of the biggest acts of terrorism on our part- U.S. Military practicing their drills and crap- in the middle of the night, using blanks and not warning the public. Don’t they understand people are afraid? Don’t they know some people are disabled, elderly, sick, not very strong mentally, alone, and still- they do this and terrify their own neighbors…without warning? Anyway, thank you for your GREAT message, please take care and if you’re ever in the neighborhood on you tube- look me up- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF) and I have a stuffed Chihuahua from the Taco Bell days as my thumbnail. Have a wonderful day- DON’T let them steal your joy- and again, be careful and take care.

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