Thousands of Smart Meter Fires: New Whistleblower and Court Evidence

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By Brian Thiesen

The situation with smart meter fires is worse than we thought — and now we know why. This new investigative video tells all.

In studying and doing presentations and making videos on ‘smart’ meters for nearly 5 years now, personally I had my doubts I would learn anything new when I first connected with a utility worker whistleblower through Take Back Your Power.

I was completely wrong and they are right. It is worse than I thought — than we all thought. A major and critical error has been brought forth.

This new video (below) explains in simple terms these new revelations from the insiders, as well as new court documentation and other insights.

The whistleblowers (wishing to remain anonymous) who contacted us have serviced and repaired over 200,000 meters in the field. They have been warning their supervisors about ‘smart’ meter problems for nearly a decade now. They have had enough of the lies and want you to know what they know.

On top of the explosive new details, the meters have at least four major sources of arcing. That’s right — FOUR.

Arcing in ‘smart’ meters causes extreme heat, which causes fires. As we now see, it is beyond any shadow of a doubt that meter manufacturers know, utilities know, and regulators know. They have known the whole time, but they didn’t want to tell you.

In this investigation the focus on two of the worst offenders, BC Hydro and PG&E. However, as this is a systemic problem regardless of meter type, we feature fire incidents from Texas, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and more.

Of note, for those that have been following the BC Freedom process to keep your safe analog meter, you can see how BC Hydro, the BCUC, and government (including Measurement Canada) are now all implicated in collusion to attempt to remove your choice to keep your analog meter. If you have held out this long, regardless of where you are, you are going to be glad you did — and you are going to have all the ammo you need to break the chain of deceit that permeates these groups.

On top of our whistleblower information, we have industry documents being revealed for the first time. Utilities do not want this info to get out. Why are meters exploding off houses by the hundreds at a time? Why are fires happening no matter where smart/digital meters are being installed? Sensus, Itron, Landis + Gyr, etc: why is it that all these meter makers are having issues everywhere they are being installed?

We know you have questions. Take them into this video. What you learn is going to blow you away just as it did us when we first learned about what’s really going on.

You are going to see just how much money is involved, corruption at the highest levels, and why you and your safety are in the way of profits — which is why you have not been be told the truth… until now. The bottom line: it is now up to us to hold these people accountable and liable for their negligence and harm they are causing to all of us.

Utilities and pocket-lining officials see the harm to your property, biological health and basic rights merely as collateral damage on their way to profits from data. According to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), this ‘smart’ meter data will be “a lot more” valuable than the electricity itself. In case you were wondering, the electricity market globally is $2.2 Trillion USD.

The facts behind ‘smart’ fires are now here. Electricity is cut-and-dried. It is has basic laws and functions that have been set in stone for over a century.

In their quest for profit, all of our privacy rights are being violated for their sake of their profit. Homes are burning down. And people like Larry Nikkel, James Humphrey, Michelle Sherman, and very likely this family of fivehave all died from ‘smart’ meter fires. While those in charge continue to lie.

We cannot afford to tolerate this any longer.

SMART METER FIRES: Fatalities & Liability

Article source: Take Back Your Power

Brian Thiesen is a British Columbia-based researcher who studies finance, economics, geo-politics smart meters/grid among other subjects. He has spent the last 5 years studying, doing presentations and videos on smart meters, and is active in preventing smart meter installs in BC. His website is

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7 Comments on "Thousands of Smart Meter Fires: New Whistleblower and Court Evidence"

  1. I think it’s time for some class action lawsuits.

    • And, don’t forget arrests, prosecutions, huge fines and imprisonment (without parole); since what we’re dealing with here is premeditated murder – deliberately installing faulty “smart” meters, knowing quite well the grave danger of homes burning down from these explosive meters.
      Justice must be served; the victims of these “smart” meter fires are yelling out from their graves for justice to be done; for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to spend the rest of their miserable lives behind bars until the day they die.

  2. That’s if they are not being command detonated either. I’m sure that capability exists in them all, because no other reason makes sense. Couple that capability with a smart household with everything uploading information to the net, well you have a recipe for total control, not only just surveillance of society, but to get rid of anyone via the smart meter. When ones abode becomes a I.E.D what safety does anyone have ?

  3. WHY is the situation worse than you thought? Because the authorities have been doing everything they can to cover up the truth. Why don’t they want the truth to get out there? Because they are desperate to get the smart meters implemented as fast as possible for EVERYBODY. Why are they so desperate to do that? So they can have total surveillance of everyone 24/7 so they can have “total population control” to quote a high level NSA whistle blower. So the REAL answer to the first question is that Smart Meters are part of the global enslavement agenda .

  4. Where’s are useless leaders, are protectors on this issue? Undoubtedly getting handouts to do nothing but dummy up!

  5. The smart meter caused the main wire shielding and the TV cable to melt at my friends house -thank God there was no major fire- but she and her mother are both on retirement and cannot afford to fix the wiring. It is still a fire waiting to happen. Electrical company says it’s not there problem!
    When I lived in Seattle -3 house within 3 blocks caught fire in one week – news reported it was the smart meters. Still, we all now live with an extreme fire danger and no one wants to take responsibility for these meters.

    • “no one wants to take responsibility for these meters.”

      Local communities are working to get those responsible. The corporate thugs don’t care unless their PROFITS are threatened. Rest assured good will win the day.

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