Safety and Civil Liberties: Is Corporate Clout Calling the Shots?

By Jim Carrey (the actor)

Let me be clear: I fully support the use of vaccines and believe they play a vital role in protecting the health of individuals and the public at large. That does not mean, however, that every vaccine is healthy, imperative, or right for every individual in every circumstance.

Over the past few centuries, vaccinations have saved millions from deadly and disfiguring diseases that once ravaged the world – from whooping cough and diphtheria to smallpox and polio. There is no question that many of these vaccines have been among the greatest medical advancements in history. There is also no question that vaccines can and do injure people as the hundreds of millions of dollars awarded in vaccine court have proved.

Like any form of healthcare, vaccines come with potential benefits and potential risks. As Americans, we all have a basic right to weigh those pros and cons for ourselves — as we do with any form of preventative care or medical treatment — and make decisions that are appropriate for ourselves and our families. This is one of our nation’s most basic civil liberties. You don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to know that.

It is simply unacceptable for the government to infringe on this right by forcing a mother or father to accept a one-size-fits-all approach to their child’s medical care. Such a requirement should never be tolerated, but is particularly troubling when questions still remain concerning the safety of certain chemicals used to produce some vaccines. So long as these substances carry any potential hazard, their use should be a parent’s decision — not the government’s.

Laws that force parents to substitute their own judgment for that of a politician are particularly worrisome when that politician may rely on the very corporations that produce these vaccines to support their campaigns. Over the past 20 or so years, pharmaceutical companies have given nearly $300 million to candidates for federal office, spent almost $200 million influencing California state elections, and have amassed over $3 billion in fees for high-powered lobbyists in Washington. I don’t think its crazy to be suspicious when these companies receive guaranteed revenue streams from politicians they have spent billions trying to influence.

The pharmaceutical industry’s web of influence doesn’t end in Washington or Sacramento. This trillion dollar industry perhaps has its greatest reach in Atlanta, where the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is located and where the revolving door spins in perpetuity. Take Julie Gerberding, for example, who spent nearly a decade as the director of the CDC and then left to head the vaccine department of Merck & Co., a $50 billion pharmaceutical conglomerate. Again, I don’t think it’s wildly out of line to assume that some cronyism might be at play here.

Last summer, the White House rightfully granted immunity and whistleblower status to a senior vaccine scientist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, who admitted that he and other officials at the agency fabricated and intentionally omitted data from a 2004 study that claimed there was no link between vaccines and autism. The results of this study and the internal improprieties revealed are now being questioned by Congress.

These companies also spend billions convincing us that their products can be trusted. The next time you watch the news, count the number of commercials from the pharmaceutical industry. This industry spends more on advertisements than any other, with estimates of expenditures over $21 billion this year alone. Most of these advertisements, as you probably know, are spent reading off the litany of side effects (many potentially fatal) associated with each product. But democracy is about being presented with the options and having the freedom to choose for yourself.

I am proud to stand with Green Vaccine advocates like Robert Kennedy Jr. and the millions of courageous mothers, scientists, doctors, lawyers and researchers who are speaking out in defense of children. I am happy that our activism has helped push the industry to reduce mercury in some vaccines, but there are still some potentially harmful materials in vaccines given to pregnant mothers and children.

We need safe vaccines to be made available in order to protect us from the dangerous diseases that once decimated large numbers of people. However, for centuries, the bedrock ethical principle of “informed consent” has dominated the medical field. Medical decisions have always been based on personal choice made in consultation with a trusted doctor. Upholding this basic principle is dependent on the ability to choose and give consent, a fundamental right that is being taken away by legislation such as SB 277 in California.

I haven’t lost my sense of humor folks. It’s just buried under the rubble that was once my faith in government oversight. But there’s a time to laugh and a time for a serious debate over what it could mean to have our civil liberties taken away by our government at the behest of pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders. If we just sit back and let corporate clout call the shots our children may not remember what freedom was.

I wish you all love, laughter and liberty.

Jim Carrey

This article first appeared on Medium.

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21 Comments on "Safety and Civil Liberties: Is Corporate Clout Calling the Shots?"

  1. colinjames71 | July 18, 2015 at 8:00 pm | Reply

    Well done, might not agree with every detail but that’s exactly what I’ve always advocated -take out the toxic ingredients and give people a choice. Good to see a major celebrity endorsing that position, this will reach people that have only ever been exposed to the pro-vax propaganda. Can only help.

  2. Over the past few centuries, vaccinations have saved millions from
    deadly and disfiguring diseases that once ravaged the world – from
    whooping cough and diphtheria to smallpox and polio. There is no
    question that many of these vaccines have been among the greatest
    medical advancements in history. There is also no question that vaccines
    can and do injure people as the hundreds of millions of dollars awarded
    in vaccine court have proved.

    Millions didn’t die because of the vaccinations but despite the vaccinations, they where simply healty enough!
    Read this:
    Vaccinations are designed to kill, and that’s what they do!
    Don’t let anybody vaccinate your children, they want to kill them.

    • Good catch there, looks a lot like a limited hangout.

      Reads like: “There ARE some concerns, however, on the whole vaccines are necessary and a net benefit to society.” Clues include emotive terms “deadly, disfiguring, ravaged” – sounds like a script.

  3. Key word in the whole little essay: (“actor”)

    • Average Joe American | July 19, 2015 at 12:50 am | Reply

      Actor? So what? I believe he made his role here perfectly clear: Concerned Citizen.

      Were he a construction worker or a pregnant mom or a senator or private entrepreneur would that have made a difference? Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy? A doctor or lawyer, a beggar or a thief? The man believes adult citizens have the right to choose, and that the government has NO right to line us up and inject us with anything AT ALL against our will.

      Does anyone seriously think Jerry Brown or any other politician has a better handle on what we should be shooting up with than the many millions of citizens who’ve taken the time and trouble to research the vast and seriously flawed history of vaccine use in this country?

      Some are concerned that because California is going to make vaccinations mandatory, the rest of the country will follow suit. Perhaps it would be best to just let them do it, and watch what happens when the Atlanta CDC circuits get overwhelmed with calls from the left coast. When celebrities from Beverly Hills and CA sports stars start spilling the beans about extrapyramidal effects on nationally syndicated morning talk shows.

      Anyone who’s afraid of contracting one of the dread MMR, influenza or the latest rodent, bird, or swine disease du jour is free to go get shot full of mercury and monkey DNA and whatever else. Then they’ll be “safe” from anti-science people like me, who still believe mercury, fluoride, chlorine, aspartame, HFCS, GMOs, MSG, statins, SSRIs and a gazillion other science-based miracle substances are things of which my body is not currently suffering a deficiency.

      It will not be long before (mark these words) not only can you get your vaccinations at Walmart (and a discount on selected processed aspartame/GMO/hydrolyzed/PUFA foods in the grocery aisles), you can ALSO get micro-chipped for half price! (So your owners can always find you if you get lost.)

      I’m not the first to have said this (in fact, numerous self-defense instructors beat me to it): If someone tries to stick a pointy object into you by coercion? Stick one into them first. It’s actually one of the first laws of survival. We didn’t get this far by simply letting strangers jab us with suspect pointy things. We’re supposed to be the survivors of those who exhibited such submissive behavior, the losers having been eliminated from the gene pool.

      And is anyone seriously suggesting California’s burgeoning population is currently in dire straits, threatened by some sort of looming plague which these mandatory vaccinations will now prevent? Are people dropping like flies there and we haven’t heard about it?

      • I’m completely against forced vaccines, and have zero trust in vaccine makers, my complain here is only with the messenger – as sleezy a hollywood character as there is.

    • If you have a problem with a message, attack the message, not the messenger. He’s a parent and has the right to speak up.

      • True, but we should ask could this be some kind of controlled opposition and limited hangout? Did you see Bernie Suarez (Truth and Art TV) cover the apparent psy op of Carrey’s Illuminati rant on Jimmy Kimmel’s show essentially mocking conspiracy theorists? Other analysts explored this subject and there’s a least one video on youtube deconstructing the Kimmel appearance and other incidents.

      • I don’t have a problem with the message overall – vaccine makers are not a trustworthy lot, and I would not vaccinate my child, period. My problem is with the author, who is deeply connected to the cabal who runs our little cube.

  4. John C Carleton | July 19, 2015 at 5:33 am | Reply

    Anything other than every one has a right not to forced to damage their own health by vaccine, anything other than that means you are property of the state, a slave. Also, prove to me, I mean REAL proof that vaccines have saved many lives. NO BS, real proof.

  5. While I support Jim’s assertion that people need the freedom to choose whether to accept vaccinations injected into the bodies of their children (or themselves), I would like Carrey to know that he has accepted a line of corporate/globalist propaganda on the “safety and efficacy” of vaccines and their place in any program of supporting real public health. Jim, you need to go to the woodshed on this, do your research into the history and science of vaccines, and into how they are being used as an insidious method for human control, and, potentially, depopulation worldwide. Vaccines are NOT immunizations, vaccines kill and maim for life, powerful forces are pushing them hard NOW.

  6. The problem is, the largest percentage of ads on TV these days are from the pharmaceutical companies. That’s the actors’ bread and butter. How can they totally speak out against vaccines? I think they have to be careful what they say. See how the first sentence was a boiler plate support message.

  7. sovereignbastard | July 19, 2015 at 5:03 pm | Reply
  8. Vaccines are the only chemical cocktails which are supposedly used as a preventative. Think about it. All conventional drugs are used in response to some form of pathological event already having been detected, and therefore represent reactive medicine.

    Ask yourselves: Why push a “preventative medicine” (vaccines) when there is no evidence within orthodox medicine of any interest whatsoever – past, present or future – in pouring money into disease prevention otherwise?

    Why has the bureaucratic-pharmaceutical complex relentlessly tried to quash any move by natural medicine advocates and practitioners to broaden the influence of truly preventative health care measures via nutritional and herbal medicines and dietary counselling? – Because it is concerned for our welfare?

    • Doug Stevens | July 20, 2015 at 12:23 pm | Reply

      Yes, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach and carrots have saved orders
      of magnitude more lives than anything that has ever been pumped out of a

      • I thought your comment read: Yes, pumpkin. Broccoli, spinach and carrots….
        Thanks for the upvote!

        • Doug Stevens | July 21, 2015 at 6:52 am | Reply

          No Miss Moneypenny, it has to do with nutrition not chemical poisoning…..

          You are welcome! Please continue with your relevant commenting.

  9. bactiorophages | July 20, 2015 at 6:17 am | Reply

    wonder who will be the next transgender victim.
    get yer gender bender shot jimmie – er umm jamie.
    DNA synthesizing in a vile and made in china.

  10. Toxic ingredients are not even the main issue in vaccine safety. That is disinformation. The real threat within vaccines comes from prions. It has been proven and admitted that cancer causing agents are in vaccines. REALLY do your research. Current cancer epidemic anyone? But these companies are both trustworthy and unable to profit from cancer…right?

  11. This is for you Mr Carrey,

    Recently, the 137 or so people who came down with the measles at Disneyland, of whom, only 14% were not vaccinated, and all of whom are now completely recovered, was made into a nationwide news story and fraudulently and greatly exaggerated as an outbreak and used as justification to eliminate exemptions and mandate all vaccinations. Coincidentally, while the media is highly subsidized by the pharmaceutical companies.

    There’s another outbreak that is much worse. That is the outbreak in which 38,519 people were severely injured and 3737 killed, which didn’t even get on the news at all. That is the people 18 and under that were injured and killed by vaccines in 2014. (The governments own statistics) There are more people killed by some vaccines than are killed by the viruses.

    The link below will expose the fraud of the statement that vaccines have saved millions of lives;

    “It is dangerous to let the public behind the scenes. They are easily disillusioned and then they are angry with you, for it was the illusion they loved.” – W. Somerset Maugham – See more at:




    During the 1800s into the early 1900s measles, like all infectious diseases, was a big killer. The measles vaccine was introduced in the United States in 1963. By this date using United States statistics the measles death rate had declined by over 98%. (2) Similarly, the measles vaccine was introduced in England in 1968. Since England began keeping statistics in 1838 we can get a much better idea of just how bad measles was during the 1800s – it was a big killer. Phenomenally, the death rate for measles had declined by almost a full 100% before the introduction of the vaccine in England. (3) (Take a look at the graphs in the reference section to see the dramatic decline in deaths.) – See more at:

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