Feds ‘Lose’ Audits for Fort Knox Gold

By The Resident

The blog, goldseek.com, recently published a report on a Freedom of Information Act request they recently filed with the US government. They were seeking seven reports from federal audits of the gold at Fort Knox. The government’s response? They can’t find those reports – even though they reference those reports as evidence of the gold stored at Fort Knox in a number of ways. The Resident discusses.

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9 Comments on "Feds ‘Lose’ Audits for Fort Knox Gold"

  1. If they can’t find the reports, maybe there is no gold. If no gold, maybe they can shut that military installation down on the next round of base closures.

    • How about firing all of congress and those n the white house? That would save a bunch. Think of all the freeloaders we would be rid if.

  2. If it turns out there is no Gold in Fort Knox, then we will have the necessary proof that a national currency should be entirely fiat and all the myths of an imaginary “value” somehow “backing” a national currency should be dismissed as what they are – nonsensical myths.

    Here is the proper use for Gold :

  3. They should check in the vaults under Tel Aviv.

  4. James Bennett | July 3, 2015 at 6:17 pm | Reply

    Once the natives realize their God has been stolen, they might get restless.

  5. There’s been no gold in there for decades now.

    • Common Sense | July 4, 2015 at 3:22 pm | Reply

      The only accurate and relevant comment so far.

      We truly have become a seriously dumbed down nation.


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