Edible Vaccines: What’s in your Banana?

By Experimental Vaccines

Is a new era of vaccine-infused foods upon us? As Kenny Valenzuela covers in this video, according to an article entitled “Edible Vaccines” from Scientific American, printed in 2000, they state:

One day children may get immunized by munching on foods instead of enduring shots. More important, food vaccines might save millions who now die for lack of access to traditional inoculants.

See what they have to say about bananas and tomatoes. They’ve done everything else with genetic modification of food, so why not throw in some vaccines? 

Research links posted below:

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Genetically Modified Soldiers DARPA: The Mutant Wars
EDIBLE VACCINES- A New Approach To Oral Immunization Health
The Human Avatar Programs by NASA & DARPA

US National Library of Medicine Edible vaccines: current status and future
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Clinical Trials Nation Institutes of Medicine Edible Vaccine Trials
DARPA Hacking Humans the 47th Chromosome

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You can see more of Kenny Valenzuela’s informative videos – and donate – at ExperimentalVaccines.org

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2 Comments on "Edible Vaccines: What’s in your Banana?"

  1. Following the GMO debaucle from the beginning;you will find that this was the goal all along to grow cheap medications. It will be the same unethical,immoral,illegal boondoggle as fluoride. An unaware public will be force medicated with no exam, calibration of dose or follow up of condition. If a doctor did this they would go to jail. Yet we cannot choose to use natures plants [MJ and others] to heal ourselves. The monstrous pharmaceutical companies & Monsanto need to be stopped now.

  2. Must be time to grow your own food – trade w/ folks you trust.
    get yer nagalase and bacteriophage all in one tomato…yum.


    BTW: dead doctor researchers tell no tails.

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