Eco Village Files Suit in Federal Court for Unjustified SWAT Raid

By Activist Post

In August of 2013, Bob Tuskin reported on an Arlington, Texas SWAT raid of the Garden of Eden eco-village, a small private community dedicated to sustainability and conscious healing. The community operates an organic farm, as well as offers free food programs and support to individuals who have experienced trauma, addiction, and childhood abuse.

The SWAT raid on the morning of August 2, 2013 resulted in 8 adults being handcuffed at gunpoint, including the mother of a 22 month old and a two-week-old baby who was separated from her children during the raid.

According to a Garden of Eden press release, after hours of being held in handcuffs at gunpoint, a warrant was finally produced which alleged that the community was operating a drug trafficking operation, as well as being considered armed and dangerous.

Community members were subsequently detained inside their home and watched at gunpoint for an additional 8 hours while a significant amount of their property was removed and/or destroyed.

No drugs were ever found and no charges ever resulted from the warrant.

Nearly two years later, Garden of Eden has now initiated a lawsuit against the city of Arlington, Texas.

Their lawsuit cites a number of specific amends to be made by the City aimed at creating a more honorable standard for the whole country, including a budget reveal for this operation and a refund to taxpayers for wasted funds.

Garden of Eden founder, Quinn Eaker, pledges:

In dedication to being an inspired example of how money can benefit the world instead of destroying it, I will donate 100% of all money received from this suit to creating sustainable systems that can feed and house hundreds of people for the rest of their lives for free. We are willing to see this suit through to the very end, even if it takes ten years, all the way to the Supreme Court. We will have justice for the wrongs perpetrated against us by the very public servants who are sworn to protect “we the people” in exercising our Constitutional and God Given rights to life and liberty.

As Garden of Eden also notes, there has been speculation about the true reason for this raid. One is that the City and connected real estate investors desired to use Garden of Eden land along with adjacent land for profitable development, likely related to the City owned and operated Tierra Verde Golf Course, less than one mile from the eco-village.

Another theory is that certain officials were strongly opposed to Garden of Eden’s alternative lifestyle, and they wanted to send a message to the community and a warning to any others considering the same.

Now Garden of Eden is sending their own message to the Police State:  heavy-handed tactics do not intimidate true lovers of freedom; they only provide further motivation to work toward freedom’s preservation.

To follow this developing story, please visit, or connect with the Garden of Eden Facebook Page

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7 Comments on "Eco Village Files Suit in Federal Court for Unjustified SWAT Raid"

  1. James Bennett | July 31, 2015 at 6:18 pm | Reply

    Beyond words.
    This is what happens when private interests are allowed to use government for gain.
    Like the Bundy Ranch ordeal.
    It largely defines Fascism, which we are basking in at this time.

    We wish Garden of Eden well.
    I hope the story brings lotsa bad press and attention to Arlington Police.
    I hope they enjoy a favorable outcome that sets a precedent, and sends a message.

    I’ve found the best tool available to us is shedding light on wrong doing for many to see.

    Even more effective than our ‘legal’ system (as courts are largely protection / collection agencies for the Corporation – and it’s franchisees).

    May like minded energy adhere to their efforts, and expand their success.

    • A good post. I agree. It is up to us to shed light on the darkness. Not just this issue and story but the many that are happening every day. Yes the government and mega corps are doing lots of dishonorable things but it is we who must do something about it because they won’t. We may not be able to challenge them at this point but we can educate and network to begin that process.
      It is up to us!

  2. The SWAT was lucky one or more of them weren’t shot during that raid. They still might be if this drags out much longer. I’d start hunting down cops and their backers.

  3. FREE food, FREE housing… means no tax that can flow to the top of the hierarchical pyramid – this is the only way that can peaceful destroy their system that is based on profit/tax/abuse!
    It’s all about their satanic economic system

    • Many would agree with you. What we do KNOW for a FACT is that not a single thing in the warrant was found…….This means that the facts are that they were TOTALLY wrong. No speculation or argument there. What is also apparent is that everything in the affidavit of which the warrant was signed upon was either speculation, hearsay or blatant lies. Either way hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars were totally wasted. AND FOR WHAT? These people fed 40,000 free meals without any government or rich benefactors aid. Just imagine what would be possible with support instead of he raid.

  4. norm for the state of Texas…..Note the high number of executions by this State

    • Maybe normal but not honorable. So if its not honorable what are we doing to do about it?
      If we do nothing it continues on or even gets worse.

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