Canadian Police Banish Families From Playing in Park: “I’m In Charge Here”

Full footage below

By Amanda Warren

Last Sunday, some British Columbia dads gathered their kids to a public park; a field fit for some father-son soccer time. We’ve reported in the past about America’s unfortunate export to the UK and Canada – police brutality and authoritarianism. Permit-pushing is another problem. Unfortunately, that attitude continues to grow and even mall cops, bureaucrats and bylaw officers want a piece of the power pie.

People are grateful when, during a confrontation, if officers are called they bring resolution to a situation without anyone getting hurt. Not so much when they are the confrontation.

News anchors astutely observed that while bonding in the park away from crime, the “Kids…[got] a very different lesson from a bylaw officer.”

Families are still unsure why they were targeted while playing in the park. The official line is that a permit is required for organized games – obviously, some impromptu and informal soccer does not warrant getting kicked out without a permit. They also couldn’t help but notice that some others were allowed to stay.

A female Surrey officer who seemingly suffers from small-man syndrome, actually called for the back-up of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She clapped her hands to get their attention like they were all children, gesticulated, and said with an authoritative smile on her face,

Listen to me! I’m in charge here, today, okay?

So today…you will pick up your cones – you will go home.

Full footage of the dads trying in futility to reason with the officers and explain:

I think you will recognize the inflection when she says “okay” – it’s usually only heard from authoritarians, teachers of small children and in comedy. Instead of resolution, all activity was shut down for lack of unnecessary papers.

Apparently, the families have had to talk to their children about feelings of being bullied, reassurance that they didn’t do anything wrong and a new fear of cops and playing in the park. The backlash, the embarrassment of the park manager and negative press has caused the city to distance themselves from the behavior of “inexperienced law officers” for the time being. Surrey city has tried to reassure people that they can come back to the parks.

Would you feel like being shuffled off the field with your children if this were you and you were treated in this manner?

H/T: CopBlock

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13 Comments on "Canadian Police Banish Families From Playing in Park: “I’m In Charge Here”"

  1. Absurd!

  2. how about the city being in “charge” and firing some people……citizens then might be reassured….

  3. The language in the bylaws is “organized games”

    These people were engaged in spontaneous playing, much like several people playing catch.

    The officers inability to see the difference is an admission of incompetence.

  4. From the white liberals who consider it a crime to have more than one child per family…….insane, these cops need to head back to training.

  5. Publish names and addresses for these mindless tyrants and stake out their homes with video in order to catch them breaking some obscure by-law and then lobby for them to be fined and/or fired.

  6. Welcome to the new Canada…replete with tyranny. In Ontario (the other end of the country), the Premier has decided SHE gets to remove personal liberties and medical autonomy. All treatment of others, for anything, is now restricted to medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, registered psychotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers. Yep, holistic education is now a punishable offense!

  7. There is a word no one tried: “No.” As in, “No, we won’t go. We’re playing here now and you can’t stop us.” Then play on. What, are they going to charge you with playing football? Let them. Then sue them out of existence.

  8. Yes, little Gestapo bitch, YOU are in charge today. But when you’ve pissed off enough people by hassling the working class for nothing while ignoring the monstrous crimes of “the elite” that’s going to change. Dramatically.

  9. Canadian cops are little more than armed goons – the worst part (and here I envy the US) – these liveried clowns have NEVER gone to gaol for crimes committed in uniform (8167- present). Solution remains not to hire anyone who wants to be a pig – that filters out over 90 % of the sociopaths who want authority – little work and high pay. (U of W study 2015 – Perkins and Lowe).

  10. well here – in the U.S. – we call them pick up games…permit this!

  11. Those stupid women were out of line. They really need to get a life. The park was literally empty of people except this small group of men with their children and these “pigs” had nothing better to so than harrass them..

  12. Most law enforcement agents (they are no longer peace officers, in their own definition) come from dysfunctional families and enter this ‘profession” in a desperate attempt to gain control of their own fucked up lives by controlling others.

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