Big Brother “Pay-by-the-Mile” Track and Tax Driving Scheme Being Rolled Out Now!


It’s here. We’re finally starting to see the electronic big brother control grid of the technocrats’ wildest dreams being rolled out. Because the gas tax is no longer viable, you know, what with all the fuel-efficient hybrids and electric cars on the roads out there. Now the only possible solution the system and its minions can apparently come up with is to track us all everywhere we go and tax us for each and every mile we drive.

Classic problem — reaction — solution.

Although this is starting on a volunteer basis in Oregon, they are beta testing it before it becomes mandatory. Some 28 other states are currently working on similar plans, and the federal government has its own nationwide version as well. As we’ve said before, it’s like we’re living in the period just before every dystopic future movie you’ve ever seen (in this case, In Time immediately comes to mind).

According to the official Oregon DOT website (, this is “a fair and sustainable way to fund road maintenance, preservation and improvements for all Oregonians.”

Check that site out and read between the lines. Just… Wow. Guess we’ll be a really “efficient, sustainable” society, but we won’t be a very free one.


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9 Comments on "Big Brother “Pay-by-the-Mile” Track and Tax Driving Scheme Being Rolled Out Now!"

  1. Gas consumption (and taxes) are falling off because:

    – Americans can’t afford to drive when they’re unemployed because all their jobs got shipped overseas

    – Americans are minimizing their financial support for oil companies that frack, pollute, and expect us to go to war to seize whatever they want

    – Americans are hesitant to get out on the highways when any encounter with a berserk, unaccountable cop can turn deadly

    The per-gallon gas tax has always been fair because a vehicle’s wear-and-tear on the roads is highly dependent on its weight, as is its fuel consumption. Big trucks pound the roads to death, motorcycles have no effect at all. High-mileage vehicles are somewhere in between, at the low end. Electric vehicles will never be a significant percentage of traffic for one simple reason: the grid won’t pull the load. If all the government wanted was to bring gas taxes and road maintenance costs back into balance, they could just hike the per-gallon tax within the existing fair system. They aren’t doing this because tracking us is the real goal.

    Tracking our every move won’t correct any of the above reasons for not driving but *will* add another reason to stay off the roads. My driving has already fallen off a cliff compared to my lifetime annual average. If my state of Oregon makes this mandatory, I can make it my goal to drive even less.

  2. James Bennett | July 4, 2015 at 4:06 pm | Reply

    Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) ‘black boxes’ were snuck in at the last minute to California’s Plan Bay Area.
    A ‘Regional’ Plan that supplants our representative government, individual community sovereignty, property rights and employs a myriad of instruments to usher in Agenda 21 ‘planning’.
    Our’s is a template for regional plans already mapped out and named across the Country.
    Regionalism is the last step to globalism.
    The revenue from our VMT boxes will go to Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).
    An Agenda 21 motivated agency already holding huge purse strings to implement anti-automobile hardscape (Smart Growth).
    Ironically, this group is not about facilitating transportation (unless it’s in the 4% of the Bay Area identified as ‘Priority Development Area – PDAs) except on rail, bike or feet.

    This will be another powerful tool to undermine rural / country life, and automobile use.
    Behavior modification in favor of incrementally moving the populace into dense stack ‘n pack ‘Transportation Oriented Housing’ gulags.
    Ultimately in a technocracy of control called The Smart Grid.

    Tracking us is just another piece of their picture.

    • Frances McCandless | July 4, 2015 at 4:55 pm | Reply

      You hit this one on the nail. Here in NC a group of us are paying attention to our state legislators as we know there is a hidden agenda from the UN when you notice that almost every state in the nation is bringing up the same legislation i.e. mandatory vaccines. We have been taking petitions to Raleigh and stopping their agenda but know it will rear its ugly head down the road. Vigilance is the name of the game. Can’t get much traction in DC so concentrate on local and state politics. We have also stopped or put on hold their Regionalism plans for now but know it will return.

      • James Bennett | July 4, 2015 at 5:09 pm | Reply

        Local is where it’s at.
        It’s where we can be most effective.
        Once we learn how Agenda 21 manifests it’s self locally; we can finish sentences for others we talk to across the Country.
        ‘Cause it’s a global plan.
        From Chattanooga to Chile, same ‘planning’.
        Kicking ICLEI out is the best place to start.
        The LAST thing we need is the very group behind EVERYTHING that’s wrong –
        calling the shots in our community.

        Organizing gets us together with sharp, courageous folks that can think for themselves. Like you.

  3. How much money is being spent today on putting surveillance gear on our highways and roads?
    Cut that crap out of the budget and you have enough money for basic roadwork.

    But if you are not aware, this will happen for all. The Federal DOT has a pending rule requiring automakers to put two way radios in all new cars.

  4. They want to turn all roads into toll roads, all the GPS gadgets,LoJack, built in cell phones, Bluetooth,and all the rest, will be used to track you. Not to mention the cameras at intersections, and everywhere else, to be used to track and tax.

  5. I know that you know that, no matter how long your “trip logs” remain up on the Azuga (kinda spooky how close that is to azucar, sugar in Spanish) website, those logs will live forever in the data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Darpa wants to know everywhere has been at every moment for their entire lives. Among many things… People with older cars have got to be devastated that they don’t have a plug in them for “the device.” Wah.

  6. Private_Eyescream | July 5, 2015 at 9:22 pm | Reply

    Cute little shackles, fit so nicely around your wrists and ankles. Adorable heavy balls of metal with “My Little Pony” decals in pretty pink colors. Look at the whips they beat you with, so adorable and cute and fun as they rip into your flesh, splaying your hot blood across the walls of your prison. Isn’t it so enjoyable to be exploited and beaten and broken? Squee!

  7. Private_Eyescream | July 5, 2015 at 9:31 pm | Reply

    The true part of Agenda 21 is the Israel Plan.
    Start small, then grow grow grow.
    The “WILDERNESS AREAS” are not for the Wilderness, they are to be 100% Jew-Owned Jew-Controlled territory.
    Entry into those off-limit zones means death. What is in those zones? All of the land where food can be grown. All of the land with the harvestable oil and harvestable minerals. In short a massive theft of wealth and property under the guise of “Environmentalism”.

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