Are Private Companies Color Coding Your House For Law Enforcement?

Anthony Freda Illustration*

By Amanda Warren

People have this false idea of police incompetence. Just the opposite is true – in fact, as I keep saying, it is the training that directs their actions, not the lack thereof. In the last 15 years or so, law enforcement duties have coincided with militarized training, no-hesitation shooting tactics, other higher-up governmental departments and information/surveillance networks. Funding for such surveillance networks and militarized equipment keeps pouring in despite the media finally being allowed to criticize it, but with no real demands for change.

Did you know that private companies are getting in on the action by providing state of the art surveillance technology to provide to law enforcement in real time?

How would you feel to know that you, and in particular, your home address had been painted with a broad stroke brush – a single color that could determine guilt by association?

One investigative writer asks – is this the modern version of the Star of David on the door of Jewish people?

Toledo, Ohio has been somewhat of a testing ground for surveillance and militarized police training. My information of “real time crime centers” first arrived after reading about Toledo’s new roll out of street cameras – a total infestation of surveillance. The residents and business owners did not appreciate having cameras aimed at them, but the city went with it anyway. This was when I first read about the private company providing the product also providing real-time 24/7 management from a different state. Now, the market for such Big Brother gear is growing and the trend is spreading.

It goes like this: federal grants allow for local law enforcement to contract with private companies offering product lines to fight crime and watch for “pre-crime.” The companies encourage departments to get grants or get private funds to get the goods. These companies often offer 24-hour real time help remotely from a distance.

Mass Private I blog reports that Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) can field all 911 calls field all 911 “and give officers access to any city camera — including police body and dash cameras and new traffic cameras”

From Mass Private I:

“The RTCC center also allows officers to access a massive array of surveillance cameras.”

RTCC’s got [their] start in NYC in 2005. RTCC’s are popping up across the country, they’re in St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles.

Any high-priority 911 calls, defined as in-progress or life-threatening crimes, will now be filtered through a database to assess any possible threats an officer may encounter while responding.

Along with the real time information, these centers have taken the liberty of predetermining the “threat level” of your home to forewarn police in the event they decide to come over or speak with you. The color codes are based on information collection including relatives, friends or other associations and their pasts too!

Additionally, from Mass Private I – emphasis added:

“The database goes through all public information for the call’s location — from arrest records to pizza deliveries — and gives the address a rating. Green means minimal threat, yellow a possible threat and red a major threat.”

“The RTCC system shows officers three pieces of data: the threat level, the criminal history of anyone living at the home and a list of known friends and family members.

This list sometimes includes possible phone numbers and addresses of these associates.”

Police Chief Jerry Dyer acknowledged that it was possible for a home to be given a red threat level because someone associated with it once had a violent conviction. 

Reading the source links provided would be highly enlightening. How do you feel knowing that pizza deliveries and other traffic through your home is being collected and doled out to police? How do you feel being “red-flagged” for something that someone else did? And having your friends’ contacts and their visits tracked, passed through a third party and on to law enforcement. We also need to ask how this information is possible (phones?) and how the private companies are able to access it (cellular companies?).

The crux of the problem here is that we are accepting that we are constantly viewed as “threats.” How can we continue to pay for that behavior and rely on it for help from those who are trained to view us something that might warrant eradication? It’s a complete contradiction. Not always, but enough to warrant an activist database in order to keep track of citizen deaths at the hands of police.

The information is all in the favor of law enforcement, companies that profit on Big Brother behavior and the federal government, but with no benefit at all to us. Since this is due to our own ignorance and detriment, maybe it really is time to get better connected with friends and community to call in case of an emergency. And perhaps it’s time to be really brave and reach out to law enforcement too. After all, it closes the gap of wrong perceptions, it humanizes the community again, it provides information to you in order to sense the climate in your area. More information allows you to have a stronger foundation in order to speak to city officials about the problems. When your city tries to tell you how great these real-time crime centers are, demand to see the proof and reject the notion that you must be on camera 24/7 in order to be safe. Reject any rationale for home visits from your friends and pizza deliveries being tracked!

Since this is an act of virtually unregulated law enforcement intertwined with profitable, under-the-radar private information collection networks – it is a bit dizzying at first to think how to address this problem.

Who would you talk to in your city to address this? Definitely let your mayor and city council know that there are other ways of crime prevention that do not include invasive surveillance and having your home predetermined – especially not by something a relative or friend may have done in the past!

*color wheel was superimposed on the image

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21 Comments on "Are Private Companies Color Coding Your House For Law Enforcement?"

  1. This was hard to follow, the indented quote with 4 links is very confusing. Is that whole thing a quote?

    • Thanks for the feedback – we hope the author’s new edits help clarify

      • this is why there will never be a generic EMP false flag. It would eliminate the police states’ surveillance of us, and destroy their control over the populace. EMP targeting one house maybe. but the entire country? it would be fascism committing suicide

        • The chinese tested a lo tek ICBM about 6 years ago. It was hi explosives surounded by .177 pellets. It can achieve desired near space or outer altitude and detonate on command sending the pellets into collision orbits forever to destroy our satellites and theirs … net down.GPS down, cloud down, etc. See the movie “Gravity”. It operates on the destruction system of kinetic energy. Not the mass that matters but the speed. They probably will use depleted uranium pellets … 1.5x the mass of lead. Evens up tge playing field real quick … then it’s just a matter of time and attrition.

  2. Where will these color codes be placed on the house or mailbox or driveway so we can check for them?

    • CARMEN L CLUCK | July 13, 2015 at 5:37 pm | Reply


  3. Alleged Comment | July 13, 2015 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    Why don’t we label ALL our politicians that way? We only need ONE color – RED!

    • Actually they already have been labeled – 1st they’ll have a stay in Hades (for at least 1000yrs) &ND then the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT – this too will come to pass/past!
      Listen folk’s, Teddy (boy) Turner’s ‘guidstones’ actually label many green’s too, they’re just to dump/stupid to know it yet on how they’re being used by the Adversary!
      I believe the s court sealed the doom of this nation while they sealed their own fate’s!
      *by the way, at the great white Throne, their will be no toothy (picturesque) smile’s by these reprobate judge’s & minion’s! This nation had thumbed it’s nose at the Almighty, Woe unto Them!
      This nation (anymore) remind’s of an old ‘bluegrass song “Rank Stranger”!
      Folk’s, go w/the Lord Jesus, He’s our (your) Only hope, we pray to see you there/Home! Everything’s pointing to Daniel’s week (70th) – our Redemption is very nigh/near!
      Keep focus & be strong, no matter what – don’t wig out of what happening, He has preOrdained this. Sa’tan & all his minion’s are truly nothing’s compared to our Lord Jesus Christ – put the Full Armor of God (Eph 6) on Daily – He also wants our companionship/love – put your rich’s where they’ll not rot, your reward(s) will be eternal – lets not throw Israel under the bus just because of a few reprobated Scribes Khazaric mikey wiensteins etc
      *in a way, I too am a Sionist, Mt Sion/Zion is where Jesus will Reign Eternally – He’ll separate the chaff!

      …Heb 13:6…

      God love

  4. Of course this can not be allowed! If you are flagged with anything other than green, they will come at you with guns drawn ready to kill if you as much as twitch! Imagine, you’re a conservative, a constitutionalist, a Christian, etc, they flag you yellow or red because they will assume you are well armed, and now they send in the tanks and heavy artillery! You are dead! You never even had a chance!

    You are driving down the highway, you’ve never been arrested, or even had a traffic violation, but you are tagged for previous mentioned items, and this red flag comes up on their computer, what are your chances of making it home alive?

    You are in the fascist states of amerika!

    • well, I’LL tell ya something-any damn dot is on my property it will get changed to a living color.
      green U say ?
      i couldn’t care anyless on being labeled a useful idiot whatever.

  5. nearly 100,000,000 Americans have arrest records, and no wonder for a variety of reasons. It’s positively sickening to see that crime wave known as “law enforcement’ ruin so many live on such illegal and/or specious premises. They don’t need to do a threat analysis on my home, which they have broken into illegally twice that I know about. Next time they do it, I go Founding Fathers on them.

  6. Clyde Hansen 1 | July 13, 2015 at 6:04 pm | Reply

    All the surveillance does not surprise me at all. Between the cameras, drones, and private companies that are collecting this data willsell it to the highest bidder. You can go online to any number of these companies and get the same info. And lets not forget the GPS systems. Oregon is going to track all the miles you drive so they can charge you with a useage TAX! All the rest of the states are watching that very closely to see if it works so they can do it also. It is coming nation wide.

  7. We want cops to arrest bad people and we want it to be efficient and not cost tons of money for every arrest. Suppose for a moment that I am known not to take drugs but I have five regular visitors who are known to be chronic drug abusers with prior convictions. Doesn’t it make good sense for the cops to pay a lot of attention to me? The current system in my area alerts the cops if any guns are known to be registered to me or my address. That helps save cops lives. We really do need to make changes such that many rich people spend long terms in jails for various crimes. But slacking off on surveillance may not be such a great idea.

    • gorybe2: You are such a sheep, that you could be called the GOD of sheep. There is nowhere to start with someone as sheeped out as yourself. Please leave the planet, soon.

      • It might help if you had something intelligent to contribute. You see there are many people who are against crime. We do tend to notice when others protest every little thing designed to catch criminals. There is a pattern to the nonsense. A cop has a night stick. The public says oh no! Night sticks are too dangerous. So the cops switch to pepper spray and again the public claims oh no. That spray is too cruel. So the cops switch to stun guns. Again we hear protests that stun guns are just too cruel. It doesn’t tale long to get the message that a portion of the public wants crime to continue or increase. We will never be able to stop all crimes. But modern tools will enable us to shut down chronic criminals. Frankly the greatest issue is what the heck do we do with all the criminals we can catch? Right now we have at least 250,000 wealthy people who were caught cold hiding money off shore and all of these wealthy people should be spending a few years in prisons. But can we afford to lock them up?

        • if the freeekin gubmint WANTED TO DO SOMETHING they would start by confiscation of their assets,the SAME CRAP THEY DO to normal folk.
          “”they”” are very particular with whoM they mess with.

    • “Doesn’t it make good sense for the cops to pay a lot of attention to me?”

      sure, absolutely, no question, without any doubt.

      now. are you sure that that is how the system will be used?

  8. I dunno man, by the time they implement all these associations just about every house and person in the country will be yellow. information is useless if it’s universal.

  9. U should also know that bounties are available to techs of private companies if they see something in your home that arouses their suspicions of criminal activity … like a bong sitting on coffee table. Fusion centers sent a letter out years ago to licensed contractors and likely to chamber members. CC … in my files. This includes pizza guy, gas co, elec co, water co, sat dish co, etc.

  10. I can’t see this happening. A lot of families are in apartments these days and constantly moving after the year is up.

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