American Town is Cell Phone and Wi-Fi “Quiet Zone”, Sanctuary for EMF Sensitivity

By Seeker Stories

Green Bank, West Virginia is in the national radio-free zone and hosts the world’s largest radio telescope to search for aliens. It’s also a sanctuary for people who believe electromagnetic fields are harmful.

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3 Comments on "American Town is Cell Phone and Wi-Fi “Quiet Zone”, Sanctuary for EMF Sensitivity"

  1. pretty soon you’re gonna need a password to enter GREEN BANK (GBT — good one!)

    sure makes you wonder how much longer it’s going to take the masses to realize how
    wifi is now running their lives. if a wifi signal can cause interference with other machines, and even cause the GBT not to function properly, how come
    it can’t interfere with the human machine? NON-SENSE

    I think the massive net of wifi signals is what’s keeping us from advancing to the next level of consciousness.
    Seems our “awakening” is being interfered with

    Windows 10 Wifi Sense?
    “Wi-Fi Sense allows you to automatically log your friends onto your Wi-Fi network without ever giving them your password. It’s a convenient solution to the awkward “what’s your Wi-Fi password?” conversations……..

    are you kidding me??

    let’s all change our passwords to: StickIt2TheMan! and see what happens

  2. Heaven on earth

  3. Green Bank is the place to go for all the recovering phone addicts. “Recovering” ? But they don’t WANT to recover. They’re happy being enslaved to their gadgets.

    I’ve never had a mobile / cell phone. Don’t want one, and never intend to get one. I hate the things. You CAN live comfortably without them, people. The citizens of Green Bank and myself are living proof of this !

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