7th Dead Doctor: Found Among Five Slain in California

By Heather Callaghan

Perhaps you’ve heard about a tragic rash of dead or missing doctors in one month’s time? Seven have either died under strange circumstances or were victims of brutal murders. There are also five who have simply vanished along with one medical lawyer. Although we make no assertions, thirteen medical workers involved in high profile cases in thirty days, needs documentation. Additionally, most of these cases are simply unsolved.

The previous dead or murdered doctors are as follows: Autism researcher Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC PhD, Dr. Teresa A. Sievers, Lisa Riley DO (Doctor of Osteopathic), young Dr. Baron Holt, and Dr. Ronald Schwartz. Five took place in Florida. Dr. Fitzpatrick MD and Dr. Jeffrey R. Whiteside simply vanished  (update: body found next to a gun). Three doctors and one hospital lawyer vanished in Mexico – law enforcement there allegedly attempted to pass off other dead bodies for the missing people in order to close the case.

No sooner had I posted information about a sixth doctor found dead in one month’s time, when someone sent me an Associated Press report about five female victims of a tragic massacre in Modesto, California. Two adult women and three girls ages six and under were found dead on Saturday. The youngest was six months old.

One of them has been identified as Dr. Amanda Crews, a young mother and devoted physician known for treating low-income patients, according to her ex-husband. Their six-year-old daughter was among the victims. Not long after their divorce two years ago, she began seeing the man currently suspected of the killings.

This is the first doctor death/disappearance in a month where there is an arrested suspect – Martin Martinez. He is accused of killing the five females which include his and Crews’ baby daughter, his mother, Crews other daughter and two other children (distant relatives) in a California home over the weekend.

He is now suspected of killing a two-year-old child last year who was under his care in October – who is also the child of Crews and her ex-husband (a male child). It is a recent change in the child’s death status that led to the arrest of Martinez on “suspicion of murder.” The coroner’s report, initially describing the death as an accident, hadn’t been finalized. It was quickly changed to homicide because Martinez was named a person-of-interest and considered a “flight-risk.” Usually, people aren’t charged as murder suspects until reports like that are final. A neuropathologist gave police “verbal notification” that the child died of homicide.

There is no released motive yet or cause of deaths, but you can read more about the the peculiar details here.

This seemingly random, California slaying doesn’t appear to have any connection to reports of other doctors. But is it possible that all these incidents could take place in exactly one month’s time and still be called coincidental – is it not just a little too eerie?

Be on the lookout for a detailed timeline help keep track of the facts. (RSS feed)

Previous reports:

Major hat tip to Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News who initially brought the local stories into a greater audience. Without that, no one would have noted the peculiarity of all these incidents in one month.

Photo of stethoscope, copyrighted by Rosmarie Voegtli on Flickr, published under Creative Commons license.

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16 Comments on "7th Dead Doctor: Found Among Five Slain in California"

  1. What do these have in common? Could it be they were proving vaccines are junk science for profit, and major cause of autism? The reaction of a frightened Medical Industrial Complex? A threat to Obamacare? A threat to the medical insurance industry? All of the above?

    • They can probably all be found on the hit list http://www.quackwatch.com/ . If someone was putting together a hit list to kill off alternative medicine practitioners this would be their one stop shop.

    • Healthcare is a multi trillion dollar industry in the US. Just think what would happen if more whistle blowers came out and exposed the medical field as the fraud that it really is. Instead of treating the cause of illnesses as they once did, they treat the symptoms. There’s no money in cures. Vaccines cause lifelong illnesses resulting in life long customers. Its a good reason for them to target children relentlessly.

    • They cured disease using natural means.

  2. Wonder if this has something to do with drug companies pushing SSRI’s on anyone and everyone they
    can, whether it’s needed or not, for profit!
    Just speculating.

    • It’s funny you mention that Rick. Just yesterday, I’m with my Mom and I noticed she had a pres bottle of Xanax, so I asked her about them and she replied, “I don’t know what they are, I never asked for them, he just keeps prescribing them to me”. But she doesn’t take them. What a great way to flood the streets with SSRI’s.

  3. Dr Nicholas Gonzalez now DEAD too, otherwise healthy until yesterday! He had a clinic in New York and treated cancer patients with a cancer diet therapy that includes pancreatic enzymes and a host of natural compounds and vitamins as part of a total cancer nutrition package. He completed a clinical trial on his therapy with patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, supervised by the National Cancer Institute and funded by Nestle. The results of that study were published in the peer reviewed journal Nutrition and Cancer and reported the ´best results ever in the treatment of the disease´.

  4. Several of the cases cause us to raise our eyebrows, and should. But the mere accumulation of data is not tantamount to a larger conspiracy. Calm down.

  5. ductTapeThis | July 23, 2015 at 6:35 am | Reply

    silence the silencers…

  6. I think your onto something, especially about proving how vaccines are totally unnecessary, and harmful. This makes me very suspicious as my husbands 1st cousin is a Holistic Doctor also practicing in Florida.

    • You should get him/her to install video cameras at home and have the video files stored elsewhere.

      • She already has a security system at home, but I’m not sure about office, and also not sure where the files are stored. Thanks for the tip though. Hadn’t thought of that.Blessings 🙂

  7. Pretty much what I’ expect from an industry founded by a circus clown.

  8. Tatiana Covington | August 5, 2015 at 9:36 pm | Reply

    First a wave of dead scientists, then a wave of dead microbiologists in particular, then a wave of dead bankers (still going on), and now a wave of dead doctors.

    Chance my ass.

  9. These stories attached an ominous thread too soon and reflect a tendency toward entertainment rather than solid journalistic skills.

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