Wanted! For Cheering at Graduation

By Heather Callaghan

Remember, there’s no room for humor or humanity in a totalitarian system

It’s kind of a cliche – families are often told at graduation ceremonies to hold applause and cheers until the end – and it never happens… They usually don’t get arrested, though.

The new system – the new world, if you will – encourages people who assume authority to call others who assume authority and go all authoritarian on people’s hineys.

This is what happened recently during a high school graduation in Senatobia, Mississippi. Senatobia Municipal School District Superintendent Jay Foster filed “disturbing the peace” charges against four people who shouted dastardly things like “you did it, baby!” after he explicitly told the audience not to. No pomping allowed.

One of the proud cheerers said he couldn’t believe he was fined and issued a warrant for expressing his love. Love? What is that – arrest that man! He’s not fully podded yet…

The Superintendent fully stands behind the warrant because he’s “determined to have order” at these ceremonies and will not tolerate negative attention…

The families say they wanted to express support and it’s understandable that they might be asked to leave – but appearing in court? Arrest warrants? And a $500 bond that they cannot afford?

“[Ursula] Miller and Henry Walker were two of the four people asked to leave Senatobia High School’s graduation ceremony for cheering,” reports WREG News. But having to leave the ceremony wasn’t the end of their fun. A week or so later they were served papers that threatened to throw them into jail. They actually have to appear in court on June 9th.

Miller said if they are allowed to put people in jail for this – what else are they allowed to do? That is a good question, Ms. Miller! One wonders whether or not, the Superintendent is now satisfied with the stifling little orderly bubble he has created…

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at NaturalBlaze.com and ActivistPost.com. Like at Facebook.

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