Vast Majority of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Comply with SAFE Act

By Joshua Krause

Not long after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, the gun grabbers crawled out of the woodwork, demanding new legislation to hinder gun ownership for millions of law-abiding Americans (as they are wont to do after every mass shooting). One of the measures that managed to be signed into law as a result of these bleating cries, was the NY SAFE Act, which restricts magazine capacities, demands background checks for ammunition, and forces gun owners to register their “assault rifles,” which are broadly defined. These are a just a few of the draconian demands found in the SAFE Act.

But more than two years after the SAFE Act was established, the residents of New York have largely failed to comply on a massive scale. Apparently, the State Police have been reluctant to disclose the number of registrations, despite numerous Freedom of Information requests, and understandably so. Earlier this week they finally fessed up to their dismal numbers.

Since New York’s SAFE Act gun control law went into effect in January 2013, a total of 23,847 people have applied to register their newly defined assault-style weapons with the State Police.

Those individuals have registered a total of 44,485 weapons.

The statistics, hidden from the public for more than a year by state officials, were given to Rochester-area lawyer Paloma Capanna on Monday in response to a lawsuit she filed on behalf of radio host Bill Robinson.

Sounds like a lot, but this is a state with nearly 20 million residents. So how many guns have gone unregistered?

People who already owned assault style weapons were allowed to keep them but were supposed to register them with the State Police by an April 2014 deadline.

Second Amendment advocates called it an intrusion into their privacy, and as the logistics of tracking the registration became clear, many predicted that only a handful of people would actually register their guns.

Capanna called the state’s tally of fewer than 45,000 weapons a sign that the law was being ignored by many.

While there is no firm count, observers have estimated there could have been hundreds of thousands or even a million assault-style weapons in New York when the law passed.

So, basically, almost every New Yorker with an “assault rifle” refused to comply. And according to an Infowars report by Kit Daniels, most of those who did comply were police officers. But not all members of law enforcement, are going along with this law. There’s been outright rebellion against the SAFE Act, that includes everyone from private citizens to public servants.

Protestors against the law marked the April 15 registration deadline by destroying state registration cards.

“They have been shredding the Constitution for years,” gun owner Rus Thompson said. “You shred the Constitution, we’ll shred any form you want us to fill out.”

“They can’t arrest a million people. What are they going to do?”

Erie Co. Sheriff Timothy B. Howard publicly said he wouldn’t enforce the SAFE Act.

“The Constitution is the law of the land,” he stated. “If you know it’s a violation of the Constitution, how can you enforce it?”

It just goes to show you that what’s on paper and what is reality, are two very different things.

There’s an indisputable fact that the elites don’t want you to know. When enough people refuse to comply with a law (and especially if law enforcement joins the resistance) it is effectively null and void. You don’t need to spend years trying to convince legislators to repeal a law, or convince the courts to overturn it. If everyone that matters simply ignores a law, it ceases to be; and it looks like the NY SAFE Act is destined for this kind of irrelevance.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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2 Comments on "Vast Majority of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Comply with SAFE Act"

  1. OratorImplored | June 25, 2015 at 7:50 pm | Reply

    Maybe it would be wisest to ignore the lawmakers that continually, habitually ignite sparks of insanity wherever they travel. You decide

  2. Rudy Campilii | June 26, 2015 at 8:54 pm | Reply

    I’m going to ask again, and no one seems to be able to answer me. O.k. here’s the question. What do we in 2015 need a government for? To build the roads? No that can’t be it. Maybe we need government to protect and increase our rights? Nah, that ain’t happening? Maybe we need government to protect us and keep us safe from guys who rob us, beat us and kill us? Not with the IRS and civil forfeiture laws on the books. Maybe we need government to make sure our food is safe? nope, think Monsanto and GMO. I don’t know guys, help me out here. Yes, yes, you in the back with your hand up.

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