Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: ”It’s In The Cards For Sure … It Could Happen This Year”

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By Mac Slavo

Over the last several months there have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite. From the purchasing of emergency hideaways and airstrips to warnings from their financial advisors that it’s time to shift their assets into physical holdings, it appears that a lot of powerful people are afraid of a significant shift set to take place in the near future.

In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Keith Neumeyer, who recently penned a very public (and very viral) letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions outlining the rampant manipulation by concentrations of shadowy market players taking place on commodities exchanges, shares his insights on what many believe to be a coming global reset.

According to First Mining Finance Chairman Neumeyer, the day of reckoning may come a lot sooner than most people think:

It’s in the cards for sure. Predicting exactly what it’s going to mean or what it’s going to look like… that’s the big challenge… I think a lot of people are ignoring it… but there are some forward thinkers out there who talk about it.

I think that the Chinese want their currency part of a floating currency… I think that’s really going to be the next leg in this whole change… in this reset going forward. It could even happen this year.

Watch the full interview with Keith Neumeyer

When this reset comes to pass the manipulations so apparent in commodities and broader stock markets today will be exposed and, according to Neumeyer, may lead to the biggest surge in precious metals we have ever seen.

Echoing the forecasts of one of the world’s leading trend strategists Gerald Celenete, Neumeyer notes that the monetary system that takes hold after a global reset could result in gold rising to $3000 an ounce or more. Such a move would have a similar impact on silver, which may stabilize at its historical silver-to-gold ratio of 16:1, putting its strike price somewhere above $150 an ounce.

Right now, you’re mining 10 ounces of silver for every one ounce of gold.  So gold is trading at… let’s say $1,200 just to round it up. So that would be $120 silver, if the ratio was 10-to-1. So I say silver should be $120.

The other key ratio is the ratio that has been common for 500 years… Sir Isaac Newton came up with the ratio of 16-to-1 and that’s how they created the pound sterling. And so there was a theory that there was for every one ounce of gold, 16 ounces of silver in the earth’s crust. So using 16-to-1, at $1,200, it’s somewhere around $80-$90.

Silver should be trading, in my view, somewhere from $80 to $120 an ounce.

The prices Neumeyer cites are based on current trading levels, suggesting that silver is significantly under-priced already.

Now imagine what happens should we see a widespread crisis and subsequent global reset of the financial, economic and monetary systems. Markets are so fragile that even something as simple as China publicly declaring their true gold holdings could spark the next bull run in precious metals:

Of course it would and that plays back to what I was saying earlier. I don’t know if China’s ready for that to happen, because once they do it gold will probably go up by multiples… hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

I could see gold going up to $3,000 or some number like that.

Who knows exactly… but I do believe that that would occur because the people would see the hoard that the Chinese have actually accumulated over the last decade and that would completely change the market.

Countries like China and Russia are secretly accumulating massive stockpiles of gold and silver. Further, the ultra-wealthy have been warned in no uncertain terms by their advisors to do the same.

If there were ever a tell-tale sign that a momentous set of events is soon to take place, this is it. Follow the money, which at this time just so happens to be shifting to physical assets of real value in anticipation of the next leg of the global reset.

This report is taken, in part, from Keith Neumeyer’s latest interview at Future Money Trends.

Click here to learn more about Keith Neumeyer’s latest Mineral Bank project with First Mining Finance.

You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site, where this article first appeared.

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15 Comments on "Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: ”It’s In The Cards For Sure … It Could Happen This Year”"

  1. Bogdan Calin | June 23, 2015 at 3:09 am | Reply

    So what does this mean for the average fellow?

    • Inflation. A lot of things we buy are made overseas, as the dollar loses value those items will become more expensive. Consumption will drop as a result and there will be ripple effects from that. At some point, “printing money” (e.g. QE) to pump up the economy will become increasingly problematic. I say increasingly because I think the “reset” will likely be a slow drawn out process – boiling frogs style. There may be some volatility but that’s not the same as completely “pulling the rug out from under” the dollar reserve system in one fell swoop.

      • The Chinese want to continue selling their goods to us; it’s not in their interest for the US dollar to become worthless. Also, the US owes China over a trillion, which money China doesn’t want devalued. China is said to be manipulating US currency, in order to keep the dollar strong. I don’t think this is going to change, as China and Russia grow in strength. They don’t want to feed the US war machine; they don’t want our economy and currency to collapse, either. It isn’t in their interest.

  2. Yipee!! The death of capitalism finally declared – maybe.

    • TPTB have been working towards replacing crony capitalism / banker fascism with global technocracy, a system more totalitarian than the one we’re used to. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for! Yippee to the death of all forms of tyranny.

  3. James Bennett | June 23, 2015 at 2:37 pm | Reply

    A government ‘reset’ will follow.

  4. Yvonne Forsman | June 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    I am trying to understand this gold or silver hysteria, while thinking about the global cooling which is predict to effect our crops and lead to global starvation for the next 200 years, also the global drinking water shortage. Anybody who has money should not invest in gold or silver, but settle down in any part of the world which has warm weather, and start growing their own food, have their own electricity source and collection of rain water, to survive.

    • Global cooling?? I think you are getting your info from the wrong sources. The situation with global warming unfortunately has/will affect global food production & is already as a bit of research will show!

      • Yvonne Forsman | June 24, 2015 at 12:17 am | Reply

        I don’t know if it’s true but supposedly 114 NOAA stations across the US have been measuring temps during the past 10 years and it shows the temps are falling. There is info saying that the sun is now in a cyclical magnetic decline which leads to more earthquakes and volcanos (which we have noticed, right?!) and causes lower temps. Google retired NASA scientist John L Casey. The Russians are saying Mr Casey is downplaying the future tragedy. But how can I know if all of this is true? I don’t!

    • No, she’s absolutely right. The media tells you the opposite of truth: it’s global COOLING that’s the reality.

      • Da-da. Ignore the MSM altogether and do a bit of scientific research ( and pay attention to what is happening around the world ) and then maybe you will realize you have been mislead. ( by your employer?? )

    • Except in the US, where these activities may land you in jail with hefty fines. : )

  5. Herbert Dorsey | June 23, 2015 at 10:47 pm | Reply

    The Bible says that “your gold and silver will save you not.” It is not what people own that is important – but what they can do that really counts.

    • Yvonne Forsman | June 24, 2015 at 12:24 am | Reply

      I have not read the bible but what you are saying makes sense. If you have food and water, and your own energy source (solar?), you have a chance to survive. But you also probably need to live very far from civilization b/c a starving crowd will otherwise take your food and water. A deserted island would be a good place, I think. Living in cities packed with ppl does not sound like a good survival plan.

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