Friday’s ”Triple Terror Attack” Puts Europe On High Fear Alert

By 21st Century Wire

Yesterday saw three separate ‘terrorist’ incidents take place in Tunisia, France and in Kuwait. Not surprisingly, the media and Western political heads are going with the ‘ISIS’ narrative, but not even considering that other agents may be in play here.

21WIRE analyst Patrick Henningsen speaks to RT International about racial and religious division, as well as possible Deep State motives for Friday’s violent attacks…

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2 Comments on "Friday’s ”Triple Terror Attack” Puts Europe On High Fear Alert"

  1. In America, where the people are armed, such “fears” are non-existent.

  2. terrorist activity generated from the Big 4: USA, Israel, England and France. ISIS created by the Big 4 and all other “CIA hits” or “suicide bombs” to incite hatred, racial division, cultural devastation and destruction and death. The media is the mouthpiece to “inform” everyone of the impending doom from the Big 4 sponsored terror activity.

    They want general worldwide consensus to invade further Mideastern countries like Syria and perform a controlled regime change. The Big 4 created this problem and want us to ask them for the solution.

    The 21st century and civilization is still devolving thanks to the Big 4 and their egomaniacs/psycho leaders. What has become of the world because of the Big 4? Can you see the horror, fraud, death and destruction that has been incited by the Big 4?

    Nothing has change except to say things have gotten much worse thanks to the Big 4 and their madmen leaders. Its beyond crazy. They are above the law and who will hold them accountable?

    Where is the outrage? People are being terrorized thanks to the Big 4 and here in America no one seems to care unless we are talking sports, are playing with our material possessions and demanding instant gratification in all things.

    Its a sick sick world, and the sickest ones are those that continue to support these criminal cabals that claim to be world leaders.

    Yes….continue to pay your taxes. Continue to believe the BS on major media. Continue to shop at the mega-corporation stores. Continue to bank at the mega-banks. Continue to buy junk that is, by design, going to fail and continue to waste our valuable resources.

    Now the government is tellling us vaccines are mandatory. The government is tellling us what is acceptable with regards to personal matters. The government forces you to give your earnings to them for these ridiculous and destructive military operations. The government forces you to spend your money on ridiculously priced healthcare plans. The government is everywhere in our lives and its sickening!! The government is NOT working for you…but BIG Business. They DO NOT care about you. Are you really that blind?

    Get a clue. Stop putting up with this BS. How can you stand by and let this happen??

    Do something. Anything.

    And in response to “undecider”….americans are gutless and the guns mean absolutely nothing. Most americans fall into the category of “gun collector” and nothing more. A majority of americans are weak, government subsidized and incapable of critical thinking.

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