Forced Vaccine Bill Author Sen. Pan Was Top Recipient of Big Pharma Cash

By Heather Callaghan

Big Pharma Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Before Launching Vaccine “Debate”

A push for mandatory vaccination continues as SB277 makes its way through California’s Capitol. It is a shining monument to Big Pharma’s coffers and medical control as the bill removes religious and philosophical exemptions for student vaccination, leaving only medical exemptions signed by MDs. Since medical exemptions are rare, it forces parents to take their child into the doctor’s for jabs or be removed from school – a violation of the right to attend public school.

Perhaps by stirring a national “debate,” the pharmaceutical companies made people forget that there is no crisis and that California’s children have been above a 97% vaccination rate. Yet, at least as early as February, simultaneous bills cropped up across the states to remove the ability to decide, and in many cases the ability to decide scheduling/spacing. That last note has frustrated and unnerved parents who vaccinate but like to have some oversight on the amount of injections given per visit.

Recall that six months ago the paradigm was completely different. Online arguments about vaccination were different. Emotions were controlled. Division tactics were subtle. The term “anti-vaxxer” wasn’t really part of the collective lexicon – at least not spat out in viciousness or disdain. No one called for personal calamity, sickness or death on anyone else. No one shunned their neighbors or their neighbors’ children as walking germ bombs or leper terrorists.

As I’ve written before – this vaccine “debate” we keep hearing about is a joke. A real debate involves two consenting parties and suggests some kind of civil discourse. It is not a “corporament” attempting to seize power and remove another person’s rights by forcing their will. There was never a debate for people who were hurled into the witch hunt.

Sadly, the “debate” requires people who can write and push these bills – and they have ravenous appetites…

A Sacramento Bee reporter didn’t initially find a strong link between the pharmaceutical companies and legislators readily on paper and certainly not admitted by pharma reps.

However (emphasis added),

Other legislation has a more direct bearing on the industry, and it is an active political player. Pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups gave more than $2 million to current members of the Legislature in 2013-2014, about 2 percent of the total raised, records show. Nine of the top 20 recipients are either legislative leaders or serve on either the Assembly or Senate health committees. Receiving more than $95,000, the top recipient of industry campaign cash is Sen. Richard Pan, a Sacramento Democrat and doctor who is carrying the vaccine bill.

Also see: Senator Pan’s Outrageous Vaccine Lies

Reporter Jim Miller also found that “the industry donated more than $500,000 to outside campaign spending groups that helped elect some current members last year.”

Look what else the Bee found for 2013-2014

TOP DRUG MAKER RECIPIENTS – *Member of the Assembly or Senate health committees
Sen. Richard Pan*
Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins
D-San Diego
Sen. Ed Hernandez*
Sen. Holly Mitchell*
D-Los Angeles
Assemblyman Brian Maienschein*
R-San Diego
Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León
D-Los Angeles
Sen. Isadore Hall
Sen. Jerry Hill
D-San Mateo
Assemblyman Henry Perea
Assemblywoman Shirley Weber
D-San Diego
Assemblyman Mike Gatto
D-Los Angeles
Assemblywoman Susan A. Bonilla*
Sen. Andy Vidak
Assemblyman Tom Daly
Assemblyman Kevin Mullin
D-South San Francisco
Assemblyman Adam Gray
Assemblyman Rob Bonta*
Assemblyman Anthony Rendon
Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez*
D-Los Angeles
Assemblyman Richard Gordon
D-Menlo Park

See the amounts Big Pharma directly lobbied:

Did you hear a cha-ching! every time you saw the dollar amount next to member’s name who had direct involvement in the bill? Remember these pharma gifts were given before there was “debate” about vaccines, before any outbreak.

Personal rights are not up for debate, and they certainly don’t go to the highest bidder. They don’t go away so that corrupt politicians can count money and take extra vacations after we’ve already provided their retirement.

Please act now and don’t let the world’s second largest* corporate conglomerate call the shots on children’s health and seal the deal for all the vaccines they have waiting in the pipeline.

A removal of choice now is a removal of all medical choice later…

*The largest industry is the arms industry – i.e. war

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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9 Comments on "Forced Vaccine Bill Author Sen. Pan Was Top Recipient of Big Pharma Cash"

  1. The political class have become nothing more than highly paid representatives to the global Corporation which is why they no longer have a use for the average “Citizen” and look at us as useless eaters. This is absolute Fascism and until we stand up against this fascist dictatorship, we are destined to become the slaves to the Corporation with only one “Right” and that is to WORK!

  2. Here’s a riddle I’ve been asking everyone (especially parents) I know:

    Why don’t the Amish people get Autism?

    Pan is a prostitute.

  3. A large recall needs to be organized of all rep’s involved in this bill, much like the one in Colorado over Gun Control.

  4. litle Richie er umm the schill Pan should be stuck w/ a thousand needles up his..@!XX!!

  5. One helluva democracy huh?

  6. We must stick together in exercising our rights, and speak out against the Marxist methods that the pharma industry, and the Rockefeller medicine machine have employed against Americans. The degradation of the USA and Americans accelerated just prior to the passage of the CIA act in 1947. Author Anne Jacobsen documents the NAZI activity in her book, “Operation Paper Clip.” Once the 10,000+ NAZI types were ensconced in the USArmy and CIA leadership, they began to use Americans the same way they had used the German folk in the 1930s. After 25+ years in the US, the top German rocket scientist, Dr. Werner Freiherr von Braun, violated NAZI secrecy, and revealed the plan of the NAZI to overtake the governments of the world via fear tactics. NASA is their tool. Dr. von Braun revealed the secret plan to a colleague, Dr. Carol Rosin, an administrator in the space industry. Dr. Carol Rosin clarifies the plan in her videos. Searching on, Dr. Carol Rosin videos, calls up her videos. Please take a look. The details are exposed in Anne Jacobsen´s, “Operation Paper Clip.”

  7. Taking a look at statistics, we see that there is a lineal correlation between the increase in “vaccinations” required for school children and the increase in “minimal brain damage” classifications. “Vaccination” does not vaccinate, and prescriptive medications contribute to PTSD. Politicians such as California´s Pan should be recalled, and a person with a patriotic history be voted in. The same applies to other “elected officials” of California.

  8. Why has my comment elucidating origins of the genocidal inoculations plans outlined in the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion been removed?
    Who runs this site? For whom? Stop impersonating truth-seekers whoever you are.

  9. I say its time to get rid of all the boot licking officials who do the bidding of big Pharma and its harming chemicals. With all the medicines they put out killing and maiming way more than measles or any other so called contagious disease. Check out the death rate for legal drugs in the US alone.

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