DARPA’s Brain Chip Program


By Catherine J. Frompovich

How would readers like to have a “black box” for your brain or, possibly, a “brain chip”? Do you think that’s far-fetched? Well, think again, because Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, discloses in the video posted below just what the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has planned for humans.

Dr. Peter R. Breggin, MD, who has been a medical expert witness regarding SSRI drugs for criminal, malpractice and product liability lawsuits, candidly discusses how the U.S. government treated returning-World War II soldiers, who apparently were suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with lobotomies! Here’s documentation telling the story regarding 2,000 lobotomized soldiers.

Incidentally, Doctor divulges that one of the Columbine killers autopsy report verifies he was on a prescription mood controlling drug. Furthermore, Dr. Breggin candidly talks about how SSRIs actively suppress mental alertness; how drug companies cherry-pick studies and also change study subjects’ reports, if they don’t fit in with the pharmaceutical company’s intended purpose for the drug; and that the latest studies indicate that SSRIs and mind-controlling drugs cause suicides, psychosis and neuroses. Can that be what’s contributing to the crazy goings on in society anymore? In 2013 The New York Times reported that one in 10 Americans takes antidepressants!

Some of the most commonly-prescribed antidepressants include: Budeprion SR, Celexa, Cymbalta, Effexor, Effexor XR, Lexapro, Luvox, Luvox CR, Paxil, Paxil CR, Pexeva, Pristiq, Prozac, Prozac Weekly, Remeron, Sarafem, Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL, and Zoloft. In 2008, total antidepressant sales in the USA alone amounted to $12 Billion, a peak year. Statistically, there are 270 million antidepressant prescriptions a year! [1]

The Wall Street Journal reports

The National Center for Health Statistics says that 5% of American 12- to 19-year-olds use antidepressants, and another 6% of the same age group use medication for ADHD—in total, about four million teenagers. [3]

Dr. Breggin unapologetically expresses that he thinks psychiatry fills in for a religious belief system, if a person does not have one! Additionally, he goes as far as to say that psychiatry can be a substituted ideology, and that’s saying a lot for a medical doctor, who is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist!

Here is Dr. Breggin’s paper, “The Proven Dangers of Antidepressants.” The Link Between Antidepressants and Violent Crimes is discussed here.

Dr. Breggin has authored numerous scientific articles and more than twenty books including the bestseller Talking Back to Prozac (1994, with Ginger Breggin, his wife), Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime (2008), and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families (2013).

Probably the most disturbing comment Dr. Breggin makes in the interview video posted below is about President Obama’s Presidential Executive Orders that empower psychiatry while gutting patient rights! According to Dr. Breggen,

President Obama issued a set of 23 executive orders Jan. 16, 2013 that vastly empower psychiatry. This great expansion of psychiatric authority and power will ensure that organized psychiatry and the mental health establishment will not resist other presidential executive orders that greatly impair the free and effective practice of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and all of healthcare. [2]

[CJF emphasis added]

What’s a Person to Do?

Probably the best ‘prescription’ is to avoid contracting mental health issues. How does one do that? It’s easy: Practice proper nutrition, avoid GMOs, exercise often, think positive and uplifting thoughts about goodness and love, avoid toxic environments and chemicals in food and water (fluoride, in particular), including the neurotoxic chemicals and aluminum in vaccines. [5] 


The majority, but not all, of epidemiological studies identified, reported a positive association between aluminium levels in drinking water and risk of cognitive impairment dementia, or AD.

[CJF comment: Aluminum often is a component in fluoride added to municipal water departments, plus it’s also used as a water flocking (clarifying) agent.] [Many flocculants are multivalent cations such as aluminium, iron, calcium or magnesium. 6]


From the current literature it remains difficult to assess what a concentration of aluminium in serum (chronic levels) correlates with neurotoxicity. The effects of aluminium on the developing nervous system have also not been thoroughly addressed. [4] [CJF emphasis added]

So, if that’s the case that the effects of aluminum on the developing nervous system [an infant and toddler, whose nervous system is not fully developed until about 2 years of age] have not been thoroughly addressed, why are vaccines loaded with aluminum given to 2, 4, and 6 month old infants? [10] Aluminum in any combination of 4 compounds can be—and is—injected into infants and toddlers, and subsequently gets into the blood stream (serum)!

Why are they damaging everyone’s brains no matter where one turns: vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medicine, weather geoengineering’s chemtrails [7], and the rain that falls from the sky? [8,9]



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The Rise of All-Purpose Antidepressants

Antidepressant Medications for Children and Adolescents: Information for Parents and Caregivers

The Violent Side Effects of Antidepressants that Many Ignore

Aluminum Protection Protocol

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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8 Comments on "DARPA’s Brain Chip Program"

  1. ONE warning on their commercials should be enough! They are Practicing medicine on the people. I felt more informed than the doctors I’ve seen. Then they get indignant if you question them. I’ll smoke my mmj any day over big pharms poison. Its poison! Their cancer drugs, phyco drugs all of it. POISON for $$$

  2. If you read about it, it is usually already a done deal, Verichip go the H1N1 contract to put chips in…stock soared 600% then went private. Obama declares tens of thousands will die but more died of stupidity in 2009, yet chips got put in vaccines. hmm


    And Mr. “Decade of the Vaccine”, has his own stated De-pop Agendahttp://tabublog.com/2015/04/13/bill-gates-vaccines-depopulation-agenda-the-message-cannot-get-any-clearer/

  3. Frank Mossman | June 27, 2015 at 5:14 am | Reply

    Love the name Frompovich…it just rolls off the tongue. Its a pity that instead of discussing the brain chip in detail (as in Neuromancer, Burning Chrome etc), Cathy dwells on boring drugs & aluminium. That’s so OffTopicOvich!

  4. this is the low pay grade dog and pony show visible military. at the high pay grade military that does not exist level, they have been writting the control codes directly on the dna since the early 1980’s. totaly eliminating the need for chips or programs

  5. The brain chip is part of the global microchipping agenda. The plan is to microchip everyone at birth and to microchip everyone already alive. Not only do these chips allow 24/7 total surveillance of you, including your thoughts, they allow mind control. Further, they allow the powers that be to remotely torture, give diseases to or to kill remotely. This is the crown jewel in the plan for global enslavement.

  6. My psyhciatrist put me on SSRI’s in 1997. For the first year, Paxil was great. I got up in the morning, went to the gym, had a positive outlook on life, lost weight (looked great), it improved my sexual performance and life was rainbows and lolly pops. After about 2 years, my business was doing wonderful and I decided to take it up a notch and started using cocaine. Suddenly, I said, “what am I doing to myself?” I wanted off of all drugs. I went to the shrink and she said take 1/2 a table of paxil for 5 day then quit. Three day later, I found myself in a ball in my walk-in closet, hiding from the world. I can’t explain the discomfort. I lost my business because I didn’t show up for 2 weeks. Whne I walked in, my head was spinning and I was got what I later learned to be brain zaps. I hired a moving company to empty my office over-night and sat in my house for about 4 months, wishing I could feel normal again. I finally looked for another shrink and he immediately put me back on Paxil. After that, I moved to Mexico and rented a beach front condo and nibbled on Paxil, smaller and smaller chunks of it for 6 months. I finally felt nearly normal, but to this day I still don’t feel like the person I once was. I went back on differing SSRI’s over a 12 year period, trying to fell normal again. It never happened. Getting off of the last one was the same thing as what ittook the first time. You start taking those pills and it changes you forever. You loose the feeling of compassion. You are unable to empathize for anyone. It numbs you. It destroys your life. I was taking that crap just so I could rebuild my business and to be able to function in society. I have been off of them since 2010. My Dr. still trys to get me back on them. I see him just to talk. But when I am feeling depressed, it’s always the same answer, “there are new SSRI’s”. If you take them, find yourself addicted and afraid to be unable to be without that pill to the extent that you don’t want to sleep somewhere and not have access to the pill if you forgot to put some into your pocket. I have done tons of research on them and found out eventually they will change the morphology of your brain. You are better off using cocaine than are you to use those pills. They should be banned. Do NOT ever take them. I could see using them if you were institutionalized and never had hope for a real life. But, if you want an intimate relationship, want freedom than you have to stay away. The withdrawal effect is indescribable and I just want people to know that taking those pills means a lifetime event, a need for never being without and a complete change in your personality. I would elaborate more, but at this point, you got the point. Never ever take them. Also, the Dr. that told me to take a 1/2 a pill for 5 days and then stop, should have her medical license revoked. It’s a 6-12 month time period to get off of any of these “medications”.

    • Sounds like me and Starbucks.
      I stopped drinking the coffee but still have the green tea, but its been a two year process

  7. So where can I get one??

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