Alabama City Suing Couple to Get Back On The Grid, Threatens Arrest

Tyler Truitt, WAFF 48 news

By Heather Callaghan

Huntsville, Alabama says couple can’t live “off the grid,” condemned their property and threatens arrest for trespassing

“I just don’t see how we’re hurting anyone by being here,” said Tyler Truitt when asked about having to defend his off-grid lifestyle to city hall.

As a military veteran, he found it really odd that he thought he was defending the American way only to come back home and be scolded by bureaucrats to hook-up! As you might imagine, Truitt doesn’t want to yield so easily and says they’d rather be arrested than leave their land. Who would want to leave their paid-for property and off-grid installations because of city utilities? It might eventually come down to arrest as the city is completely dismissing their property rights and adamantly disapproving their off-grid ways.

Truitt and his girlfriend Soraya Hamar are within Huntsville city limits but lived self-sufficiently without city utilities. The city officials said that’s simply not allowed and filed a lawsuit. They are claiming care for the couple’s safety – however, the couple are not without utility comforts, but have found a way to provide for themselves without the city services.

But the city frowns on their 100 percent, self-sustaining property, and homemade utilities such as solar panels and rainwater collection among other assets. They struck a low-blow by calling the couple’s house a trailer and saying that trailers aren’t allowed within city limits.

Truitt says the city has condemned the house, claiming safety violations for no hook-up, and threatened arrest for trespassing if they come back on their own property.

WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

Truitt said:

You have to stand up for what you believe in. They could come out here today if they wanted to and take us to jail for trespassing if that’s what they want to call it and, you know, that’d be fine with me. I’ll still come back the next day and the next day and the next day because it’s my home and because I live here. Where else am I supposed to go really?”

WAFF 48 news reached out to Huntsville Utilities and the City Attorney but received no response.

If you’re wondering why there is a simultaneous and concerted effort in many American cities to keep people from living off their land – you might want to read about Agenda 21 either with a book called Behind the Green Mask or check out our articles on it.

In other words – this doesn’t just happen. There is no good reason why someone should be forced to hook up to utility companies or city services. None.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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50 Comments on "Alabama City Suing Couple to Get Back On The Grid, Threatens Arrest"

  1. How dare they not support the profiteers and government control loons!

  2. Guillotine_ready | June 16, 2015 at 8:43 am | Reply

    Government by payoff and swindle. Utilities give campaign money to politicians and bureaucrats have to bully the people to make them conform, this way they can say they are keeping you safe from freedom.
    We did a horrible thing in our distant past when we started to accept leaders outside our family unit and invest powers in them to effect our lives and our freedom to live. We really do not require government and when you ignore the myths about the world descending into anarchy if there are no rulers and instead think for yourself you will see.
    People are very adaptable and capable and since we get one go at life why would we accept all this absolute garbage put out by some of the poorest examples of humans we can find? Some management of foreign affairs without trade agreements which are unnecessary and maybe some real monitoring of pollution free from monetary incentive to corruption but mostly we need none of it.
    If you have no freedom on your own property, you have no freedom. It reminds of the biggest example of stupid I have seen in recent decades, the country song about being proud to be an american because they thought they were free. First if you are proud of this country you need your head examined. As far as freedom you have never had it, nor have I, but it sure would be nice to get some. And I want it before I die. I am willing to die trying.
    We have to remove the out of control psychopathic, corrupt, murderous, child abusing, war mongering, poison injecting and outright sloth of a gov we have or else we have nothing to celebrate.

    • Frances McCandless | June 16, 2015 at 4:47 pm | Reply

      What a great response to this article. I was absolutely amazed at this Veteran’s resourcefulness in making his own solar panels instead of buying into the expensive ones that only have a lifespan of 10 years before one has them paid off. What amazes me is the PTB want us more efficient and conservative in our use but don’t want us to be completely self sufficient. Go figure.

      • Actually I think that the PTB want us to be completely and utterly dependent upon them for our needs, and then they will severely restrict our access to resources in the name of ‘efficiency and conservation’. Actually conserving resources has nothing to do with it, they simply want to control us, like all tyrants of times past

  3. berrybestfarm | June 16, 2015 at 9:03 am | Reply

    My county is after me again to put in a septic system. I’m on 10 acres–just me. Frankly I can’t produce enough compost. What the county wants to call waste is a resource for my agricultural needs.
    I’m in far better legal position than these folks. Bottom line for them (in the local courts at least) is whether the city ordinance in question was in place at the time they began purchase of their property.
    That said, I absolutely support these folks property right to live as they choose. The correct legal argument is that absent a showing of any harm or threat to the public or harm to self (the legal owner occupiers) the city does not have a leg to stand on. It can threaten. It can issue notices all it likes. It can pay for the hook ups and put a lien on the property to cover the cost. It can not make a charge of trespassing stick if it does not have title–no jury will go for that.
    Bureaucrats bluster a lot and are petty enough to go straight for force through their goons with guns. I suggest the owners post copies of their title on the property borders and the community notice board at city hall or county courthouse for good measure.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, Washington

  4. Charles Byrd | June 16, 2015 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    The city of Huntsville doesn’t want responsible, self-reliant citizens, they want subjects who depend on them.

  5. Home of the Slave. Land of the Fee.

  6. disqus_tKUiAezKl2 | June 16, 2015 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    We need to find our gonads.

  7. What total madness bullshit. WTF is wrong with the sheeple people anymore to even address this as an issue and those who have plundering these people should all be locked up where they can not harm anyone else under their treasonous color of law agendas. Who are the real criminals here? and they will continue to rob, steal, plunder and even murder if necessary until they are exposed for what they are really all about and stopped by light and truth.

  8. Amish Prepper | June 16, 2015 at 6:25 pm | Reply

    He needs to hire a good attorney for this one, either that or get people in the city to back him up. I believe they are violating this man’s rights by doing this and this is an Agenda 21 thing.

    • Not at all; Agenda 21 is a series of voluntary proposals; it is not law in the US. The city is relying on codes which have zero to do with Agenda 21. The spirit of Agenda 21–sustainability–would in fact support the kind of self-reliance which the city is seeking to shut down.

      • Seems you are a devout A21 cheerleader. Why would anyone do this unless they have an invested troll interest? You realize you are alone in your diatribe….suspicious to say the least…

        • Ruff is infamous for his misdirection antics. Do yourself a favour; whenever you see his name, simply pass over and do not read his stuff. He has one goal- distract the reader by getting mired in one little point. He does it all the time.

          In this case, it’s all about voluntary v. authoritarian and has nothing at all to do with the article.

          Dale Ruff is a cancer to these to these forums, and the sooner people quit falling for his little semantic traps, the better.

          He is a traitor to honesty. He claims he just ‘a seventy-four year old man who cares alot’. I call BULLSHIT on YOU, Dale Ruff, or whatever the hell your real name is.


          • Thanks Ivierno…I never really expected a coherent answer…just like to make them uncomfortable….doesn’t take much…

        • I was for a sustainable economy, protecting the environment, empowering women and children, and promoting education and healthcare long before Agenda 21, a voluntary set of proposals adopted by 180 nations, was published in 1992. Are you against these issues? IF not, who is paying you to oppose positive social programs? Lucifer?

          • TheZiNOist | June 22, 2015 at 10:15 am |

            That’s fucking classic, Dale Ruffrider. Let me explain what makes this BS “classic” for those who aren’t aware. Agenda 21 and all other United Nations Publications are published through an outfit called the Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust was founded in 1921 (give or take a year) by Alice Bailey and her husband. Alice was a protege of Madam Blavatsky. She originally named the occult organization the Lucifer Trust. The organization has been the sole U.N. Publications publishe,r since the founding of the League of Nations. The Lucis Trust has established many sub-organizations, The Arcane School and The Order of Saint John are a couple.

            So it’s rather funny that Captain Ruffrider the resident globalist would actually accuse others of taking payoffs, and from Lucifer of all beings. And those “voluntary proposals” that make up Agenda 21 were never brought before
            the citizens of those cities that signed on, instead the agreements were made in secret, and quietly brought into effect.

            I found this out when I was helping a buddy living in Denver. It so happened that code enforcers suddenly seemed rather fixated on my buddies house, constantly driving by real slow or watching from across the street. After about three or four days of this it stopped. A couple days went by, then a notice appeared on his front door. It was from the city of Denver code enforcement, and the notice stated that my buddy was to stop ALL commercial activity at his residence and specifically automotive work, and a ticket with a fine for over two hundred dollars for having a car parked out on the street in front of his house was stapled to the notice. My buddy was a mechanic and started doing side work at his house to make up for his hours at the dealership he worked at being cut back. He had a pretty good little operation going and he was doing it all through his backyard entrance via the alley way, so from the perspective of a person standing street in front of his house there wasn’t anything going on that could possibly be causing his neighbors or anybody else any inconvenience. He didn’t keep late hours and traffic in and out of his house was minimal . None the less , the next day another notice, this demanding that all vehicles on his premises belonging to him be registered and tagged with current plates and all other vehicles were to be moved to other locations within ten days. And the notice said that if he had more than two vehicles of his own on the premises that he could apply for a special permit for each subsequent vehicle beyond the two. This was effectively going to end his bustling side business. And he was beside himself because he said he had double checked with the city when he bought the house if there was anything in the city code or elsewhere that would prohibit him from working on vehicles other than his own on the property and was told that it wasn’t an issue. So I began looking into this , and I poured through the Denver Municipal code and I could not find a damn thing in that code that had any such provisions regarding vehicles on private property or number of vehicles a person can keep etc. etc., so I looked for some other city ordinance or any county rules or if this was somewhere in the state law but I kept coming up with nothing. Finally I searched for a copy of the Denver city code and for the current year and wanted to see if I could find a copy that was hosted on an official city website, as my copy was from one of the local universities. That’s when I came across a completely different Denver Municipal Code that had a notice stating that this is the new code now in effect and replaces the old city code, and that this code was developed in cooperation with the United Nations to meet the U.N. global standard for urban living and that Denver is now a U.N. recognized world city, joining a growing number of cities from around the world ….. blah…blah…blah…thanks to our mayor (at the time), Wellington Webb and his vision for the future ……blah…vomit…..blah…… .. so I found all the ultra fun new rules in the “Universal New World City Code” and boy is it a petty, knit picking pile of very particular, micromanaging, legalese bullshit

    • Absolutely wrong……we still have a constitution & Bill of Rights. He has a right to pursue his version of happiness. He’s not hurting anyone..

      • Amish Prepper | July 18, 2015 at 6:11 am | Reply

        You are so right Teri. We are actually looking for property out west to start living off-the-grid, and hope we don’t run into areas where they are trying to stop it. We are looking at Idaho. This family had been living like that for a long time, and now all at once Agenda 21 (NWO) crap wants to put a stop to it. It is those who don’t want people to be free (communist, NWO) . I am so sick of their crap. Cities and Counties need to keep them out of their areas. The problem is some of our local officials are not true Americans and they are communist or just too stupid to know what the agenda is for the US. We have been infiltrated on all levels.


    you can also go to their fb page and tell them off there too:

  10. The reason the city wants to have them arrested i guess is because the city is losing out on the taxes etc. The utility company is losing money because they have solar panels and it all boils down to money. It is called greed for the city.

  11. Let’s stop with the Agenda 21 idiocy. Agenda 21 is a proposal based on voluntary compliance seeking to create a sustainable environment. Whatever codes are being enforced are adopted by local governments and have zero to do with the UN.

    • Agenda 21 is a hegemonically-constructed authoritarian plan

      • Agenda 21 is a proposal and it is voluntary; no hegemonic or authoritarian rule was ever voluntary.

        • You clearly don’t understand hegemony. Agenda 21 is authoritarian.

          • dale ruff | June 16, 2015 at 8:23 pm |

            I have read it and understand that it is a proposal, adopted now by 180 nations, and voluntary. It is not the law and it is not mandatory, therefore, by definition, it is not authoritarian. I suggest you read Agenda 21, which has been adopted as a proposal by not only 180 nations but many cities as a guideline. Guidelines, by their nature are voluntary. Agenda 21 is not compulsory and it is not the law.

            I suggest you read the 1992 Agenda 21 proposal before making unsupported claims.

          • Herding people into cities, etc. all about control under the guise of protecting the environment. Not too hard to control people if you cut off food and energy. It’s warp speed down the rat hole now.

      • “hegemonically-constructed authoritarian” is redundant.

        Agenda 21 includes:

        Section 1.poverty, health, and establishing a sustainable population through voluntary steps. The most effective way to curtail runaway fertility is to promote prosperity and eliminate poverty.

        Section 2: conservation, halting deforestation, controlling pollution.

        Section 3: strengthening the roles of children, women, native peoples, local communities, farmers, etc.

        Section 4 implementation, including education, science, technology sharing, etc.

        In 1992, 178 countries voted to adopt the proposals. This is hardly “hegemonically-constructed.” in 2012, 180 nations affirmed their commitment to the goals of Agenda 21. Authoritarian?

        “The United States is a signatory country to Agenda 21, but because Agenda 21 is a legally non-binding statement of intent and not a treaty, the United States Senate was not required to hold a formal debate or vote on it. It is therefore not considered to be law under Article Six of the United States Constitution.” Wikipedia

        If it is not law, it is not compulsory or authoritarian but voluntary.

        What parts of Agenda 21 do you oppose? (I suggest you read it before answering).

  12. Florida does this despicable act too…

  13. Mike Lashewitz | June 16, 2015 at 8:11 pm | Reply

    Just another sign of excessive criminal government.

  14. Stumbled upon it following the link at The
    News Scouter

    It is the latest in a series of assault on human rights and freedom. You are not allowed to disconnect from the Matrix – Expect more abuse of rights to follow.

    Get involved. Stop the hate – Participate – Comment – Work against the hate mongers and the gents of tyranny.

  15. its called corpus delecti, spelling ? produce an injured party or you have no standing in court.

  16. Didn’t we make provisions in our laws for dealing with traitors, like government officials who violate our unalienable rights? Aren’t we supposed to hang them?

  17. He should get a “Land Patent” on his property and then he actually owns it instead of being a “tenant” and they can do nothing- even if he quits paying taxes!

    • berrybestfarm | June 17, 2015 at 10:07 am | Reply

      Oh yes they can!!! My land is in patent status. The ones running our county departments don’t give a damn about the law or the Constitution, only their rules and will continue to harass and collude with the local courts to extend their power. It’s going to take popular, local support to beat back the bureacrats.
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

  18. Yes. Huntsville has long since been controlled by the WWII NAZI, their power-crazy progeny and affiliates. The Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster, secreted over 10,000 NAZI into the USA 1945-1952, via “Operation Paper Clip”. The NAZI formed the CIA, the Biowarfare Lab of Camp Devens, MD, (later Ft. Devens) and were slid into Army-Air Force organizations that were ultimately formed into NASA. Dr. Hubertus Strughold, NAZI MD who murdered prisoners in the Dachau prisoner camp with his cold-water experiments in 1942, was ultimately promoted to “Chief, Space Medicine.” A “Strughold Day” was initiated in Texas, more subterfuge by GHWBush. For the inside story, search on “four generations of treason”.

    After over 25 years in the US, Dr. Werner Freiherr von Braun grew to appreciate Americans so dearly, that he revealed the step-wise, NAZI plan to overtake the governments of the earth. He explained the NAZI plan to a colleague, Dr. Carol Rosin. He charged Dr. Rosin to inform Americans and the world of the subversive, NAZI plan. The plan is being advanced by NAZI progeny in NASA, with support of Israel. Dr. Rosin´s video follows.

  19. Huntsville, Alabama, is a NASA Headquarters city. Former space industry administrator, Dr. Carol Rosin was a colleague of the German rocket scientist, Dr. Werner Freiherr von Braun. Dr. von Braun revealed some future plans of NASA that Dr. Carol Rosin explains in her videos. Searching on “Dr. Carol Rosin videos” will pull in links to her videos. Her videos clarify somewhat the government of Huntsville, AL, a major NASA city.

  20. Here we go – anyone who is non-conformist is considered dangerous – therefore elected leaders will abuse their position to drive people back into the pack. No freedom here – I hope they donot come in there shooting some day – because that is what governments do.

  21. Grantor/Settlor | June 17, 2015 at 7:45 am | Reply

    If the question of what exactly is the mark of the beast,
    spoken of in the scriptures, has ever entered your mind then you need to watch
    this video? If you understand this;

    Then your ready for this information;

  22. Great comments everyone! Think we should make the city code enforcers prove themselves and their argument before they are allowed to condemn our homes? Again, there is no reason to do this! The people mentioning “green” and “efficiency” make great points.

  23. Seems the city does not appreciate independence. What would they prefer? Lining up for food stamps?

    Kudus to this gentleman for walking his own path.

    Boo! Hiss! to the city for trying to make this man look like the problem he is not.

  24. AffinityNetNews | June 17, 2015 at 9:20 am | Reply

    Learn what I’m about share here with you because, you could be the next victim:

    Here’s your new Mantra, carry it wherever you go …

    “SHOW ME YOUR LAWFUL JURISDICTION” This is what everyone needs to learn as we move deeper and deeper into this de facto fraudulent occupational marxist/fascist totalitarian global corporate-police-state nightmare in every state, county, parish, and city.

    This city including yours, is a de facto fraudulent criminal organization mis-representing its lawful/legal status here’s why …

    Here’s what they hope you never learn: They have no lawful authority, jurisdiction or lawful interstate nexus. Why? Because, they are NOT de jure government but rather, mere de facto ‘corporations’ fraudulently and criminally masquerading as government since and before 1933, no different than Burger King or Toys R Us. A corporation is a corporation, and a corporation can never be lawful de jure Constitutional Representative government.

    See: The Act of 1871, The Emergency banking Relief Act, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, The Buck Act, The Emergency War Powers Act, The Trading With The Enemy Act, etc.

    (An ‘ACT’ is not law, it is mere ‘corporate policy’ and nothing more)

    ALL statues, codes, regulations, are de facto meaning legal but not lawful, and many are Malum in se, or evil and unjust by their very creation.

    Just because, something is ‘legal’ does not make it lawful, moral or just.

    Corporations are ‘creations on paper’ and are mere creations of man, and can only live on paper. Man/Woman are above all governments and corporations as ‘Creators’, and can never be classified lawfully as ‘creations’ of governments and corporations in common law.

    In other words, the ‘Creator’ can never be the ‘creation’ of the thing it ‘created’.

    All this couple needs to do is demand proof of ‘Lawful Jurisdiction’ and never sway from this point because, if the city corporation can not prove Constitutional lawful authority, and jurisdiction in court … they come to the court in dishonor and common fraud that can be ramped-up to federal court for criminal felony racketeering under The RICO Act.

    Here’s the next thing this couple needs to state before the court record:

    “We demand Common Law Jurisdiction and waive all benefits offered by the corporation”.

    You have no idea, how powerful this simple statement is:

    The City and the Court are ‘mere’ corporations under ‘colorable’ Admiralty International Uniform Commercial Code (Contract Law) or UCC.

    The court is a private foreign owned off-shore corporation that must trick you into ‘consenting’ to their private corporate occupational de facto ‘legal system’.

    There is NO lawful Constitutional government since 1933, only corporations masquerading as ‘government’.

    They have NO authority, or jurisdiction under Common Law and are thus rendered silent and helpless to administrate or control the court proceedings under their corrupt and despotic Admiralty UCC against this couple in the courtroom.

    Common Law is de jure law or God’s Law on-the-land, and is supreme law.

    Admiralty UCC, is man’s law of commerce and is de facto meaning ‘legal’ but not ‘lawful’ because, it is not based on God’s Supreme Law of-the-land.

    There is far more to this than I can explain here, but you had better learn it for your own protection from the corrupt and criminal corporate court system, which is actually not a court but a bank!

    I challenge any reader to prove that corporations or any form of government have lawful authority, jurisdiction and lawful interstate nexus over Man/Woman living-on-the-land who are not, and claim not to be ‘federalized citizens’, or ‘US citizens’ under common law.

    To learn more research: “America Is A Corporation” there are some excellent videos on YT exposing this fact with vetted documentation.

    • Lawful Jurisdiction means: “We have the guns and the power to make an example out of you”.
      “”Badges?!!… We don’t need no stinkin badges!””

    • berrybestfarm | June 17, 2015 at 10:21 am | Reply

      We have been studying this locally and ready to challenge in a case on appeal from our county Superior Court to our state Supreme court. 3 of us were arrested (for trespassing which was changed to disturbing the peace) for reading a redress of grievance in our District (traffic) court. I am challenging the all caps spelling of our state on the lower court documents. The appointed appeals attorney of course claims it is just a convention. Interestingly, our state Constitution (Art.4 section 27) specifies the only legally correct spelling of our state is the “State of Washington” and that “all prosecutions shall be conducted in its name and by its authority”. We shall see how this plays out. Also interesting to note is that the spelling on the Supreme Court’s docket is done according to the Constitution.
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

      • AffinityNetNews | June 17, 2015 at 12:04 pm | Reply

        Good for you. Keep fighting and exposing the de facto criminals in power!

        ALL attorneys and judges have sworn an oath of fealty (blind loyalty) to the BAR Inc., or Nights Templar and the Vatican Inc., whether they realize it or not and do not represent the American people.

        They ultimately serve the Rothschild/Vatican corporation of evil and global oppression under ‘color of law’ which is fraudulent.

        The entire court system is a private foreign owned off-shore international banking/military criminal cartel controlled from the Financial District of London City, England.

        ALL attorney, judges, public officials, agencies, departments, all officers of the court, all branches of law enforcement, at the federal, state, county, and city levels and much more are in direct collusion with the United Nations Incorporated. ALL law enforcement operating as Fed/State Team, are under the Commissioner International for the United Nations Inc., and do not represent the American people.

        We are living under duress as corporate-debt-slaves or hypothecated, collateralized, and monetized hostages to a foreign occupational corporate power that is criminal and lawless.

        Under The Emergency War Powers Act (corporate policy not law) We The People are classified as:


        ALL of the above have sworn to ‘Serve and Protect’ the de facto fraudulent CON-stitution of 1871, which is a mere private corporate business charter and NOT the organic Anglo Saxon Common Law Constitution of 1776, ratified in 1789.

        The original organic Constitution was altered and usurped by the 41st Congress in 1871 when our nation was ‘incorporated’.

        Organic original de jure (lawful) Constitution of 1776:

        “The Constitution ‘FOR’ the united states of America”

        The de facto private business charter or CON-stitution of 1871:


        We must now regain our original document and expose and nullify the de facto CON-stitution of 1871.

        This document is a criminal fraud, and only protects “We The Global Ruling Elite Shareholders OF USA Inc.”

        It is vital that this knowledge is spread viral. I urge everyone reading this to research:

        “America Is A Corporation”.

        The greatest power we have against this evil, corrupt Satanic system is using their own ‘legal’ system against them and force them to ‘prove’ lawful jurisdiction.

        Once again, they have NONE.


        Learn the you have ALL the power. They have only lies, deception and fraud.

        Yes, I know they have guns and thugs. We out-number them millions-to-one and they are cowards hiding behind the ‘illusion’ of power.

        We have the one weapon they will never have … TRUTH.

    • This is all true and right. However, at this point in time, anyone who would dare to go to these lengths would probably be abducted under NDAA, and never seen or heard from again. These are extremely dangerous times, so how does anyone really fight the ‘system’ safely?

      • AffinityNetNews | June 18, 2015 at 8:48 am | Reply

        Yes, I absolutely agree, and you bring-up the very real and brutal reality that those who dare to speak truth to Satanic power will be hunted down at some point. I believe we are not at all far from that happening now.

        These are very dark and dangerous times, and we know they are going to get far worse. There sadly is no safety in our lawless, corrupt and evil society. Through my experience, and that of others attempting to fight, or at least protect themselves, it is best confront the fascist de facto law enforcement and or the corrupt court system with a large group of witnesses all filming the proceeding, or just being there en masse as support.

        I personally have been very successful against the IRS, and several of the big banks and collection agencies for both myself and helping others by savagely attacking them and exposing them prior to any court proceedings by way of registered letters, with copies sent to other authorities who now are aware, and I put them on notice that I may bring legal action against them as well. This has proven to work wonders.

        The secret is to have beaten them BEFORE any court proceedings by knowing how to use their corrupt de facto statues, codes, regulations against them with sworn notarized affidavits which are legal/lawful documents that they can not ignore, and if they do … you own them.

        Even as bad and corrupt as it is, these people do not want any form of exposure and want to rape and pillage We The Sheeple, from deep in the shadows.

        It doesn’t hurt that I spent many years in TV news with all the major news networks as a producer, director etc., and I make it very clear that I have the ability and high-level contacts to show up at their door with a film crew.

        That scares them to death I can assure you. I use it anytime I need it. I last threatened TSA with this method, and they instantly backed-down like the corrupt cowards that they are. The last thing these criminals want is to see themselves in the news or all over YOUTUBE for all the world to see.

        Never under estimate the power of a video camera in the proper hands.

        (Here’s a little secret, you can go on-line to any of the networks and purchase caps, jackets, mic covers etc., with the logos of CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, FRONTLINE, NOVA, PBS, 60 Minutes, etc.) You don’t need to say a word believe me, they see the logo and it scares them.

        Who says we can’t use illusion back at them? I always travel with at least one of these caps or jackets at all times. It is really effective against anyone who ‘thinks’ they have authority and wants to bully you.

        However, you must have bold fearless body language, and look then directly in the eyes with a superior sense of authority that can crush them like the worm that they are if you so desire.

        It’s really very comical and fun. They want to play games with us … well, so can we!

        I have learned long ago, that these corrupt judges, attorney and political whores are spineless cowards. They are not prepared for people standing-up for themselves, and not willing to back down.

        We each have a choice to make. We can either crawl into a corner in fear and wet ourselves, or we can unite, stand en masse and be heard regardless of the outcome. I personally hate bullies, and I’ve always been a fighter who stands his ground. I may get bloody, beaten but so will they.

        It’s now very important to create local unity, and pro-active groups of awaken friends, and family members. Create local meetings and educate each other so, that when someone is attacked, by the local corporate policy enforcers, you have a ready community group to protect a member. This is very simple to do. Just print flyers with info exposing some issue and start from there.

        Most people are finally getting really pissed-off, and they know their money is going the crooks in the IRS.

        Want to piss people off? Tell them that the IRS, is private foreign owned off-shore international criminal corporate cartel and NOT the government. That will get their attention!

        Glad you are awake and aware.


  25. Americalost4ever | June 17, 2015 at 2:29 pm | Reply

    Sounds like Terre Haute, IN. No trailers, no justice, corrupt attorneys, corrupt state siding with the corrupt locals, libs, and their grand Agenda 21 scheming that is supposed to be volunteer, but being pushed in by ordinances. Kinda like volunteering by mandates and demanded PC-ness. Coming into town is a sign that says “College Progress.” Wrong. Everything anti-American and anti-Constitutional. When entire town and county councils and all their employees support and promote such things with the sheep citizens blessings, it means there is no hope for the real American way or for us living our own lives minus all the tyrants Draconian measures and attacks from all over.

    Common Core and Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act was both challenged and supporting in town by townie and college made ordinances and rules. So whatever media portrays about Indiana and it’s many communist or Marxist loving college towns is a lie. Being a veteran is just something else for them to hate and ridicule, of course while claiming to support freedom of speech and all that is nothing but…. facade. At least some media source picked this story to show and spread. If it happened here it would have been buried and censored like most other important news.

  26. All the government has over us is the threat of force. It’s unlikely that the city of Huntsville would arrest these people or kick them off the land. Oh , they will find a way to fine them because it is after all only about the money. Actually jailing them is too risky politically.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park WA

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