Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film



Aaron takes on the 1972 United Nations propaganda film that has the captains of the planet take control over the world’s growing population, using Malthusian rhetoric to demand that “less people be invited to be born” and that every trick in the book be used for control. This shameless parade features such regular eugenicists as John D. Rockefeller III, Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren, Agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong and numerous other pseudo-scientists using their clout to demand development taxes from the rich countries lest a “population bomb” be dropped on the world… and that’s just a preview of things to come under carbon taxes, environmental laws and “microliving” under the austerity of a world where humans must be the “solution to the disease they created.”

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13 Comments on "Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film"

  1. Why can’t these depopulation fanatics start with their own families?

    • would you really want to live on a planet with 20 billion mooochers all demanding to live a [WELFARE HANDOUTS DEMOCRAT] Rockefeller lifestyle?

      • Define “moocher” and how is this relevant to what I said? Why are you referencing a left vs right US paradigm?

      • If you think there are too many people, how would you propose to reduce this population? What if there are people who don’t care to go along with your plan?

        • Are u stupid or high? Ever heard of contraception? Sterilization? Euthanasia? With cretins breeding non-stop, be them rich or poor, where the hell this planet will end up?

      • you need to turn your telescope around Oscar…you’re only seeing a little tiny snap shot…& not the big picture…but how does one tell an idiot…that they’re an idiot???…answer that question & the worlds your oyster….cheers

        • Talking about idiots, u definitely are one. Enjoy paying all parasites from ur own pocket then.

          • XYZ: Unless you are God and decide who lives and who dies I suggest you live by your own ideals. If you keep returning and spewing childish insults we can conclude that you chickened out.

        • I will do it for you. Edwardo, you are an idiot. No doubt about it.

    • Why imbeciles like u repeat the same broken record over and over? Thanks, Id rather do away with myself than “live” in such a mess. Enjoy it, moron!

  2. I for one….. am tired of paying [by forced taxation] to feed, clothe, house, prison, rehabilitate and educate the thug 200 million American felon and welfare moooochers.

    Yes, I can afford it, but ALL TAXATION IS THEFT, especially stealing from me to feed the innercity garbage dump scum that breed1,000% faster than the working taxpayer.

    The world has 5 out of 8 billion people that have no purpose other than commit crimes and moooooch.

    GET YOUR ACTIVIST ACTIVITIES TO END ALL FORMS OF TAXATION OF INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS, instead of encouraging the breeding of more unemployable uneducated-able taxpayer dependents.

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