Natural Law vs. Man’s Law

By Mark Passio

Mark Passio explains the difference between Natural Law and Man’s law.

Natural Law:

  • Based Upon Principles & Truth (Inherent To Creation).
  • Harmonized with, due to Knowledge & Understanding.
  • Universal; exist and applies anywhere in the Universe regardless of location.
  • Eternal and Immutable; exists and applies for as long as the Universe exists, and cannot be changed.

Man’s Law:

  • Based Upon Dogmatic Beliefs (Constructs Of Mind).
  • Compiled with, due to Fear of Punishment.
  • Differs with location based upon the whim of legislators (Moral Relativism).
  • Changes with time based upon the whim of legislators (Moral Relativism).

So what does this mean for Man’s Law?

Simple “If/Then” Logic:

If a particular man-made law is in Harmony with Natural Law, then it follows logically that it is redundant, since it is stating a Truth that is inherent, pre-existing and self-evident. Therefore it is both Irrelevant and unnecessary.

If a particular law is in Opposition to Natural Law, then it follows logically that it is both False (Incorrect) and Immoral (Harmful), or in other words, WRONG. Therefore it can not be legitimately binding upon anyone.

In Light Of Natural Law, Man’s law is…IRRELEVANT & UNNECESSARY.

This is an excerpt from Mark Passio’s phenomenal lecture entitled: “Natural Law – The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life.

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