Girlfriend Staves Off and Shoots at Weapon-Wielding Home Invaders

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By Amanda Warren

American couples take note: as criminals everywhere become more desperate, and the motives of law enforcement become more questionable, it is more important than ever to take personal responsibility and be better empowered.

Along with that responsible mindset, what better way is there to be empowered then by being able to protect your home with a firearm – especially against armed robbers who are ready to take you down? That’s what a South African woman did on May 12th when she was forced to come out with handgun blazin’ or risk being victimized and quite potentially killed by one of several armed invaders.

We can’t speak on behalf of the following couple, but here in the U.S., law enforcement’s job is to get there, not be there. If the couple had tried to alert the police instead of the girlfriend taking quick responsibility, they might both be dead or at the very least robbed blind.

The boyfriend, who can be seen sleeping (albeit with his own handgun ready) said:

My girlfriend asked the guy to identify himself – she shouted “Craven?” – this all happened off camera – as there is no sound, it is pointless to show this – the field of view to the left is quite a bit. The guy then moved towards her – this is also off camera as the doorway is on quite a large landing.

Unfortunately, the two shots only scared them away with her handbag full of cash and cards. They have not been apprehended, but no doubt, the girl with the handgun saved the day.

What you would you have done?

Some people are saying it looks staged (we hope not!), here are some news sources:……
Local Port Elizabeth Newspaper:…
Local Port Elizabeth Newspaper:…… (Local Radio)……

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