America’s New Export to the UK; Police Violence

By Amanda Warren

In most domestic issues, it seems that the UK is the leader in social experimentation that will eventually find its way across the Atlantic to the United States. Finally, however, it appears that the United States has found something to export to the UK – police brutality.

Fortunately for the UK, the police brutality industry is only just beginning to take off and is not the massive industrial-scale operation that exists in the U.S.

The rash of high-profile cases of police killing civilians and then being cleared of all wrongdoing has stoked scrutiny of police brutality in other countries.

Although it’s no laughing matter, the results of such scrutiny could make one convulse from insane laughter or tears.

This past March, the Institute for Race Relations published an extensive report on 509 people (non-Caucasian) who died questionably while under police custody, in prison or while with immigration officers.

These incidents spanned a 23-year period – from 1991 to 2014. Or, an estimated average of one death every two weeks.

The report surmised that a majority of the deaths were due to injuries after brutalization and excessive force from police or lack of care. A pattern is noted where similar incidents are occurring time after time.

Please note that these incidents are highlighting incidents of “people of color” who died in prison, in custody/apprehension and during immigrations dealings. Since the 1960s, the UK, has experienced thousands of such deaths when you include all types of citizens. Current levels average out at 600 per year. But, again, we are taking about the combined questionable deaths while in prison, after police brutalization and while in the custody of immigration authorities. 

And while these numbers are likely to shock British readers, Americans would consider them a breath of fresh air to have only hundreds killed under questionable circumstances in a 23-year period – it would be a drastic reduction in the incidents of police violence.

Last year, U.S officers killed 1,101 Americans which averages three Americans per day (including weekends/holidays). But that is only the statistic from brutalization at the hands or weapons of officers alone. This year, police have already killed over 400 Americans based on mainstream news sources. Well over 5,000 Americans have been killed by police since 9/11. We are not allowed to know the crucial, actual numbers of our countrymen that are killed by the very people whose wages we pay in order to enforce codes and collect revenue – in order for them to keep policing and killing. American citizens have been collating that painful information, themselves.

Because our government is deliberately obfuscating, not tracking and/or not reporting that information, it is impossible to do an accurate percentage/per capita comparison with the UK. Or, to even have a good handle on our own situation in the U.S. This is not due to incompetence. Manipulators deliberately obfuscate for precisely the purpose of confusion; and so accountability cannot happen if there is nothing concrete from which to base a confrontation. In other words, the burden of proof is foisted on us, fuzzy as it is made to be, while rampant psychopathic behavior carries on unchecked.

In the UK, the menacing growth of “Common Purpose” teachings might have a lot to do with increased aggression from police. Part of it includes the “us vs them” mentality woven into “business development” – and the inspiration was admittedly drawn from America!

Police killings are becoming a fact of life. Unfortunately, the trend is getting worse and all evidence points to Western countries like the UK going in the direction of the U.S. – and not the opposite.

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