Why Do Vaccine-Pushers Chicken-out of Debates about Vaccines?

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

Within the last few weeks, two debates about vaccines and vaccinations were highly anticipated by those who pejoratively are referred to as “anti-vaxxers.”

One was to have been a debate on April 8, 2015 between vaccine rights attorney Alan Phillips, JD, and Dr. Annie Sparrow, a pediatrician who obviously pushes vaccines literally and figuratively, with the venue being WMNF Radio’s The Fairness Doctrine. Dr. Sparrow flew away and cancelled at the last minute. How disappointing! Consequently, Attorney Phillips issued a three-page paper after the debate actually took place with Radio Host Jennifer Sullivan taking the pro-vaccine argument that Dr. Sparrow obviously was to have ‘nailed down’ but reneged on. One has to question if Dr. Sparrow got cold feet, or if the facts were too hot to handle.

The other debate was to have taken place between two medical doctors: Paul Offit, MD, vaccine inventor, and Toni Bark, MD, an integrative medical practitioner with credentials an arm’s length long, on Wednesday, April 13th, on Chicago 560. The topic to be discussed was “Parental choice and vaccination,” a hot, hot topic now that there have been more and more vaccines added to the CDC’s schedule for children in order to enroll in daycare centers and schools. Again, there was a last-minute “chicken out” by Dr. Offit.

Dr. Offit, who pontificates that children can take 10,000 vaccines without any adverse harm or reactions, probably rethought how he would debate Dr. Bark, whose—pardon the pun—“bark” may have been louder than something Offit could deal with since Dr. B’s been very vocal and public about the lack of oversight regarding vaccines and the dangers from the ever-expanding vaccine schedule, which soon will mandate ALL adults receive children’s shots too!

Offit is infamous for one possible slip of the tongue, which he may have wanted to avoid having recycled while debating Dr. Bark.

The mainstream media’s top “expert” on vaccines is unquestionably Dr. Paul Offit. Dr. Paul Offit is infamously known among vaccine safety advocates as the doctor who has gone on record stating that he believes a baby can handle as many as 10,000 vaccines during infancy. [1] [CJF emphasis added]

The ultimate challenge should be to make Dr. Offit prove his now-famous remark. There would be no better way for him to supply that proof than to take 10,000 vaccines; become a pro-vaccine hero; and spare some poor child having to become a human guinea pig. After all, Offit’s a big man; he can do it!

Furthermore and more responsibly, someone in Offit’s field of vaccinology ought to hold his feet to the fire on his “non-science-based hypothesis” or demand that Offit officially retract it. Recall that Dr. Andrew Wakefield had his and his colleagues’ paper about autism and gut problems retracted since it was claimed to be false information. Dr. Offit, prove your 10,000 vaccines won’t harm children or rightfully become the pariah of the Big Pharma vaccine world for submitting false vaccine information.

Your 10,000 vaccines have never been put to a scientific test!

Maybe—just maybe—Dr. Offit would pull something like a public relations person, Patrick Moore, did when asked to drink a glass of Monsanto’s Roundup®. See the video of how a grown man [Moore] back pedals faster than you can say glyphosate. The quickie video is embedded within this link.

But there is someone who was able to get a virtual debate going between Paul Offit, MD, and Boyd Haley, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the University of Kentucky. Richard Milner, the video producer, visited and interviewed both gentlemen independently, and then edited their respective comments and remarks into a debate format no one will want to miss.


More information about Milner’s project(s) can be found at http://www.publicaffairsmediainc.blogspot.com/

However, one attorney with whom I network on vaccine issues, Walter Kyle who worked at the Vaccine Court in Washington, DC, emailed some comments that I thought were pretty interesting, so I asked his permission to share them with my readers. The following are Attorney Kyle’s remarks:


Offit knows this and his ‘ploy’ to avoid debate based on “Scientific proof of vaccine safety” misrepresents science and is merely an FDA ‘Talking Point’ developed to avoid the truth.

My response to Offit – “You (FDA) fear Science”.

CDC epidemiology is math – not science – based on CDC myths, not clinical case evaluations. By imagining favorable input factors, while eliminating unfavorable ones, CDC statistics provide favorable results. The ‘science’ upon which Offit relies in his refusal to debate can be characterized as “CDC Epidemythology.” [CJF emphasis added]

The old computer maxim applies best to CDC Epidemythology – “Garbage in, Garbage out”. Offit`s defense based on science could be reworded to “Our (CDC) computer, which tells us what we want it to tell us, tells us we shouldn`t debate the facts.”

In 2010 clinical Science developed Microbial Detection Arrays, which can not only diagnose reactions, they can predict reactions before they occur. FDA blocks parents access to these techniques (see VRBPAC May 7, 2010 transcript), and influences medical journal editors (i.e. Virology) to not publish results unfavorable to vaccines. [CJF emphasis added]

FDA fears such access might `out` vaccine links to contaminants causing MS, breast cancers, leukemia, mesotheliomas, and AIDS …not to mention genital herpes, which we share with the African green monkey and oral polio vaccines.

For 25 years I have known a mother trying to obtain PCR testing of her child for simian viruses causing an unknown debilitating medical condition in her son. The Labs and physicians uniformly refuse tests with the statement – “It does not matter where it came from in order for us to treat it” – another FDA “Talking Point” developed to eliminate facts.

Autism is a small, but important, portion of the Vaccines Disaster Spectrum. I call it VDS.


Catherine thinks

The question everyone in the USA ought to be asking is: “Why can’t those who claim vaccines are safe and efficacious, not want to become a standard bearer for their consensus science in a public forum?”

Before any more vaccines are mandated, healthcare consumers should demand public debates and forums on each vaccine’s science, studies and trials before a vaccine even can be added to the CDC’s schedule. No more vaccine mandates without public input. Let’s see who’ll explain vaccine science, since currently we just have to accept Big Pharma-produced obviously skewed ‘studies’ which eventually become ‘pharmaceutical dogma’ that everyone in medicine, public health agencies and the media parrot.

But, here’s another – and possibly real – debate that needs to take place about vaccines: Legal eugenics?



[1] http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/dangerous-doctor-media-vaccine-promoter-has-huge-conflict-of-interest/

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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26 Comments on "Why Do Vaccine-Pushers Chicken-out of Debates about Vaccines?"

  1. Would love to ask Offit how it was in 2013 a website he directly oversaw posted the claim that “aluminum… is believed to play an important role in the development of a healthy fetus”.

    Offit disapproves of supplements but aluminum is good for fetal development!

  2. “I say, Senator, how do feel about euthanasia?”
    “Ah buleeve all ouah boys should come home.”

  3. The VAERS statistics for 2014 were the highest ever with 38,519 seriously injured and 3,737 killed. All 18 years and younger. These numbers are going up every year. We don’t need an expert for that. We don’t even need a debate. To make this mandatory is criminal.

    • What I’m finding is that there is no real debate in the true sense. On every poll I’ve seen more than 70% are for medical choice. MSM will have you believe that its the opposite. I’m finding out that most of my online debates over this topic are with shills. The only war is between big pharma, their minions, and us.

      • I agree, but one big problem is their minions include our bought and paid for politicians. I personally don’t recognize the governments authority to mandate any kind of medical treatment. Especially when it’s the same as playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives. People need to wake up, quit letting the government give itself authority it doesn’t have. Government officials are just people, if they think it’s ok to kill and maim 38,000 kids a year, I think they belong in prison. This whole thing is a criminal fraud. People should be like a mother bear when someone is attacking it’s cubs. There are other bills following this one to mandate vaccines for adults. When did we ever give our government servants the authority mandate anything to the entire population in our Constitutional Representative Republic, by the consent of the people.

        • Thank you – good points. Personally i think that the USA does NOT provide the fed govt with ANY powers over our health choices whatsoever – in fact those are forbidden. My state Constitution (Cal) does NOT give the state the power to make my health choices or for my wards.
          This means – to me – that in the USA, these laws are illegal and not binding, that the enforcement of these laws is against the highest law of the nation and state, and those attempting to enforce compliance are thus provably anti-american, and NOT in my authority chain on this issue AT ALL.

          • Yes, they lie and call vaccines “unavoidably safe”!

            That ignores reality. Reality was that vaccine manufacturers were getting HAMMERED in the 80s as they lost a lot of lawsuits for vaccine damaged people. they had to pay a LOT of money – so they whined to Reagan.
            Then a law was magically passed in which (86) vaccine manufacturers could not be sued for vaccine damages. The government would pay out for vaccine damages – and they have done so for over THREE BILLION DOLLARS in a very, very difficult set up for vaccine damages to win the trial.
            This proves that no matter what they say, VACCINES CAUSE DAMAGES TO SOME – and every insert states that some damages are possible.

            To deny that this happens is blatant stupidity.

  4. I’ve uncovered about four online shills so far and currently working on a 5th. I find that they typically work in tag teams. The pattern is the same always the same and its becoming amusing. They are becoming desperate.

    • Perhaps you can chase the people at CollegeHumor:

      • So this somehow disputes the unscientific nature of Vaccine pushers does it? As I see it this is just another emotional crap fest with nothing of substance, just mockery and jingoism. Vaccines are not modern or scientific you nincompoop. The process was actually common during the plagues of Europe hundreds of years ago. Indeed the primitive concept of vaccinations helped spread the disease.

    • The “best” of the tag teams work in and through Wikipedia as “editors”. Check that out, as you will find a nest of skeptics there who are hell bent on destroying holistic medicine and shilling everything big pharma says.

  5. Top Anti Vaccine Videos:

    Mercury Undercover – 2011

    Shots In The Dark – Silence on Vaccine – 2011

    Bought – The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food – 2014

    Trace Amounts – 2015

    Find them, Buy Them, Download them and share with every young mother via cheap SD cards or thumb drives. If every person that watches them shares with at least two (2) other people we would nail this murdering practice to the ground in less than a year! Save the children! Many more videos and info online at the NWO Survival Guide.

    Good Luck and thank God for the Activist Post!

  6. I will NOT have any of your/my children stuck with needles of poison and neuro toxins approved by Jewrys CDC.
    Merck killed 60,000 people with Vioxx, more than the Vietcong and says we can trust our childrens lives to them, still!!. Medical Malpractice is the 3rd leading killer in the USA.
    Thermerosol (Mercury laden neurotoxin), Aluminum, Aborted fetal tissue, Dog kidneys, Monkey kidneys doesnt cure anything. J EWs LIE!!!!
    Spain is suing Baxter health for the killing of their daughters with HPV.
    The Father of so called ADHD is a Russian J EW, named Leon Eisenberg-who confessed later it was all fictitious and yet 1 million children are made zombies because of it..!
    Research the Dr. Semmelweis effect.
    He was a doctor that found a correlation between doctors spreading disease by making rounds and not washing their hands. He was laughed at and mocked by his contemporaries.
    His friend admitted him to a mental hospital where he was killed 1 week later.
    Turns out he was dead right.
    Show less

  7. We need to NOT just swallow the statistics we are told regarding vaccines, political points, and other points of belief/disbelief in OUR society. They can all too easily be lied about. You know, like the “huge turnout at the Illinois state capital steps” for gun control. Pictures showed like a dozen standing in open clumps. The support for second amendment rights on that same capital step area from a few weeks prior showed HUNDREDS of supporters.
    The media made a big stink about how people allegedly support gun control, and oppose private gun ownership, but the picture was worth a thousand words.
    The same thing is done in other arenas, and for voting, public opinion polls, etc – someone with the tech savvy needs to start a website where people can register their opinion validly and verifiably. Then when someone says the GMO labeling bill was shot down, we can show that – no it wasn’t. (Calif and Wash state)

    The right to control OUR OWN body is an inalienable right. It comes from our own individual self and cannot be legislated from outside control. They will try to use a big stick, they will make illegitimate laws (no purview on these isssues for my state – Calif – or the feds) but do NOT comply.

  8. Catherine J Frompovich | April 20, 2015 at 9:48 am |

    Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaking in California about vaccine politics.


  9. They can’t answer why there’s so many toxic ingredients in vaccines!

  10. ‘Cause they know chickenshit about shingles!

  11. The pro-vaccine speakers were going to participate in these debates until they found out the rule that there is to be no derogatory name-calling. They have no argument with that rule.

  12. No true vaccine testing …EVER! No criticism of vaccines allowed by the FDA. They really do fear science!

  13. Offit is a lying piece of garbage.

  14. Great post. People do need to wake up and start asking the right questions and refuse to be bullied into vaccines before they start to expand the mandates to adults as well. They have all of a sudden realized that while they push vaccines on kids and the effect of the vaccine wears off with time that there maybe millions of adults running around with no vaccine antibodies and GASP!!! not falling down dead from all the horrible, deadly diseases (insert smirk). Also we don’t have to worry anymore I guess since Dr Offit is quite sure that the science is settled (insert another smirk) and we also have a bug eyed ball of wool (aka Elmo) and the surgeon general both assuring us that vaccines are safe (insert eye roll). Oh It’s also okay for celebrities and bug eyed folks to say vaccines are good but woe to any celebrity or medical person who speaks ill of the same vaccines (more eye rolls). Quite dramatic these people who drink from the deep pockets of pharma 🙂

  15. Good christ you anti-vaxers are fucking idiots

    • Typical name calling. Actually, out of both Pro vax and anti vax sites I find that the anti vax group has much more information and are critical thinkers. Where as most of the pro vax parrots what they’ve been told, having done no research and no critical thinking. This all comes down to parents wanting what is best for children. Both sides should be aligned with that point. As far as I can see, the only reason for mandatory vaccination is the measly 170 disneyland measles outbreak. No epidemics or pandemics. Other disease statistics I hear are international statistics including India and Africa. Statistics that have no bearing on the U.S. Our vaccine program is outdated and not proportionate to U.S. statistics.

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