Vaccine, GMO Controversies and Protection from Fluoride on Far Out Radio

By Heather Callaghan

Back in March on one of the “friday the 13ths” this year, Scott Teeters on Far Out Radio and I hashed out some hot topics that are ongoing today. We covered a lot and kept a positive beat.

First, there was some shop talk about blogging and vlogging, but then we quickly touched on a variety of health freedom topics described below. Do you know how to have water that’s free from fluoride?

After talking about a few posts, we critiqued the vaccine/GMO documentary called Bought.

Did you know about a new genetically engineered soybean oil? It’s supposed be heart healthy but a new study didn’t think so. We talked about the best alternative oil great for cooking, health and skin care.

Then I listed a variety of ways to get fluoride out of your drinking water – some of them are simple! Fluoride in tap water has been linked to ADHD again.

As Scott says, in the, “This is Just Plain STUPID” department, we talked about the push to have brainless “traffic light” labels on packaged food. This is not a joke!

In case you missed it, here’s the post on how to start a fire with nothing but a pop can, chocolate and some sunlight.

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