How to opt out: Build without a permit, drive without a license

By Adam Kokesh

Adam sits down with Tom Hyland to get his incredible story of asserting his freedom of movement (driving without a license or registration) in a house that he built himself without a permit.


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3 Comments on "How to opt out: Build without a permit, drive without a license"

  1. If you refuse to have a license they will not give you insurance.

  2. Tom, you are one in a thousand or more. Very few people have a clue about what you posted. Wise people look foolish to the ignorant people of this country. Propaganda has been very effective on our fellow countrymen.

    • Hello Mark. Thank you for the kind words. I wrote my reply to “Randall” almost three years ago and never heard from him again. I’m quite used to the silence after I attempt a poignant reply. You can almost hear the crickets chirping. I hope all is peaceful in your location. Share the video if you think it might be of service to others.

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