DNR Just Couldn’t Wait to Shoot and Kill a Mini Pet Pig


Should the DNR be on people’s property with guns? One agent felt “threatened”…

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

The lengthy debacle of Mark Baker and his Heritage hogs versus Michigan and the DNR showed the world what a threatening force the DNR can be while protecting corporate and state interests. While the Michigan DNR was finally forced in the courtroom to back away from the Bakers, they are obviously still on the prowl for blood to the tune of Lord of the Flies

Obviously, threatening to storm the fenced in property and shoot them all dead was a power play and not a real concern for a wild “invasive species.” They pretend to protect Michigan from “feral swine” but feral agents have gone too far recently by targeting farm animals and pets.

However, some people, like Michigan couple Tony Gervasi and Brandy Savelle, had just one pot-bellied pig as a beloved pet – a member of the family. Like two-year-old Caesar, a thirty-pound kiddo who stole their hearts.

The family was left to wonder what happened to Caesar with nothing but a blood trail as evidence. It wasn’t until after a major social media request to help find the missing pig that an officer finally but hesitantly admitted to shooting the pet after feeling threatened and said he was “charged.”

Without any kind of notification, he had dragged the body out and left. Since the blood puddle was technically a few feet off the 28-acre property, it makes one wonder whether he was waiting for the animal to step over the line or if he coaxed it.

As usual, his claims do not add up – he wanted to shoot it and probably knew it was their pet. According to ABC10 the officer was not actually “charged,” but his actions are uphold under…..Feral Swine Laws. He shot the pig “due to his rights.” Incredible.

Savelle said:

The only thing that he said was that he was following orders; those are the instructions to shoot pigs. When I asked him how he could shoot something so small he said that there is such a problem with wild pigs in our area so he was just doing his job. If Caesar did in fact go up to him it’s because he associates humans with food. Just picturing Caesar seeing this guy and thinking ‘oh a new person. I’m on my way home but you might have food so I’m just going to…’ and him just walking up and him getting a bullet instead makes me very upset.

Lieutenant Pete Wright of the Michigan DNR offered some comforting Double Speak:

It’s the agency’s intent to never, ever shoot someone’s pet. Swine running at large on private or public property is considered to be a nuisance.

On private property? Readers may wish to look at the DNR’s own policy on feral swine and contact them about it. The behavior has gone beyond too far, where farmers and people are feeling terrorized.

Honestly, any DNR personnel should feel something for being on or hovering around someone else’s land with a weapon, and then killing a defenseless pet and kidnapping its dead body. And yes, they DO go on people’s property.

The couple was told they probably wouldn’t get the body back except in ashes – unacceptable! Obviously, this makes any kind of autopsy impossible to determine what really happened. After killing a pet, because of “their rights” they should not be allowed to keep or destroy. They did not kill a wild, feral pig.

It is of major alarm that the DNR (and even Park Rangers) are behaving like the militarized brutes of law enforcement who decide to shoot everything that moves. Come off it – cops who kill injured animals for target practice, tied dogs, baby deer, squirrels, kittens, cats, tiny dog breeds, docile cows, parakeets, beheading a pet chicken and most recently – a miniature pony – are demonstrating psychopathic and sadistic tendencies. Sadistic also in the sense of using terror and destroying something that belongs to someone else just to see both suffer. I’m just waiting for a goldfish to get murdered because it “had a look in its eye.” (that’s the reason given for one dog’s death.)

The victims are suspended in terror when law enforcement does not even bother to tell the family what happened. This is not the first time a family has been left with nothing but fear for the worst.

Find out more and lend your support on the Justice for Caesar! fundraiser and awareness page, specifically created to avenge him.

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