Death from Above: the New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet

Dees Illustration

By Peter A. Kirby

Today’s chemtrail spraying operations necessarily require a massive fleet of specialized jumbo jet airliners operating covertly.  The volume and frequency of chemtrail reports from all over the world, the author’s own observations and the massive task of controlling Earth’s weather in the fashion of the New Manhattan Project suggest that these planes number over 1000.  If you do not know what the New Manhattan Project is, please see the author’s previous article “A History of the New Manhattan Project.”

These planes must necessarily be of a certain breed.  Any old plane rigged up with some spraying equipment or even with spiked jet fuel simply will not do.  For example, a commercial passenger airliner following a predetermined route is not an effective chemtrail spraying plane.  The chemtrail spray needs to be emitted at specific locations at a moment’s notice.  The super high-tech nature and payload requirements of the New Manhattan Project also demand specialization.  The fuselage of an effective chemtrail spraying aircraft needs to be loaded up not with passengers and luggage, but with chemtrail spray, spraying equipment, communications gear, computers and atmospheric monitoring equipment.  An effective chemtrail spraying plane is a dedicated chemtrail spraying plane.

Not only does the New Manhattan Project require over 1000 dedicated airplanes, the project requires that these airplanes operate covertly.  Even though there is a mountain of evidence proving the existence of this Project, our federal Government refuses to admit the obvious.  Just like the original Manhattan Project was, this project is still officially a big secret.  Only this time, it’s going on in the sky above us.

As we are interested in exposing chemtrails, we are interested in the origins, development and current state of this large, covert, high-tech jumbo jet air force routinely contaminating our environment and damaging our health.  Oddly enough, when one looks back in history for large fleets of covertly operating American aircraft, one finds plenty.  It all began in 1940s’ China. 

The Flying Tigers

Many of us have heard of or seen the 1942 war epic starring John Wayne called Flying Tigers.  It is a finely crafted propaganda piece based on the real Flying Tigers.

The real Flying Tigers were an officially sanctioned mercenary air force consisting of former U.S. military personnel fighting for Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese military against imperial Japan in 1941 and 1942.  Although they did not operate beyond the purview of your average American (in fact, the press coverage was quite impressive), the Flying Tigers were the beginnings of what probably became today’s top secret New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet.

The Flying Tigers were co-founded by a man named Claire Chennault (1893-1958) and another by the name of William D. Pawley (1896-1977). Chennault was the military aviation commander and Pawley was the adventurous entrepreneur. Although much has been made about the charismatic Commander Chennault, who is played by John Wayne in the film, the man most responsible for the assembly of this mercenary air force operating in the wilds of central China in the early 1940s was William D. Pawley.

image source: unknown

Mr. Pawley set up a company called the Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company (CAMCO) which supplied Curtiss-Wright aircraft to the Flying Tigers.  Pawley’s operations in China were supported by Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese government and an ad hoc political lobby in Washington D.C. doing business through a firm called the Universal Trading Corporation.  Although the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was not in existence in 1941 and 1942, Mr. Pawley had later connections to the CIA and specifically Allen Dulles.  As we are about to see, the CIA has an extensive history of owning and operating huge fleets of aircraft operating domestically and internationally.

William Pawley is a very intriguing character.  Some of you out there know of him already.  His most recent biographer, Anthony Carrozza writes that he was, “…a cross between Indiana Jones and Donald Trump.”  In the light of Carrozza’s 2012 book, Professor Peter Dale Scott wrote an interesting piece about Pawley titled “William Pawley, the Kennedy Assassination, and Watergate.” 

Civil Air Transport

In 1942, the Flying Tigers were disbanded and integrated into the U.S. Army Air Force when the United States armed forces officially entered the ongoing China/Japan conflict in support of Chiang Kai-shek’s China.  After the dropping of the atomic bombs and the subsequent Japanese surrender in 1945, the U.S. military pulled out.  Commander Chennault stayed and the aforementioned ad hoc lobby in Washington D.C. formed something called Civil Air Transport (CAT).  This new airline was funded through something called the American Airdale Corporation.  The ad hoc lobby responsible for CAT consisted of men such as: Whitey Willauer, Bill Youngman, Lauchlin Currie, Joseph Alsop, Quinn Shaughnessy, and brothers David and Thomas Corcoran.

Let us reference a passage from Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and his American Volunteers by the leading historian on the Flying Tigers, Daniel Ford.  Mr. Ford writes, “After the war, Chennault continued in the service of the Chiangs, organizing Civil Air Transport with Whitey Willauer and others of the AVG ‘Washington Squadron.’  CAT started with mercy flights and evolved into a paramilitary force during the civil war that ended with Chiang Kai-shek’s ouster by the Communists in 1949.”

Christopher Robbins describes the founding of Civil Air Transport this way:

Chennault returned to China to found an airline in which he undertook to move the desperately needed relief supplies that had been sent out by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration – UNRRA – but which were accumulating on docksides and in warehouses along the coast instead of being delivered to the interior.  In return for flying supplies into the country, the airline was given permission to fly commercial goods out.

Civil Air Transport has been linked to drug dealing.  The book Prelude to Terror: the Rogue CIA and the Legacy of America’s Private Intelligence Network by Joseph J. Trento describes how CAT ferried drugs from the Golden Triangle in Asia.  There is plenty of other evidence.

Believe it or not, CAT performed weather modification operations.  This is the author’s thesis.  Christopher Robbins (who is introduced in the next section) writes,

…during a severe drought in Japan, CAT was chartered to carry a group of rainmakers over Osaka in an effort to sow the clouds with silver iodide.  A fine sprinkle of rain fell over the countryside as a result, but the skeptical farmers were more inclined to credit nature than CAT for the phenomenon.  On the next trip, the pilot took the precaution of mixing a little emerald-colored dye with the other chemicals.  Startled Japanese were treated to a chlorophyll cloudburst and CAT collected wherever it rained green.

After the death of Lieutenant General Chennault in 1958, Civil Air Transport turned into the CIA’s Air America.  Let us again reference a passage from Flying Tigers.  Daniel Ford writes,

With the Old Man [Chennault] gone, his airline was reorganized as Air America under the control of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Its grey planes, civil and military, with no national markings, carried out CIA missions all during the Vietnam War.  Thus the covert air action proposed by Chennault in 1940 finally became an accepted instrument of American foreign policy.

Air America and the Pacific Corporation

Have you heard of the 1990 box office bomb called Air America?  It is a terrible movie starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr..  Don’t watch Air America the movie.  It will reveal to you nothing and serves as a distraction.  It is only mentioned here because the term ‘Air America’ will be recognized by many in this context.

The real Air America was a covert, CIA owned and operated airline that transported anything, anywhere, anytime during the Vietnam, Korean and Indo-China wars of the late 1940s through to the early 1970s.  Their pilots were mostly former U.S. military.  An excellent book on the subject has been written.  Air America the book by Christopher Robbins is a monumental work of research and understanding.  If not the best, it is one of the greatest exposés of our time.  Thank you, Mr. Robbins.  Air America mostly flew supplies to friendly (read mercenary) regional armies.  Some of these armies, such as those in Laos were funded by the CIA.  The CIA has conducted similar operations all over the world.   

Air America the book reveals that Air America was only one of many airlines owned and operated by the CIA during this period.  Other CIA airlines such as Intermountain Airlines, Air Asia, Southern Air Transport, the aforementioned Civil Air Transport and others operated in China, Korea and/or southeast Asia at this time as well and were all organized under something called the Pacific Corporation. The Pacific Corporation was formerly the aforementioned American Airdale Corporation. The Pacific Corporation ran airlines that collectively were larger than any other single airline in the world.  In the 1960s and ’70s, the operation was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  The now defunct Pacific Corporation was a CIA front company founded and run by a man by the name of George A. Doole Jr. (1910-1985).

Christopher Robbins writes, “The CIA air proprietaries came about as a direct result of the creation of the Agency’s Directorate for Plans, or Clandestine Service – dubbed the Department of Dirty Tricks – which pursued programs of covert action.”  Their record reflects this.

There is an abundance of evidence supporting the assertion that pilots of the airlines organized under the Pacific Corporation smuggled everything from currency to drugs to precious metals to human beings.  Of these different contraband, opium was the most prevalent.

At least one has experienced an Air America that leaves any reasonable individual with a lot of questions.  The following passage is from an Asian language magazine quoting a former Air America stewardess as recounted by Christopher Robbins, “Before this, I flew with Air America, but that was different, very different.  Once, I went to work and had to fly on a plane full of dead bodies . . . better not say anything about that.”

In 1974, all the airlines of the Pacific Corporation were disbanded due to federal legislation passed as a result of congressional hearings conducted by Idaho Senator Frank Church. 


One of the airlines formerly under the Pacific Corporation was Intermountain Aviation.  In 1975, Evergreen bought Intermountain Aviation.  Evergreen’s president and founder Delford Smith (1930-2014) got a sweetheart deal.  Intermountain’s 12 aircraft were repainted in the colors of Evergreen International Aviation, Incorporated.  The Intermountain Marana base at Pinal Air Park in Marana, Arizona became the Evergreen Air Center and the company’s headquarters.  Most Intermountain employees and executives stayed on to become Evergreen employees and executives.

Evergreen’s accounting firm Arthur Andersen reported that assets almost doubled from the Intermountain acquisition.  Even though the Oregonian reports that the Intermountain acquisition cost Evergreen less than three million dollars, assets went from a reported $25 million in 1975 to a reported $45.5 million in 1976.  The Oregonian newspaper did a series of investigative reports on Evergreen and all their shady connections back in 1988.

Evergreen’s accounting firm Arthur Andersen was the accounting firm that went under due to their role in covering for the thoroughly disgraced Enron Corporation.  The Enron Corporation was the founder of the weather derivatives market which may have been created to make money from temperature fluctuations caused by the New Manhattan Project.  For more, see the author’s previous article “Geoengineering for Financial Gain: A History of Weather Derivatives.”

Christopher Robbins writes that shortly after the Intermountain acquisition, “The company [Evergreen] expanded rapidly to own almost 100 aircraft operating on four continents.”  In 1979, the company headquarters were moved to Newberg, Oregon and then in 1981, moved again to McMinnville, Oregon.

image source: Evergreen International

image source: the Horatio Alger Association

Delford Smith was a master airplane trader and this is how he made the majority of his money.  In the book The Evergreen Story by Bill Yenne, Evergreen founder and president Del Smith recalls, “‘It turned out that 66 percent of the profit made over the 25 years from 1960 through 1985 was in asset sales, and 33 percent was operating profits.'”  Evergreen Aircraft Sales and Leasing was established in 1983 for the purpose of buying and selling aircraft and aircraft parts.  In 2008, Evergreen Aircraft Sales and Leasing was renamed Evergreen Trade.

Evergreen’s business activities aside from trading airplanes included charter passenger and cargo service.  They also did a lot of spraying or dumping substances from aircraft.  Their first contract was a sagebrush-spraying contract.  Evergreen’s mechanics even designed and patented aircraft spraying equipment.  The Evergreen Story by Bill Yenne states, “…75 percent of its [Evergreen’s] revenue flying hours in the mid-sixties were devoted to application [spraying] work…”

Evergreen did a lot of work for the United Nations.  This time, the operations the UN was bankrolling often involved the spraying of insecticides in locations all over the world.  Just as today’s geoengineers say they will save us from the dreaded global warming, one can rest assured that Evergreen’s global spraying operations were all humanitarian efforts as well.

Also on the board of directors at Evergreen was the former boss of the CIA’s Pacific Corporation, the aforementioned George A. Doole Jr..  Mr. Doole stayed on Evergreen’s board of directors until his death in 1985.

In 2014 Evergreen Aviation International filed for bankruptcy and the company has since been sold.  At the age of 84, Evergreen founder Del Smith passed away on November 7 of that same year.  We’ll have much more about Evergreen Aviation a little later. 

The Davis-Monthan boneyard

Evidence suggests that today’s chemtrail fleet consists of overhauled older model jumbo jet aircraft.  The 2010 cost analysis study done by Aurora Flight Sciences found the most cost effective chemtrail spraying aircraft to be retrofitted jumbo jets.  In congressional testimony geoengineers repeatedly suggested retrofitting existing U.S. Air Force planes.

Some chemtrail fleet planes have been expertly identified as retrofitted jumbo jets.  Allan Buckmann is a former United States Air Force meteorologist who worked on the Tiros III weather satellite system with NASA, RCA and the U.S. Navy.  He says he has repeatedly witnessed Boeing KC-135s, Boeing 707s and Lockheed C-141s spraying chemtrails.

Although there are surely other credible witnesses out there, Allan Buckmann has been very public about it and is the most credible witness known to the author.  There may very well be other types of planes that have been indoctrinated into this program, but KC-135s, 707s and C-141s have been identified expertly and therefore are worthy of further examination.

These three models of aircraft mentioned here are what are known as ‘tanker’ jets.  They are referred to this way due to their sizable fuselages which provide a large cargo carrying capacity.  Being that the planes of the New Manhattan Project necessarily need to be loaded up with electronics and lots of chemtrail spray, it makes sense that planes with lots of interior space and hauling capacity are used.

If one is to assemble a giant fleet of refurbished jumbo jet aircraft such as these, one needs a source of planes.  The largest repository of aircraft in the world is located at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon, Arizona.  It is called the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group.  It is commonly referred to as the Davis-Monthan boneyard; or simply ‘the Boneyard.’  This is where old KC-135s, 707s and C-141s go to die.  That is, unless they are re-animated.  This facility may have provided a partial source of the planes used in today’s New Manhattan Project.

image source: Google Earth

The developmental timeline of the New Manhattan Project suggests that these offending airplanes were retrofitted beginning in about 1980.  As evidenced by reductions in Government spending, the mid-1970s was around the time that the initial flurry of basic scientific research in support of the New Manhattan Project began to wind down.  This suggests that by the mid-’70s, the majority of the basic atmospheric research was completed and it was time to transition more into the New Manhattan Project’s implementation phases such as assembling a fleet of jumbo jets.

If we give development of these airplanes 5 years, then these planes were probably regenerated starting in about 1980.  We will have more about development shortly.  Being that this is a continuing and probably expanding program, these aircraft regeneration activities probably continue to the present day.

More evidence for the assertion of this timeline has been provided by the former head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works, Ben Rich. The Skunk Works produced airplanes.  In his book Skunk Works, Rich notes a dearth of airplane production materials and personnel in the early 1980s.  He writes, “…I suddenly found myself on the short end of materials, subcontracting work, machine shop help, and skilled labor.  Without warning, there was a dire shortage of everything used in an airplane.  lead times for basic materials stretched from weeks to literally years.”  Production of the New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet probably contributed to these deficiencies.

So, we have a large source of planes, the types of planes and a time frame; the Boneyard, KC-135s, 707s and C-141s, and 1980-today respectively.  Let us apply this information.  Some Brits by the names of Barry Fryer, Danny Bonny and Martin Swann for a long time now have been recording and publishing the Boneyard’s airplane inventories.  Their books are compiled from Davis-Monthan’s publicly available records.  Let’s take a look at them.

For the years 1982-2005, the books by Fryer, Bonny and Swann show: a company called Tuscon Iron and Metal received 24 Boeing 707s and 54 Lockheed C-141s, something called National Aircraft Incorporated received 64 Boeing 707s and 25 Boeing KC-135s, an outfit calling itself HVF West took on 99 Lockheed C-141s, and lastly Tinker Air Force Base got 13 KC-135s.

The Tuscon Iron and Metal website says that they are a metal recycling company.  Ostensibly, Tuscon Iron and Metal recycled the 24 Boeing 707s and the 54 Lockheed C-141s they got between 1982-2005 and turned them into sheet metal, pipes and the like.

According to what is available online, Tuscon’s National Aircraft Incorporated looks like some type of small, private boneyard near the big boneyard at Davis-Monthan.  God knows what they did with the 64 Boeing 707s and the 25 Boeing KC-135s they received between 1982 and 2005.  Maybe they turned around and sold them to a regeneration center.

HVF West is another outfit headquartered in Tuscon, AZ.  They have a descent website.  They say their specialty is the ‘demilitarization’ of old military aircraft.  This involves dismantling the plane piece by piece, selling valuable parts and recycling recyclable metals.  So, ostensibly this is what they did with the 99 Lockheed C-141s they received between 1982 and 2005.

Coming up shortly in the ‘production’ section, we’ll have more about Tinker AFB and the 13 Boeing KC-135s they got between 1982 and 2005.  Yes, it appears that Tinker AFB may have been churning out the New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet airplanes.


Evidence and logic suggest that these aircraft of the New Manhattan Project are operated remotely as drones or as the military calls them; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  Jumbo jet airplanes such as those used in the New Manhattan Project have been capable of remote operation for a long time now.  There is evidence of the Air Force production of radio controlled aircraft dating back to at least 1947.  During Congressional testimony in 2009 and 2010, geoengineers repeatedly called for chemtrail aircraft to be drones.  The seminal 1996 document “Owning the Weather in 2025” describes drone aircraft spraying substances for the purpose of weather modification.

Remotely piloted aircraft are advantageous in the context of the New Manhattan Project because pilots are full of liabilities.  Pilots have ethics.  Pilots might blab about the Project.  Pilots should only fly for a certain number of hours.  Pilots are unionized.  Robot planes can probably be controlled in the number of 20 or more by a single operator at a time.  Robot planes would make the Project run more smoothly.

Why not?  The conventional weather modification industry is starting to use them.  According to, in late 2013 the Federal Aviation Administration selected six states for participation in a pilot program using drone aircraft for the purpose of spraying the conventional weather modification industry standard silver iodide.  Although silver iodide is not what the New Manhattan Project aircraft spray, the concept is the same.

The New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet may also involve other automated systems.  U.S. Patent #6,131,854 “Ground Handling Apparatus for Unmanned Tactical Aircraft” describes a system whereby a remotely piloted plane can land on a runway and then be remotely hooked onto a track system that pulls the airplane through a series of automated stations that diagnose the aircraft, arm or disarm the plane, and lastly refuel the aircraft.

Power beaming

Maybe the airplanes of this new Manhattan Project are powered wirelessly and have no need for conventional jet fuel.  For this assertion, there is plenty of evidence.

Yes, power can be transmitted wirelessly.  This is not a new thing.  If you are unaware of this, please search the term ‘wireless power.’  The Wikipedia listing alone provides an overwhelming amount of information.  There is so much material available here that your author has excluded lots of information which many would characterize as indispensable.

The wireless transmission of power goes back to Heinrich Hertz and Nikola Tesla.  Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) first demonstrated it.  Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) later popularized it, but was unsuccessful at setting up large-scale operations.  He was famously foiled by J.P. Morgan and the bankster establishment.

A Westinghouse Laboratory scientist by the name of H. V. Noble demonstrated wireless power transfer at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago.  In the late 1930s, significant technological advancements (klystron tubes and microwave cavity magnetrons) advanced the field.

In the late 1950s, George Goubau, F. Schwering and others demonstrated that microwave power could be transmitted with efficiencies approaching 100 percent.  This was later confirmed by Raytheon.  Another significant advancement in this era was something called an Amplitron.  These developments along with a growing need for this type of technology motivated Raytheon to study and propose the Raytheon Airborne Microwave Platform (RAMP) concept in 1959 to the Department of Defense.

Let us reference William C. Brown’s (1916-1999) dissertation “The History of Power Transmission by Radio Waves,” “The proposed platform, to be flown at 50,000 ft, was a large helicopter which a number of cooperating helicopter companies studied and concluded would be feasible.  While the Department of Defense did not subsequently support the development of RAMP, Raytheon’s briefings broadly spread the concept and encouraged the support of technology developments that were felt necessary for its practical realization.”

In 1964, Raytheon demonstrated a 5 lb. wirelessly powered helicopter flying at an altitude of 50 ft. for 10 hours.  About this, the aforementioned William Brown of Raytheon Company wrote, “In 1963, the Rome Air Development Center of the United States Air Force became interested in supporting a feasibility study to construct and fly a microwave-powered helicopter and awarded a contract to the Raytheon Company in June 1964.  In October of the same year, the Rome Air Development Center and the Raytheon Company jointly sponsored a public demonstration of a microwave-powered helicopter which received all power needed for its flight from a beam of microwave energy.  This flight which established the technical feasibility of the microwave-powered helicopter is the most recent completed development in this area.  There are now plans to go ahead with the next phase of development.”  This October, 1964 demonstration was covered by Walter Cronkite and the CBS evening news.

Beginning in 1977, the field of wireless power transmission got a big boost from a joint Department of Energy (DOE) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) assessment study of a solar-power satellite concept.  A solar panel is a lot like a power receiving antenna known as a ‘rectenna.’  Along with Raytheon and the Air Force again, corporations such as Boeing and Rockwell International became involved.  The study concluded in 1980.  Following the conclusion of the joint DOE/NASA study, NASA continued work in the area of wireless power transmission by sponsoring studies on microwave-powered high-altitude atmospheric platforms.

In 1984, Raytheon’s William Brown wrote pertaining to the wireless powering of satellites, “It is interesting to note that the technology has now matured to the point where it is seriously being proposed as an alternate approach to the use of solar photovoltaic arrays in applications where hundreds of thousands of kilowatts of continuous power may be desired for propulsion or for payload.”

In this same piece, William Brown also depicts and writes of a rectenna attached to the wing of a small airplane said to be achieving 85% efficiency.  This new technology is described as, “…applicable to vehicles in space and to vehicles in the Earth’s atmosphere.”  William Brown should know.  He was the leading expert in the field.

image source: unknown (Raytheon?)

The 1991 United States patent #5,068,669 titled “Power Beaming System” is one of the original HAARP patents. This patent outlines the technical details of how to remotely power airplanes.  If you are unfamiliar with HAARP and its patents, please see the author’s previous article “Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection.”

Let us refer to a passage from the seminal book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP.  Authors Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning reference an Aviation Week article: 

This ‘Star Wars’ technology developed by ARCO Power Technologies, Incorporated [patent #5,068,669’s assignee] was used in a microwaved-powered aircraft.  The aircraft was reported to be able to stay aloft for up to 10,000 hours at 80,000 foot altitudes in a single mission.  This craft was envisioned as a surveillance platform.  The craft had no need for refueling because the energy was beamed to it and then converted to electrical energy for use by the aircraft.  Flight tests were undertaken at Tyendinga Airport near Kingston, Ontario, Canada in the early 1990’s.  This test by APTI most likely involved this patent…
There are scores of other patents pertaining to the wireless powering of vehicles.  From the early US patent #3,464,207 “Quasi-Corona-Aerodynamic Vehicle” to the Queen of England’s U.S. patent #4,955,562 “Microwave Powered Aircraft” to another patent of the same name (U.S. patent #5,503,350) to the U.S. Navy’s patent #6,364,253 “Remote Piloted Vehicle Powered by Beamed Radiation” to Power Beaming Corporation’s patent #6,534,705 “Methods and Apparatus for Beaming Power” the reality of this technology is apparent.

If ionospheric heaters like HAARP are powering the chemtrail airplanes, this would be a great logistical advantage as the planes would not need to be grounded for refueling.  The airplanes would probably only need to be grounded for payload and maintenance and therefore could remain in the sky, performing their functions without interruption for much longer periods of time.  This would also be an advantage because the more time these planes spend in the air, the less chance there is of the program being exposed.  It’s incredibly difficult (as this author has learned) to expose something going on at 40,000 ft. in the sky.  The power beaming need not be constant as the airplanes could utilize rechargeable batteries. 


The highly specialized aircraft described here would necessarily need to be developed.  These are not off-the-shelf aircraft and are, in fact, quite secret.  Extensive research, development and testing would be required.  This research, development and testing would best be suited to a single base of operations.  Multiple bases of operation separated by significant distance would not be desirous because people work better together in close proximity and multiple development centers would increase security risks.  Anyway, as far as the development phase goes, all you need is one plane, so all you need is one location.

Although we have seen evidence of the Rome Air Development Center developing pertinent technology and Lockheed’s famous Skunk Works might also be seen as possibly responsible, a more logical choice exists.

One of the types of aircraft expertly identified by Mr. Buckmann is the Boeing KC-135.  Wright-Patterson AFB has an extensive history of retrofitting KC-135s.  Further, Wright-Patterson has an extensive history of retrofitting KC-135s for activities pertaining to weather modification and the atmospheric sciences.  The Boeing KC-135 is a close relative of the Boeing 707 which is also noted by Mr. Buckmann as one of today’s offending aircraft.

image source: Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker book by Robert Hopkins

image source: Google Earth

Let us reference Robert S. Hopkins’ book Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker: More than Just a Tanker:  Mr. Hopkins expounds upon the easily modifiable KC-135 and how Wright-Patterson AFB was the best place to modify them:
…the KC-135 was the logical choice as a test bed platform [experimentally modified airplane] due to its size, capacity, speed, endurance, high altitude capability, and suitability for extensive modification.  With a dozen early production KC-135s serving in a temporary test and evaluation role at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, the nexus of Air Force research, their jump from basic flight test airplanes to research platforms was simple and immediate.
From their arrival in 1957 at Wright-Patterson AFB for operational test and evaluation, until their transfer in 1994 to Edwards AFB as part of the sweeping reorganization of the Air Force, test-bed KC-135s have long been synonymous with ‘Wright-Pat.’  These airplanes were assigned to the Flight and All-Weather Test Division at WADC at Wright-Patterson AFB.
As far as development of the vehicles is concerned, Wright-Patterson AFB is a prime suspect.  Development of a super-cool, cutting edge, next generation jumbo jet in the land of the Wright brothers might go over well.  Wright-Patterson AFB is located just outside of Dayton, Ohio where the aviation pioneering Wright brothers lived.  This also may have been the location to develop and produce the first New Manhattan Project chemtrail plane.  The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker appears to be the likely airplane of choice.

As a result of the Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1988, the Davis-Monthan boneyard  came under the command of Wright-Patterson.  Later, the Rome Air Development Center was renamed the Rome Laboratory and placed under Wright-Patterson’s command as well.  If you will recall, Rome Air Development Center is a location where power beaming technology was developed.  Lastly, Wright-Patterson AFB, where this author suspects the chemtrail sprayers of today have been developed, is also one of the main developers of HAARP. 


Once Wright-Patterson established a standardized process for turning old bones into awesome new meta-jets, many other maintenance facilities around the Country and around the world may have then replicated these same activities.  Multiple modification and regeneration centers would probably be called for because any one of these facilities doesn’t usually have the capacity to work on more than 2 or 3 planes of this size at a time.

Wright-Patterson itself may have produced many of these regenerated aircraft.  Other maintenance facilities involved may have included: the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan AFB, the Evergreen Air Center, and Tinker AFB.

The Davis-Monthan boneyard has world class aircraft maintenance, modification and regeneration facilities as well.  Maybe some New Manhattan Project airplanes were overhauled and retrofitted on site.

As previously noted, Evergreen Aviation operated a maintenance and repair facility at their Evergreen Air Center in Marana, Arizona.  This location is a prime suspect for having produced airplanes of the New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet.  This location had worldclass maintenance facilities, ample storage and a history of accommodating the U.S. military and the CIA.

image source: The Evergreen Story book by Bill Yenne

Also as previously noted, this air center was acquired from the CIA’s Intermountain Aviation.  The CIA offered it only to Evergreen; nobody else.  Before that, the base originated as Marana Army Air Field; a United States Army Air Force base.  The United States Army Air Force is the predecessor to todays United States Air Force.

Reminiscing about the former Intermountain Marana base, the author of The Evergreen Story Bill Yenne quotes Evergreen founder and president Delford Smith:

‘It was a natural fit,’ Del Smith recalls. ‘Intermountain approached us and explained that they had a repair station with an unlimited, Class I through IV certification, which gives Federal Aviation Administration authority to work on any type of aircraft.  We really bought Marana for our own planned needs, but as we grew, it would change into more of a third-party operation.’
Let us reference another passage from The Evergreen Story:
The Evergreen Maintenance Center (EMC), located in Marana, Arizona, is one of the most comprehensive and diversified maintenance facilities in the Western Hemisphere, including the world’s largest storage and preservation facility for private and commercial aircraft.  The Maintenance Center also has an on-site engineering department to support routine maintenance, modification and conversion work. 
On page 217, The Evergreen Story continues:
Evergreen Maintenance Center is one of very few companies in the United States with several Federal Aviation Administration Certificated Repair Station ratings, as well as European Joint Aviation Authorities (European Equivalent of FAA), JAR-145 (Joint Aviation Requirements 145) ratings and those of other international agencies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC).
The Evergreen Story also recounts, “The early years of majority in-house work [working on Evergreen aircraft] shifted to majority third-party work in the eighties and early nineties.”

A former manager at the Evergreen Maintenance Center notes that at the time of acquisition, Evergreen started with about 40 center employees.  Eight years later in 1982, there were 350 working out of the EMC.  As we have seen, 1980 is probably about the time when the New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet went into production.

In 1985, Evergreen’s George A. Doole Aviation Center at the Evergreen Maintenance Center came online which expanded and updated the EMC’s capabilities.  The aforementioned George A. Doole, if you will recall, was the guy who founded and ran the CIA’s Pacific Corporation.  Also as previously mentioned, George A. Doole was also on the Evergreen Aviation board of directors.

The Evergreen Story states that, “…the entire Pan American World Airways fleet of Boeing 707’s was stored at Evergreen Maintenance Center.”  As we have seen, the Boeing 707 is one of the airplanes expertly identified as a chemtrail spraying aircraft.

As the crow flies, the former Pinal Air Park is only 17 miles from the Davis-Monthan boneyard.  If aircraft stored at the Boneyard were airworthy or even towed out and along the highway, Evergreen Aviation Services may have been transforming these old dogs into snazzy New Manhattan Project fleet airplanes.  As we will see, there would also be other certain advantages to having this work done at the EMC.

Let us again reference a passage from The Evergreen Story.  Bill Yenne writes:

Evergreen Maintenance Center also was doing military and government work for the United States and other countries.  These projects included a contract for overhauling the transmission and rotor-heads of Peruvian helicopters and reconditioning aircraft that came out of long term storage at the US Air Force’s Military Aircraft Storage & Disposition Center at Davis-Monthan AFB south of Tuscon.  The proximity of Evergreen Maintenance Center to Davis-Monthan has always put Evergreen in a good position for military contracts.
The Oregonian was more explicit, “Under both Intermountain and Evergreen, planes from the boneyard have been short-hopped to Marana’s giant shops and reconditioned for assorted customers, including, under Evergreen, the Colombian Air Force.”

Being that today’s chemtrail spraying operations are a military effort with heavy involvement of what passes for our United States Air Force, Evergreen’s military ties make sense. The Air Force’s “Owning the Weather 2025” report outlines the program. Navy Admiral William Francis Raborn described the New Manhattan Project in 1963. Only the military could develop something this big.

As noted above, Evergreen has conducted lots of military aircraft maintenance and regeneration work. Also as previously noted, Evergreen’s headquarters in Marana, Arizona was originally a U.S. military base. Evergreen has also worked with the United States Air Force spraying rice crops in Pakistan. In 1978, Evergreen had a passenger service contract with the US Navy. In that same year of 1978, Evergreen started flying lots of personnel and materiel for the former US Air Force Military Airlift Command. It helps when the former chief of the Military Airlift Command General William G. Moore is on your board of directors. Evergreen operated small planes in Panama under contract with the Department of Defense. Evergreen participated in something called the Civil Reserve Air Fleet which augmented U.S. military operations such as those in the Middle East. Just as the Western instigated wars in the Far East were good for Air America’s business, the Western instigated Middle East wars of late were very good for Evergreen’s bottom line.

Evergreen Aviation did lots of work for the United Nations.  This is significant because in today’s chemtrail spraying operations, the United Nations has indicated involvement.  Starting in 1974, Evergreen sprayed insecticides in Africa for the UN’s River Blindness Control Program.  Evergreen also provided support to the UN’s River Blindness Control Program in Nepal.  Evergreen has also ferried cargo into Africa for the UN’s High Commission for Refugees and the UN’s World Food Program.  Evergreen has supported the UN’s so-called ‘peacekeeping’ efforts in: Angola, Liberia, Mozambique, Somalia and the Western Sahara.

President Kennedy spoke in favor of weather modification at the UN in 1961.  The UN issued a 1999 IPCC report with a cover photo of jet airplanes emitting trails entitled “Aviation and the Global Atmosphere.”  The report had chapters entitled “Aviation-Produced Aerosols and Cloudiness” and “Modeling the Chemical Composition of the Future Atmosphere.”  The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a report in November of 2011 titled “Geoengineering the Climate: Research Questions and Policy Implications.”  It proposes geoengineering and features a full color illustration of a jumbo jet spraying stratospheric aerosols (chemtrails).  This is all just scratching the surface.

Evergreen has also done work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  Evergreen maintained the jumbo jet that carried the Space Shuttle piggyback.  This is significant because NASA has a long history of contributing to weather modification and the atmospheric sciences.

Evergreen had a division which supplied customers with the services of drone aircraft called Evergreen Unmanned Systems.  As we have seen, there is plenty of evidence for the assertion that the airplanes of today’s New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet are operated remotely as unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The security at the Evergreen Maintenance Center was extraordinary.  Being that the regeneration of airplanes to be used in the New Manhattan Project is highly secret work, this level of security would be advantageous. The Oregonian writes:

The presence of so many expensive aircraft is the reason given for the visibly high level of security at Evergreen Air Center.  Visitors don’t wander in casually.  Guards in military-green uniforms with Evergreen patches on the shoulders control traffic through the entry gate.  A candy-striped barrier like a railroad-crossing gate swings down to stop vehicles the guards don’t recognize.

Visitors’ identities are checked, their appointments verified with phone calls and passes are issued to dangle on rear-view mirrors and clip to lapels.  Behind the neatly kept guard building is a dog run housing German shepherds that help patrol the area at night.

As we have seen, Evergreen had extensive ties to the CIA.  The CIA can provide cover for covert operations such as those described here.  The CIA may have helped cover the Chemtrail Fleet’s tracks.  Let us refer again to the book Air America.  Christopher Robbins writes:

All planes have tail numbers, and their engines and instruments are numbered as well, which makes disguise difficult.  The CIA would keep a list of the aircraft that had crashed and then create two or three airplanes with the same tail number, and two or three with no tail numbers at all.  Then, in an exceedingly complex operation using very careful manipulation and scheduling, they would cause aircraft to show up in places two at a time, making them impossible to follow.  On top of this, Air America had the capacity on Taiwan and at Udorn to manufacture their own planes.  The idea was to create a plane that did not exist, one that even the manufacturer back in the States would swear had never been made.  Instruments and engines were produced with no serial numbers and no decals, which was a problem in itself because an engine is dye-stamped, and even if the numbers are erased, the stamp can be seen on the metal.

In short, Evergreen was the right operation with the right pedigree and the right connections at the right time to be involved in assembling the airplanes of the New Manhattan Project.  Just as the New Manhattan Project operates on a global scale, so did Evergreen Aviation.  Maybe Delford Smith and Evergreen Aviation were instrumental in not only regenerating the airplanes, but also in brokering the deals for the airplanes.  As noted earlier, Evergreen Aviation made most of it’s money buying and selling aircraft and had a special division (the aforementioned Evergreen Aircraft Sales & Leasing) devoted to the task.

In 2011, Evergreen sold the maintenance and repair facilities at Pinal Airpark, Marana, Arizona to a New York based private equity firm called Relativity Capital.  The facilities now go by the name Marana Aerospace Solutions.

Tinker Air Force Base may have been another location to produce chemtrail fleet aircraft.  Tinker AFB has an extensive history of maintenance on both the KC-135 Stratotanker and the C-141 Starlifter and a history of modifying the KC-135.  As we have seen, these two models of aircraft have been expertly identified as common chemtrail sprayers.  Also as we have seen, Tinker AFB was the recipient of 13 mothballed KC-135s between 1982 and 2005.  These mothballed planes may have served as the bones of the New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet.  Tinker AFB is the base where chemtrail whistleblower Kristen Meghan was working when she noted and later publicized anomalous deliveries of aluminum, barium and strontium.

image source: Google Earth

Another maintenance facility which may have been involved is on the grounds of Tainan Airport in Taiwan.  This is the facility noted in the above quote engaging in airplane serial and tail number shenanigans.  These were the maintenance facilities of CIA proprietary Air Asia.  These vast, world class maintenance facilities were purchased in 1975 by a company called E-Systems.  As we are about to see, E-Systems has other connections to the New Manhattan Project.

image source: Google Earth

Many other aircraft maintenance facilities may have also been involved, but those noted here are the most probable.

There also have existed aircraft maintenance and modification centers dedicated to work in the area of the atmospheric sciences.  Most notably the National Center for Atmospheric Research Research Aviation Facility and the Environmental Science Services Administration Research Flight Facility have historically modified many airplanes.  The modifications involved outfitting the airplanes with atmospheric monitoring and modification equipment and in some cases reinforcing an aircraft to be able to withstand certain inclement weather conditions such as large hail.  These facilities may have played a role in the development and/or production of the New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet.  Being that today’s offending airplanes are probably used to collect atmospheric data as they saturate our atmosphere, the equipment used to accomplish this may very well have come from these atmospheric flight research facilities.


From Civil Air Transport to Air America to Evergreen International, this article shows that the CIA runs American covert aircraft operations.  The CIA is probably providing cover for the New Manhattan Project.  Guess who was the head of the CIA in 1965 . . . Admiral William Francis Raborn United States Navy.  This is the man who wrote an article in 1963 outlining the same military weather modification program described in 1996’s “Owning the Weather 2025.”  This is a man who in 1963 described the New Manhattan Project and was in a position to do something about it.  To act in this capacity, his admiralship was only but one of the positions he held.

Admiral Raborn was also on the board of directors of a company called LTV Electrosystems.  LTV Electrosystems became E-Systems.  E-Systems of Greenville, Texas built the HAARP antenna array and is now integrated into Raytheon.  The HAARP antenna array and technology like it are integral elements and distinguishing factors of the New Manhattan Project.

The history of this rare breed of aircraft described here is filled with adventure, intrigue, big business, high technology and big media.  The topics of aircraft and aviation are similarly steeped.  It is this way because people have historically been fascinated with flight.  This fascination seems to the author to have diminished somewhat in recent decades.  What was once extraordinary is now commonplace.

Just as the generations before us marveled at the development of aeronautics, so should today’s.  We have seen that exciting technologies exist.  Instead of covertly building chemtrail planes and spraying God’s creation, our Government representatives should work to create an environment where new, wholly different generations of clean air and space vehicles can develop.  This, of course, should be done in an open and transparent fashion which welcomes the input of concerned citizens and be within the bounds of the law, morality and common sense.  Today’s New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet is a black mark on the otherwise wonderful history of aviation.

No, it’s not time for a violent revolution against the United States government.  That is not necessary.  It is similarly not time to blame the people who have unknowingly been involved in the development of what eventually became the New Manhattan Project.  It is simply time to enforce our Constitution and Bill of Rights by shutting down the New Manhattan Project and moving forward in a responsible fashion.  Thank You.  


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Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, author and activist.  Check out his ebook Chemtrails Exposed: A new Manhattan Project.

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34 Comments on "Death from Above: the New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet"

  1. James Bennett | April 22, 2015 at 1:25 pm | Reply

    I know this piece represented a lotta work Peter. Thank You.

  2. Frances McCandless | April 22, 2015 at 3:16 pm | Reply

    Scary times we be living in. Thanks Peter for the research.

  3. Redheadedlady63 | April 22, 2015 at 6:35 pm | Reply

    Thank you for this incredible research! You have linked a lot of dots and information together that presents a pretty clear picture of what is transpiring both behind the scenes and right in front of us.

  4. William Burke | April 22, 2015 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    Since 1999, I have witnessed (through binoculars) and even photographed (through telephoto lenses) a great number of Southwest Airlines 737s chemtrailing, as well as 737s flown by other US common carriers.

    So I can state unequivocally that there are current commercial airlines involved in this program. I am surprised there is no mention of this fact.

    Thanks to the author for all his hard work represented in part by this piece.
    I would be very interested in his or anyone else’s observations regarding the use of operative commercial airliners in this “New Manhattan Project”.

    • Seeing vapor through binoculars proves less than nothing. You just SAY it was a chemtrail! That’s not proof, my friend. I once saw a car leaking fluids…does that mean someone is chemtrailing the driveway!?

      • William Burke | April 23, 2015 at 2:22 pm | Reply

        I can’t notice that you haven’t gotten past puerile avatars, you poor thing.

        You are saying I am not qualified to interpret what I have observed. It’s an old intel troll trick, old as the hills.

        Water vapor trails do not persist for hours; these clearly are mostly composed of dry particulates which do not dissipate, but remain suspended for hours at a time. I actually am capable of interpreting what I see. If I don’t know, I’ll say so.

        This will be the end of my dealings with you. Spare yourself the ordeal of trying to bait me. It won’t work.

        • Good response – don’t waste your time with Defiant, I agree with you. Things is we KNOW what we see no matter how much they try to change our minds. They’re trolls who have no idea what the’re talking about.

      • Look up at the sky. I’m 60 y.o. and NEVER saw these huge white Xs in the sky until 2007. I was also a flight attendant and saw lots of contrails, which I was trained to identify – they don’t last more than a minute or 2 and certainly don’t cover the entire sky. I”ve seen them over my home but I’m not in anyone’s flight path – except the chemtrailers. Sometimes the trails are black and that certainly isn’t a contrail. They have also been destroying our 10 acres of woods, about one third of it is dead now just in the last couple years.
        I fully expect you will now make fun of me being a dumb blonde flight attendant, as if flight attendants could never be very intelligent. The truth is, intelligence and common sense are 2 things the airlines looks for – they don’t want any lawsuits from plane crashes where FAs couldn’t save them. I also have an IQ in the 160’s and have done literally thousands of hours of research on this. What have you done except try to denigrate people and deny truth?

        • William Burke | April 25, 2015 at 4:01 pm | Reply

          Whenever I’ve seen the “black” chemtrails, it’s been (what I determined repeatedly as) a SHADOW of a chemtrail upon a dissipated layer of chemtrails at a lower altitude. Are you sure that’s not what you saw?

          Many times I was able to see this shadow a fraction of a degree to one side of the chemtrail, which looked like a “black” chemtrail, but, upon inspection, was a shadow of another chemtrail.

      • you must be a paid agent of the shape-shifting space lizards

    • Actually, there is mention of it – only to say that it isn’t possible. I have read transcripts of interviews with commercial airline mechanics who have fitted commercial jets out with equipment to spray chemtrails. It seems the author made an error here but the rest of the story holds together well IMO.

    • Peter A. Kirby | April 25, 2015 at 1:41 pm | Reply

      William, thank you for your contribution. I did not include any information pertaining to commercial passenger aircraft spraying chemtrails mostly because I see it as a peripheral issue. This issue is indirectly addressed in the opening section.

      I have seen some rare videos and still photos online that appear to show commercial passenger jets spraying chemtrails, yes. I have not seen it with my own eyes. But, with my own eyes and on the Net, I have seen A WHOLE LOT of the unmarked, white aircraft high in the sky. Our expert witness Allan Buckman has identified the types of planes examined in the article, not commercial jets. For these reasons and those outlined in the opening section of my paper I assert that our focus should be on this most prevalent type of airplane spraying us. If commercial jets are spraying us as well, then that will all come out in the wash. Our focus should be on the most prevalent and apparent aspects of this project. That’s how we expose it and end it. We can examine the details later.

      Not only that, but I have serious lingering doubts about the feasibility of commercial passenger jets being utilized for this purpose. If a commercial passenger jet is to be utilized for the purposes of the New Manhattan Project, it would either need to be payload spraying or burning spiked jet fuel. Significant payload spraying is probably out because, as I wrote in the opening section, the fuselage of an effective payload spraying aircraft needs to be loaded up not with passengers and luggage, but with chemtrail spray and spraying equipment. The spiked jet fuel scenario presents a myriad of possibly insurmountable technical issues. How does this significantly different fuel not damage the engines or cause other technical difficulties? What if the chemtrail sprayers decide to slightly alter the chemtrail spray or what if the consistency of the spray varies minutely from batch to batch? The Welsbach seeding patent may have been a red herring as part of this Project’s massive PR campaign.

      You may very well be telling the truth about extensively recording commercial passenger jets producing chemtrails. Please excuse my noncommittal language. I am a hardcore skeptic. Please consider my position. I’m under serious scrutiny. But, even if what you write is true, it is still not what we should be focusing on.

      • William Burke | April 25, 2015 at 3:57 pm | Reply

        Oh, I’m positive it’s spiked fuel, or either a tandem unit that sprays in flight. After much reflection, the latter seems more likely.

        I want to assure you I have seen A LOT – dozens upon dozens – of SWA 737s spraying, in Virginia and in northern New Mexico. So it is not confined to one region. I photographed many of them, but that computer is dead. I believe I have a few prints somewhere. Even at 37,000 feet, the Southwest color schemes are quite obvious, and on commercial routes I saw from day to day. There were very few clear days in NM that I failed to see SWA jets spraying.

        Maybe that’s why they can keep their rates so low, eh? A little subsidy from you-know-who!

        I thank you for your reply.

    • a chemtard agrees with the other chemtards, wow

  5. Cool story , Bro. “Evidence suggests…” , huh? You have no evidence that supports your theoretical conclusions, just a lot of confirmation bias .

  6. WAY WAY WAY too long to slog through…chock full of irrelevant information–even for the chemtrail believer. I mean, the Flying Tigers!? Why stop there? Tell us about the Wright Brothers and THEIR duplicity! I bet the Chemtrail program is why they INVENTED the airplane!

    • Someone like you is as transparent in his motives as his identity is opaque. Rhetoric like yours, and your ubiquitous interest in “debunking”, reveals your part in this as a commonplace shill.

  7. Time is the opportunity to demonstrate moral character through making deliberate decisions. In this “time line”, a certain group of evil bastards have been doing their deeds, ranging from the heads behind the planning to the hands behind the operations on the ground (and in the air). Every aspect of these evil schemes has manifested a network of fiendishness that eternally brands the characters of those involved, and implicates the masses who looked the other way, and otherwise participated through failure to perform due diligence.

    Those who dug under the surface, starting by noticing the surface and its wrongful events, and then tracing these to the various points of evidence which have grown into nodes of synergistically relevant information, have thereby accumulated significant complexes of information which point to the evidence of crimes against humanity, against morality, and against spiritual sovereignty in any and all forms. Crimes against Goodness and Right. Sheer evil.

    Whatever the petty and pathetic fools who say, who dig graves and defy honesty and sincerity, it matters not. Whatever their asinine games in the physical forms now presented, in the end their eternal fates are sealed with no hope of mercy, only the brutal and clinically efficient operations of Divine Justice.

    That will be the end of THEIR story, their rhetoric, their lies, their bullshit, their evil, their existence.

  8. Peter A. Kirby | April 25, 2015 at 1:44 pm | Reply

    In reference to the troll comments from both DougDeGrave and Defiant, after asserting an actual position and being utterly annihilated last time, these paid liars have changed their tactics.

    If one references the comments section of the author’s previous Activist Post article “Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the new Manhattan Project,” one can see that trolls such as Dale Ruff and Defiant posted comments where they made actual arguments. As your author has traditionally done, I thoroughly refuted all their original assertions with pinpoint accuracy and moved on. I don’t think they liked that too much. Your author wiped the floor with them. Any time these pathetic losers present an actual argument, they can be effectively attacked because they are lying.

    Since their unpleasant experience last time, the troll contingent here has taken to posting inflammatory comments without any real arguments. This is a tactic used in attempts to get actual people such as your author to get angry and respond with something made in haste that is personal in nature and not exactly true. The trolls want their respondents to get angry and slip up so that they may then build a straw man argument around any mistakes.

    Here’s what I have to say to the trolls out there. I’ve got your number. I will practice the art of war better than you. You guys are in confusion and we have you off balance. The knockout blow is coming soon. In fact, I speculate that the chemtrail spraying will end this year. Good guys in our military are probably coming to shut it down this Summer. It makes perfect sense if you know how the world works. It has everything to do with the fact that the bankster establishment running the chemtrail program was caught trying to detonate a nuke over Charleston, SC on October 8, 2013. That was the wake-up call. You don’t need to be an expert in military tactics and history to know what comes next. Clever minds out there already know the rest of the story. The Obama administration thinks that firing top military brass who upheld their oaths makes the problem go away. I’ve got news for you dummies. The military officers fired by the Obama administration over the fallout from the failed nuke detonation ARE STILL IN CHARGE. Amongst the good guys in our military, these fired high ranking military officers HAVE BEEN PROMOTED.

    So, banter on, trolls. We are coming for you and your satanic New Manhattan Project and there is nothing you can do about it. The ghost of George Washington will exact his justice. You are isolated. You are weak. You are confused. Don’t worry we will give you clarity and resolution shortly.

    • Oooh, I’m a “Satanic Troll”! Cool, chicks dig that. I’ll admit, 10 years ago I would have totally fallen for this chemtrail ßu||$h¡t, I did fall for it. But, in searching for the truth, critical logic and science provided a much more convincing and reasonable explanation. Nothing personal, but your hypothesis is weak.

  9. Peter,

    You are forgetting about the hundreds of aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Explain how aviation enthusiasts worldwide are not recording these “unmarked aircraft”? Firstly the C-141 Starlifter has long gone from service. If any of these were flying then it would be a major aviation event. You make claims of “unmarked aircraft” being sighted and imaged but are they really? How on earth do you expect to see a serial or military markings at contrail height? It is totally ludicrous to believe that you will be able to read a serial at such cruising altitudes. So you are claiming over 1,000 unmarked aircraft operating covertly. Really? Seriously. Explain why dedicated aviation enthusiasts and photographers have not imaged such aircraft?

    You are living in a fantasy world if you think that you can keep over 1,000 “re-generated” aircraft flying and unmarked. Registrations and serial spotting/recording is a large hobby within the aviation enthusiast community. Over 1,000 unmarked military aircraft are not going to go unnoticed in the aviation enthusiast world.

    • Peter A. Kirby | April 26, 2015 at 5:59 pm | Reply

      Ah, thank God, an only slightly inflammatory post with coherent arguments, at last!

      You ask how these estimated 1000 or so undocumented aircraft could exist. You write that ‘enthusiasts’ track this stuff. Well, there are also people that cover tracks. Did you read the quoted passage from the above paper? I reference a passage from the book “Air America” that explains how the CIA has historically performed all types of shenanigans when it comes to serial and tail numbers. It’s in the ‘Production’ section.

      I assert that many Lockheed C-141 Starlifters may have been refurbished for participation in this program. Have you ever heard the saying, “Old Chevy’s never die?” I’m not suggesting that these aircraft are original issue C-141s. Do you know what REFURBISHED means? How about OVERHAULED? Does RETROFITTED strike your fancy? I thought I made that pretty clear. You’re not trying to be obtuse now, are you? And yes, this is a major aviation event.

      The offending airplanes have been observed and recorded probably thousands of times as all white, UNMARKED aircraft. It is not totally ludicrous as you write. All it takes is a telescope or a good set of binoculars in order to see the lack of any distinguishing markings. Yes, we can see them at 40,000 feet. Aviation enthusiasts do record them. Your claims are baseless. The even better news is that they don’t always fly exactly that high. Sometimes, it’s more like 30,000. We get good footage of these suckers at that height. I’ve seen at least one video where the thing must have been about 1500 feet away; all white, unmarked.

      You ask if I am seriously claiming that over 1000 jumbo jet aircraft are operating covertly in the skies above our heads. Did you read the article? I think I made that point pretty clearly. But if you need me to hold your hand on this one then, yes, TJ the world is a very scary place right now. We have bad people running things who do stuff like this.

      So, who is living in a fantasy world, TJ?

      • Peter,

        Thanks for the reply, but you are living in a complete fantasy world. OK I’ll humour you. Explain how you disguise a Lockheed C-141 Starlifter fleet and keep it hidden from dedicated aviation enthusiasts? The US still operates a number of F-117s on test and evaluation
        even after official service retirement. They have been observed and photographed so explain how these modified C-141s are operating and not being seen as a new or modified version of an old type? Due to transport type characteristics people have always mixed up and
        mistaken the T-tail four engined transport types. For example the C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster, IL-76 Candid and the C-141 Starlifter, etc. Dedicated aircraft enthuisiasts and aircraft recognition enthusiasts simply don’t make that mistake. Your claims are ludicrous if you think that C-141s, however modified, are flying and not being recognized as either new or unusual types.

        Sorry but you’ll have to provide me with footage of these unmarked aircraft. Explain why non of the dedicated contrail spotting groups have imaged these unmarked aircraft?

        Do a search on You Tube for ‘Contrail Spotting’ and see the work of these dedicated enthusiasts.

        You do realize how lucrative footage of these ‘unmarked types’ would be so why are the dedicated aviation magazines not flooded with them?

        No, what you are falling for is dodgy footage of either white, or nearly all white aircraft How often do you see on the web/You Tube such claims of unmarked windowless aircraft from the ‘chemtrail and fake aircraft’ community. Yes there is a ‘fake aircraft’ community exploiting video anomalies, light reflection and poorly focused footage, etc to claim ‘fake aircraft’.

        Take for example this myth of “white unmarked aircraft”. How on earth do you expect to be able to read for example a US registered N number on one of these aircraft at 30 or 40 thousand feet? How on earth do you expect to see or read a tactical or low visibility marking
        on a military aircraft at such heights? You see exactly the same from the “black unmarked helicopter” brigade. How on earth are you expected to read a serial from the low quality footage that they upload?

        For example

        The registration is only on the port and starboard sides of the rear fuselage. It is not carried on the underwings. Again a common myth within the chemtrail community that not carrying underwing markings is illegal. Also this conspiracy that all white aircraft are deemed sinister. It is
        simply based on aviation ignorance and the aircraft are legally marked. For example this non-sense being peddled by Rosario Marciano, Tanker Enemy.

        ‘Unidentified airplane with identifying marks removed’

        He claims that it is an Airbus A330 when it is in fact a Boeing 767. Why is poor aircraft recognition a common trait withing the chemtrail community?

        The registration of the aircraft is N606TW. It was leased to the Italian Air Force from Boeing on a military contract. US registered aircraft do not carry wing surface registration. Look it up on the FAA website. Previous to Boeing company operations it operated as registration PR-BRV with a Portuguese airline.The aircraft then returned to the Boeing company and as US registred it does not carry underwing surface markings, hence the removal of the old Portuguese underwing registration.

        Look up FAA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Part 45, Subpart C. Yes a number of countries still carry underwing registration but it is not a legal requirement within international standards. Some countries even carry overwing registration but even that isn’t a legal requirement. Lufthansa and other German registered airliners carry the registration on the rear of the fuselage. US airliners also carry no underwing registration. UK aircraft carry underwing registration.

        High resolution image of the aircraft in the video.–/Boeing-767-231(ER)/1671111/L

        In its previous life the aircraft was operated by a foreign airline and thus carried underwing registration.

        The regulations covering US civil registered aircraft.

        Until December 31, 1960, the required location for display of nationality and identification marks for fixed- wing aircraft was the wing surfaces, and the vertical surface of either the tail or fuselage. Effective January 1, 1960, all fixed-wing aircraft were required to display indentification marks on the vertical surfaces or either the tail or fuselage. Wing surface markings were no longer required.

        This was widely known in the aviation enthusiast community and people could even get onto the flight deck to take photographs at the Italian airbase.

        Here is N606TW captured in the US before being sent to Italy on a military contract.

        So show me this footage? I can guess what it is like. Poorly shot, out of focus, low resolution, bright conditions with reflections blooming on the image/video, etc. Again it might be all white but legally marked but at that height there is no way that the registration is going to be read.

      • Peter, I’ve set up a thread for you on Metabunk to discuss your article and theory. Why not come across and present this photographic evidence that you and others claim t have of this dedicated “chemtrail fleet” ?

  10. As someone who live in Portland Oregon, and has watched the chemtrails since 1997, this article seems credible. McMinnville is just outside of Portland, and there is a large ‘secret’ AFB south of Estacada, about 30 south of here. There is no airport of any kind on the map, and it’s an inaccessible no-fly zone, yet we see aircraft taking off daily, usually spraying toxic aerosols on the way up, leaving a giant ‘finger’ in the sky pointing to the ‘secret’ airbase. I find it totally believable that Davis Monthan AFB ‘boneyard’ next to the Evergreen Air facility outside of Tucson was used to retrofit planes with spraying equipment developed at their McMinnville facility. We now know that most of the toxic aerosols are COAL FLY ASH, as Dr. Herndon’s report proves, and which explains the varying levels of barium, aluminum, strontium, mercury, uranium, and many other toxic substances come from. It also explains why the substances vary, depending on where the coal fly ash was sourced from. We are being exterminated my friends, so please get your locals involved in a “march against chemtrails and geoengineering” on April 23 (Saturday). Thanks for your research Peter Kirby – I think you may be right about most of it. There is no absolute “proof”, so we have to put together the pieces we find and try to create a picture that makes sense. Your work has helped put more of those puzzle pieces in place – thanks!

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