Big Brother Used to Levy Fines and Cut Services to Water Wasters

By Truthstream Media

Welcome to Agenda 21 meets 1984.

During this historic drought in California, so-called “water wasters” are not only being hunted down via their smart meter data and fined up to $500 a day for “wasting water” outside their restricted use times, but now people who have been labeled “water wasters” are also being threatened with having their water completely shut off!

Neighbors all over California are also being turned into see something, say something Nazi-esque State Snitches against one another in a “droughtshaming” campaign that’s used by the establishment to gather video evidence of water wasting to levy even more fines. Wait until peak pricing models start kicking in…

Water is essential to live. Question: Are all these fines from people leaving their sprinklers on doing anything to, oh, I dunno, stop the drought? Make a noticeable dent in water loss?? Make more rain?

NO because the biggest water culprits — mega agriculture industries, CAFO lots, fracking, and water bottling companies like Nestlé — are allowed to continue business as usual, no questions (or fines) asked as if the drought isn’t even happening.

The big brother smart grid is officially in full force against the people, and that’s before we even get to the question of whether or not this weather is geoengineered.

Good luck to some little old lady who forgot to turn her sprinkler off last Tuesday in Long Beach… How long do you think she’ll survive burdened with fines she can’t pay and no water?


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