Are U.S. Citizens Aware of AND Prepared for “Jade Helm 15”?

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By Catherine J. Frompovich

The summer of 2015 may be one to remember for more reasons than one, especially since the U.S. government plans to implement “Jade Helm 15” exercises under the direction of “US Army Special Operations Command” in several western United States. Is the state you live in, one of them?

According to the “Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) JADE HELM 15”

(note the word realistic)

JH is a challenging eight-week joint military and interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. [CJF emphasis added]

Jade Helm 15 operations will take place from July 15 to September 15, 2015. Note that it’s being couched in “unconventional warfare exercises.” That’s always an apparent obfuscating ‘saving grace’: to thwart warfare attacks on the homeland—remember the Patriot Act. However, can JH15 become something similar to “Remember the Alamo?” [1]

Be forewarned and prepared, since some folks may want “to get out of Dodge,” and you don’t know what kind of tactical maneuvers will be taking place during nighttime drills. Either that, or get a very effective pair of ear plugs, since one can only imagine the noise that will be generated with all the nighttime activities planned, especially those droning helicopters often pictured in black ops operations. Miami, Florida was a perfect example:

In any event, citizens in those JH15 states should start asking questions now of their local and state officials so you can plan accordingly. However, don’t be surprised about the answers you may receive.

Your local police force also may be “militarized.” But also know that you need to be prepared for a possible police state to exist where you may live for at least 2 months when summer nighttime activities for the public probably will be restricted. Bad winter 2015; possibly an even worse summer 2015?

Another suggestion could be to stock up on supplies—canned foods, just in case—so in the event an “emergency” is declared, you can weather it fairly ‘comfortably’ and “shelter in place” if you have to, or are commanded to do so. Remember what happened in Watertown, Massachusetts after the Boston Marathon bombing: .

One can understand the need for securing the homeland and being patriotic, but citizens also need to be safe and secure where they live, too! Please be prepared, dear readers.



Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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26 Comments on "Are U.S. Citizens Aware of AND Prepared for “Jade Helm 15”?"

  1. I feel for anyone who has dogs in the areas of the country they plan on doing these exercises in. My dogs go crazy with the sirens on an ambulance or a fire truck. Just be prepared for disruptions in your life and those of your animals.

    • the Cops will shoot them …

    • I’m concerned for my dogs that they will be conducting the same type of entering the home without your consent as they did with the Boston Bombing. My dogs always bark at police for some odd reason.

      • My 2 German Shepherds won’t let anyone near my place, much less inside. Oh no…anytime 24/7 they are not happy with anyone near other than the ones they know and love. My son-in-law was in law enforcement (K-9) and he got transferred. and we were offered the dogs and we took both of them. They are trained and don’t put up with any BS…I hope whoever plans to invade us will use some common sense and back off.

        • Yep Jade Helm scares the shit out of me. I have a lab and a pit bull that bark like the world is ending at cops. I had police in my past apartment for someone stealing money from me in LA and entering my apartment while both dogs were gone. Scares me to think if Jade Helm happens police will enter and scare them :(. Very scary. Dahboo7 has plenty of scary info to inform people.

          • They may well do a lot more than scare your precious cannine friends…more likely kill them and justify it as self defense!

        • or refrain from killing your dogs…which is a most likely scenario and police have done this often, killing pets (dogs) in their backyards and in their homes on no knock raids or just plain searches..and all without so called ‘military exercises’.

  2. Preemptive intimidation of the populace.

    A show of power.

    A pre-game show for globalist objectives.

  3. Will the author of this article, or anyone from this website, be attending any of the public meetings? There is one scheduled on Monday in Bastrop County. I’d certainly like to hear your followup: Well, lots of citizens are aware of it. Prepared is pretty hard to assess.

    • Catherine J Frompovich | April 24, 2015 at 6:59 pm |

      Jade Helm 15 just may be the eye-opening event for citizens who live in lala land. It’s time for citizens in those areas involved to stick together and act in community for all involved. Peace and Blessings to All!

      • Many people yet don’t have a clue as to what JH is all about. They never ever heard of it. I keep wondering why people aren’t informed. Lala Land must be where they’re from or where they live or something cause they sure don’t seem to bright to me. Dumbed down maybe, but they sure don’t know what’s going on around the place.

  4. thinkingoutsidethebox9 | April 24, 2015 at 12:19 pm |

    Catherine, have you heard about the recent Walmart store closings for six month for “plumbing repairs”? There’s some buzz in the alternative news world that they are tied in to the Jade Helm drill as some of these stores are in the Jade Helm regions. What’s your take on this?

  5. Just wait as more Americans wake up and witness the government lying to us once again.

  6. Catherine J Frompovich | April 26, 2015 at 7:57 am |

    More info from someone who knows due to his training.

  7. My biggest concern is that almost every false flag event on our soil (and elsewhere) coincided with a “drill” of one kind or other. Are we going to have a biggy during this scam event? (Perhaps with nuclear exposure)? And then would come the dreaded Martial Law declaration, and the Dictator-in-chief would have his future assured.

  8. Catherine J Frompovich | April 28, 2015 at 3:33 pm |

    Bastrop, Texas, citizens at a hearing on Jade Helm 15

  9. This article is 4 months old….Jade Helm looks to be a huge psyop on We the People….

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