This Is What It’s Like to Get Pulled over for Expired Tags in Police State USA 2015

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

My friend and coworker at The Daily Sheeple, Lily Dane, was terrified tonight after police pulled her over for the high crime of expired tags and it turned into a bullying session that lasted over an hour and that apparently required four cop cars and SIX POLICE.

I guess because we have this many officers and not a lot of actual, dangerous crime going on, they’ve got to justify their jobs somehow…

Although the initial female officer seemed cordial and made the situation out to be no big deal, her male partner decided to turn the situation into a long, drawn-out bullying session and called Lily a criminal because she “broke the law” (as if all laws are equal and someone with expired tags is on par with, say, a rapist or baby killer), even though Lily has no criminal history and had done nothing wrong at that point other than having expired tags (except, perhaps, maybe for speaking out and being politically active against the police state online as an alternative media journalist).

I said, “6 officers? Is this really necessary? I’m not a criminal”

The cop said “yes you are, you broke the law.”

This video is the story of what happened. I’m sharing it because we live in such an insane police state that something has to change.

As our previous special report exposes, police are using pre-crime algorithms to assign color-coded threat scores to each and every one of us before an officer ever lays eyes on us based upon, among others, our social media and online posts. Is Lily special because of her political views, or is this just the way they treat everyone nowadays simply for driving with expired tags?

How come we can’t leave our houses and get into our cars in this society without being potential targets to be pulled over and financially raped and potentially imprisoned by this gestapo system at any moment? Guilty until proven innocent simply because we got behind the wheel? Not free to openly travel in this society without being continually taxed, fined, and under constant big brother suspicion and surveillance at all times?

Nothing about this is freedom.

Come on, let’s be honest. Having an expired license plate tag isn’t about the safety of our society, it’s about REVENUE GENERATION. PERIOD!

It isn’t a reason to bully and intimidate and harass some lady for over an hour, acting like she was lying about owning her car, lying about her insurance card, and even lying about what state she lived in (even though it was on her driver’s license).

He said, “I’m supposed to believe you live in MD?”

I said, “Did you see my license?”

At one point he even threatened her that he could take her car away and throw her in jail if he wanted to just to be an even bigger bully.

He said, “I can impound your car and throw you in jail if I want to.”

I said, “Why would you do that to me? I have a totally clean record.”

She asked how she would get home and he shrugged and went, “a taxi?” She was 45 minutes away from her house at the time, by the way, which was in a neighboring state and it was night time and well after dark. Guess he’d love it if some guy treated his wife that way??

Something has got to change, people.

We cannot all continue to participate in this broken, corrupt, tyrannical gestapo-run system that operates like a parasite, feeding on our suffering and enslaving us…

Melissa Melton is a co-founder of, where this article first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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15 Comments on "This Is What It’s Like to Get Pulled over for Expired Tags in Police State USA 2015"

  1. Sounds like it happened in Indiana.

  2. 75% of the population or more do not DRIVE (an occupation), nor are they in a motor vehicle – that which is used for commercial purposes to transport people or freight. Used for commercial purposes means for hire.

    Most people travel in a pleasure car or consumer goods.

  3. get your tags….geez. Of course the police may harrass you so why take any chances. Just get the tags and go about your business. Are you going to change the world debating and reporting on a traffic stop?

    My experience is that most police are cordial until you have an attitude. Did you “cop” an attitude with these boys in blue? That seems to be rampant in this country….self-righteous attitude.

    just get your tags already.

    • Here’s an idea: why don’t you try listening to the words that were spoken in the video, or read the words in the article, about what actually happened in this case?

      Or do you just want to express a viewpoint that’s based on your own assumptions rather than facts?

      Also, it’s a little disturbing that you would say “Of course the police may harrass you so why take any chances.” Why would the police harrass anyone over expired tags? I mean, do you think harrassment is something we should expect from cops as a matter of routine? It’s ok for them to bully people who’ve committed no serious or arrestable offense?

      Sorry, I don’t understand Americans who admonish other Americans to lick the cops’ boots if they want to avoid getting kicked. (I mean that in the figurative sense, but getting literally kicked by the cops for no damn reason is certainly a real possibility these days.)

      • your a moron…a typical american who doesn’t understand squat. Yeah…go ahead…screw with the cops and let me know how it goes. Yes, they have power over you. Get a clue. YOU ARE OWNED like a dog, or a slave. You have no real rights. Its all a joke. Don’t you get it?? They own you….even George Carlin tried to get that through your thick skull.

        Here stoner….read this. And do some research. America is nothing what you have been told or taught it is.

        • who are you arguing with? your rant doesn’t fit with the comment you replied to.

          • taggingthat | March 26, 2015 at 10:05 pm |

            well you proved my point of the inability to rationalize what reality is. Please re-read my comments perhaps 4 or 5 times until you do get it. I’m only having mercy because I know you’re american and you need a few extra chances to finally “get it”.

            if you don’t get it, do you know what category you will be placed in?

          • bigbird2071 | March 27, 2015 at 5:30 pm |

            The I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about or what side I am on category? Or number two, the very angry category side. Thanks for the behind the keyboard mercy you gave that guy too. I’m sure he is quite relieved…lol

          • bigbird2071 | March 27, 2015 at 5:26 pm |

            I was just thinking the same…made no sense…almost like he switched sides.

        • You might be furniture, but many of us are not.

        • um….ok, dude……like, you know, it’s all good here in stonerville, bro…….thanks for your profound thoughts, mr. taggingthat……i mean, you enlightened me, man……you’re a true american sage…..oops, sorry, i made a mistake…it should be “your” not “you’re”….i didn’t do so good in english, man….hahahahaha!…..well, gotta go now, man…..hope i don’t get pulled over by one of them all-powerful cops ’cause i might stand up for my rights if he gets all stupid and bullshitty on me…..and then he might kick my face in ’cause he’s the master and i’m his lowly slave…….and that would really suck, mr. moron…….oops, i mean mr. taggingthat…….hahahahahaha!

    • you don’t understand cops at all. they have all chosen to forsake reality for the fantasy of their choosing. if a cop wants to be belligerent he is going to make up a fantasy that gives him the excuse. you must be one of those fools who believes reality is whatever the cop says it is. so, if the cop says you have an attitude then you do, no matter how nice you are being. I just don’t understand the blind stubborn ignorance of authority worshippers.

  4. The US Constitution covers VICTIMLESS CRIMES and did you know a drivers license is not required unless you are driving for or as a business?
    Actual truth. But when you do not know the law you are suckered,

    Learn the law join the Constitution Club online.

  5. cops – doing the bidding of the elitist – picking on the middle class and lower.
    millions in jail for possessing a weed – say it aint so JOE.

    Government is the only investment I have ever been harassed by paying and paying and paying.

  6. why didnt you just get your new tag..its the law..could have saved a lot time time there sporty. I would love to hear the cops side…I think you are just an activist. When I get pulled over I have NO issue…you little snot nose punk

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