The Age of Cartels

The Creature from Jekyll Island

By Jim White

Liberty Movement Pioneer, G. Edward Griffin on “The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.”

These days, it is painfully obvious to most anyone that America has been taken over by Corporations. From food, energy, medicine, entertainment, banking and so on, we are truly, as our guest G. Edward Griffin stated during his interview on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, living in The Age of Cartels.

Ed Griffin is an undisputed pioneer in what is now characterized as the Liberty Movement. When one speaks about those few individuals who were speaking out when no one else was, Ed Griffin’s name is scarcely left off the list; and Ed’s masterpiece on the FED, The Creature from Jekyll Island, is the proverbial “gold standard” when it comes to explaining how one private agency has gained a stranglehold on the American population.

Although Ed’s knowledge of the FED is second to none, he shares his views on a variety of topics throughout our 40-minute interview. We speak to Ed about Smart-Meters and their continued use despite public backlash. Ed also takes time to explore how America is literally being dismantled by foreign and domestic interests.

As the interview progressed, we discussed Eugenics and Ed’s thoughts on the sterilization of the population as a means of population control. Then, we briefly shifted to world politics and the theater of it all. We wound down the interview with a brief overview of Agenda 21, then Ed spoke about his excellent organization, Freedom Force International.

In summary, Ed covered a myriad of topics and basically summed up his views on what the end goal is for all of the programs, all of the propaganda, all of the manipulation, all of the division and all of the confusion. In Ed Griffin’s estimate, it is all working towards one goal … Collectivism.

Please check out Rich Scheben’s, Living Off-Grid in Montana Video. Rich is a friend of the show and we appreciate his work.

You can read more from Jim White at his site The Liberty Brothers, where this article and interview first appeared.

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