Streets So Filled With Surveillance, No One Even Knows What All That Tech Junk Is…

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Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

This video is just a drive through an average, moderately sized American city.

Things are way beyond just traffic cameras… The average city intersection is jammed with so much surveillance technology, that it would be difficult to even sort out what is what.

During a couple of intersections we observed, there were not only eye-in-the-sky cameras, but angles of every direction of traffic, plus several antennas relying data to the authorities, a red light camera photographing license plates and generating revenue, and what else?

Well, just what are some of these other traffic gizmos? We saw one shaped like a bell… a spotlight… and several small white boxes… and plenty more on the road — most, if not all, of which are integrated on an area wide wireless mesh network connecting to law enforcement and even Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, the news is discussing things like gunshot detection (and conversation monitoring) microphones on New York city streets – implemented over a decade ago in places like Austin, TX – and sophisticated mesh networks that can track cell phone location data and location history from pedestrians and passing cars at intersection data points… in turn relaying real-time surveillance and location data to a network of law enforcement agencies, as well as Fusion Centers operated by Homeland Security and the FBI.

Just think what the combination of real-time cell location data, combined with traffic light monitoring of license plates could accomplish… and don’t forget that Homeland Security is continuing to phase in “intelligent” street lights with two-way communications, monitoring, live-time behavior correction and even state-sponsored propaganda announcements.

Somehow, this is bound to be just scratching the surface. We now live in 1984, and beyond 1984 in a total-surveillance panopticon fed by grass-roots “sousveillance” user-generated data as well as top-down police and city camera and location data.

Wow! Talk about not being in Kansas anymore…   

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5 Comments on "Streets So Filled With Surveillance, No One Even Knows What All That Tech Junk Is…"

  1. This is why I will not move into the City, from the high desert eastern plains in COLORADO. They will have to kill me there.

  2. They have a database on all of their subjects. The wet dream is for it to include your location at every moment since your birth, every phone call you ever make, EVERY CONVERSATION YOU EVER HAVE, plus your medical records, bank records (say good bye to cash and bitcoin), everything you buy, and, one day, your every thought. To keep you safe.

  3. i could give a crap what they’re doing. If they are doing all this monitoring, what are YOU gonna do about it since YOU care so much about this?


    Nothing. Or the usual response is, “we’re bringing this to everyone’s attention”. BFD. 99% of the people could care less.

    Face it….the american society, for the most part, could care less about all the corruption, fraud and bullying conducted by the governments and their lackeys. If they did, they would have done something well before now.

    So why are the gun nutz screaming about their gun rights? Oh yeah….to protect their rights and to protect themselves. I think they are all a bunch of pussies hiding behind their guns because no one even considers using it to restore this republic and our liberties from the criminal cabal that runs our country and the world.

  4. timwebb1000 . | March 24, 2015 at 3:04 am | Reply

    Relax already.
    This is all for our protection.
    There are terrorists on every street corner, and in every mall, they hate my freedom, and it is only those who have something to hide who are afraid of these comforting technologies.
    If our Congressmen really cared about our safety, they would be calling for surveillance devices in our homes and bedrooms.
    I for one am terrified by the thoughts I am beginning to have.
    Only a team of caring professionals on 24-hour monitoring duty can be trusted to detect and stop these thoughts before they begin to severely hamper my ability to fit in to the great society we live in.
    It is only an all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-caring State that can protect me and those I love from these unwelcome and distressing thoughts.
    I eagerly anticipate the day when I can be truly and permanently sanitised from such un-American ideas, and they can be forever wiped from my consciousness.
    Free will has only ever brought distress and disharmony, and now finally we have the opportunity to erase and reprogramme, and begin again.
    A new world dawns.

  5. Agent Ace 2050 | March 24, 2015 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    They are such cowards. They know we are on to them and this the reason for the pervasiveness. Wow. The level of tyranny…

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