No. Torture Is Not Okay. Ever.

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Editor’s Note: In light of the revelation that Chicago was hosting a black site and that torture isn’t just coming home to roost but already here (and the mainstream media is basically covering it up by ignoring it), this seemed pertinent to post.

Below is an excerpt of something I posted on social media back after Dick Frankenstein Zombie Cheney was doing the rounds with his sick pro-torture stance following the release of the excerpt of the redacted torture report, but I decided to share it on Truthstream today.

If Chicago has a black site where Americans can be disappeared by the police who are supposed to serve and protect them, taken without their Miranda rights read and essentially held without charge for days at a time or longer, questioned without any legal representation, and yes, tortured, do you really think there aren’t other cities doing the same thing right now right under the thin veil of societal normalcy we barely have left in modern America today?

When you condone torture, you are also condoning the idea that you and your family may also be tortured. You become that lackey idiot in every action series that sides with the bad guys thinking it will make him powerful too, only to find they turn on you and take you out in the end just like anybody else because you mean nothing to them.

That’s right. The War on Terror is a war on you. How terrified is everyone? Terrified enough to muster the justification for depraved acts against humanity? How does this make you free?

Don’t you understand?

Just because you are an American citizen, please don’t fool yourself into thinking you aren’t fair game for torture just like anyone else from anywhere else. They care nothing for respecting divine rights, they’ve walked all over the Constitution, and they’ve done away with any protections you might have thought you had simply because you were born or live here. They have found a way to semantically justify themselves with a thousand legal loopholes and gray areas when it comes to your life and your body. That is where we are now.

Besides, the plain truth is that there is no America — there are only corporations, shareholders, and serfs. 

Why don’t people get that yet?

Condone torture? You’re bringing it right home to your own doorstep… and now we know that they have.


As one of my best friends said earlier, “I seriously can’t stuff any more badness into my brain right now.” The world seems backwards, upside down and it’s falling apart… and all of it by design.

A lot of what’s going on is upsetting. Some of it is downright soul-crushing. If I got equally upset about every single issue humanity faces right now, I’d probably implode. Or spontaneously combust. Or both at the same time.

Why have the powers that shouldn’t be been allowed to socially engineer us, to drive us to the point where some of us would actually be so apathetic to human suffering as to condone the useless and depraved practice of torture? I am sick and tired of hearing people try to defend the government’s use of it (or defend our vile “government” at all).

I just got into an argument with someone I really care about over torture. She said she’s upset that the detainees will be allowed to read the Senate torture report because they’ll be able to “pad their defense.” The statement shows such a fundamental ignorance of the entire situation to begin with that I hardly know where to begin. My brain hurts from having engaged in a conversation that included such a statement.

This issue makes me so angry I can’t even explain it to you guys in words, but here, let me try… and please, excuse my language.

Our government funds, trains and arms terrorists like so many tinker toys, then commits further war crimes on top of it. So many people have been murdered, so many people in power walking free with the blood of the innocent smeared all over their hands. No, make that hooves, not hands. They cremate their care in order to be able to look themselves in the mirror every day and live with their crimes against humanity… Do you?

A lot of the people in Guantanamo were innocent and being held without charge or trial to begin with. The government was giving people over there bounty money in excess of what most make in a whole year to turn their neighbors in, so lots of people got turned in who didn’t even do anything. Did you even know that?

Sure, the torture report is cherry picked for political reasons, edited and heavily redacted, but let’s be honest, whatever is in there doesn’t even begin to tell what really went on and goes on anyway. What’s really going on is so much worse than the average American’s mind can likely even handle.

Bottom line, the people running things — WHO RUN ALL SIDES OF THESE CONFLICTS — are EVIL. Not just on the wrong side of the argument. They are the darkness: pure, calculated, cold stone, diabolical, murderous scumbag to the core of their rotten souls E-V-I-L. And all these misguided, ill-informed arguments condoning torture are, excuse my language, total and utter bullshit in every possible regard which should actually physically hurt a person’s mouth when they come out of it.

By the way, if the government would do that to them, they would do it to you [editor’s note: and now they have, see Chicago’s lovely black site above for more on that]. It’s called the NDAA and it declared America part of the battlefield. Go ahead and look it up if you haven’t. I hope the people who condone torture condone it enough that they won’t mind if and when it happens to them and their families. Breaking the Geneva Convention to justify committing war crimes also allows the rest of the world to justify committing similar war crimes against our soldiers and citizens as well under similar pretexts; considering our government’s pretext is full of lies, nothing about that should be okay with anyone, anywhere.

Bringing yourself down to the level of your enemy makes you no better than your enemy, which in this case is a group of inherently evil psychopathic pieces of utter filth bastards running the show. Please do not come here arguing why our government torturing anyone is okay. It’s not.

It’s not fucking okay. Not ever.

This isn’t a debate because a debate suggests a gray area, and in this case, there isn’t one.

Melissa Melton is a co-founder of, where this first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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