Mexico May Soon Allow Armed US Agents To Patrol Inside Its Borders

John Vibes
Activist Post

It was announced last week that the Mexican government may soon allow armed U.S. customs officials to patrol territories within the borders of Mexico.

The move is being sold as a simple administrative change to help speed up the process at border checkpoints, but there has also been mention of placing U.S. customs officials inside Mexico’s assembly plants.

“The integration of production chains of Mexico and other countries requires modern infrastructure and flexible customs processes, to permit, under the principal of reciprocity, foreign customs officials to enter and carry their firearms at inspection points in Mexican territory,” a new proposal said.

Mexican President Peña Nieto has been strongly pushing for the measure, and working it through the country’s congress and senate. The political class in Mexico is hoping that quicker border crossings will allow for more taxable goods to pass through their country.

Jerry Pacheco, executive director of the International Business Accelerator, pointed to some of the possible political and financial motivations for the measure.

“The more commerce you can push through a port of entry. The more development opportunities you have,” Pacheco said.

Many political analysts see this new proposal as a sure thing, but it is unclear exactly when it will go into effect.

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