Iraqi Army Allegedly Downs A US Helicopter For Providing Weapons To ISIS: Report


Brandon Turbeville
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The Iraqi Army has once again claimed that it has downed a NATO aircraft that was providing military assistance directly to ISIS according to Iranian FARS News Agency.

This time, the Iraqis are claiming they shot down a US Helicopter in the Al-Bagdadi region in Anbar Province last week. The reason for shooting the helicopter, according to FARS and, apparently, high-ranking Iraqi officials, was that the helicopter was carrying weapons to ISIS.

Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee and senior Iraqi legislator, Hakem al-Zameli has stated that the Iraqi government is constantly receiving reports from its security forces that NATO aircraft is dropping weapons to ISIS.

Zameli claims that the reason for the airdrops is that NATO wishes to prolong the situation in Anbar Province for geopolitical purposes.

Zameli stated that “The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL.”

Indeed, the claims come only one week after a video was released purporting to show a US Chinook helicopter dropping at least two boxes of weapons to ISIS and flying a low altitudes unmolested over ISIS-controlled territory south of Fallujah. It is reported that the footage was filmed by Hezbollah Brigades based in Iraq.

In order to prove the fact that they did indeed down an American helicopter the FARS report claims that the Iraqi fighters posted a picture of the chopper and the weapons that were recovered from the wreckage.

Credit: FARS News Agency
The alleged downing of the US Helicopter comes on the heels of an alleged downing of two UK planes by Iraqi forces using the same reason (NATO dropping weapons to ISIS) as justification.

In this regard, Zameli stated that “The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL.”

There are also reports that some US helicopters have landed in Fallujah, a stronghold of ISIS fighters in Iraq for the purpose of completing airdrops to al-Qaeda/ISIS.

The al-Ahad News website has quoted Khalaf Tarmouz, head of the al-Anbar Provincial Council as saying “We have discovered weapons made in the US, European countries and Israel from the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in Al-Baqdadi region.”

Tarmouz also claimed that weapons made in Israel and Europe were also discovered in Ramadi.

“The US drops weapons for the ISIL on the excuse of not knowing about the whereabouts of the ISIL positions and it is trying to distort the reality with its allegations,” he said.

These reports are by no means the first time that the United States, Europe, or Israel have been implicated in the arming and support of ISIS. It is, however, the first time Iraqi forces (since the initial US invasion of 2003) have mounted a direct resistance to US and NATO treachery.

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13 Comments on "Iraqi Army Allegedly Downs A US Helicopter For Providing Weapons To ISIS: Report"

  1. In the America I grew up in, the military men/ or otherwise would be charged with treason. Tell me how supplying weapons to a professed enemy is NOT treason. This country is all but doomed.

    • me too! This country is doomed….when serving in Nam as an Army ..1969 ..draftee this would not be tolerated …….aiding the enemy………. The US has become a lawless waste land. Elected officials are a joke…..Supreme court officials are a joke…..The US is doomed for more decline….from what it has already become

  2. Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.
    This is not some abstract issue we are detached from.
    Men of good conscience, courage and the will to do what is necessary will always have their own option because they don’t live by the edicts of criminal tyrants.

    This same ploy has been used by the psychopaths in power over and over so many times you would think they themselves would try another angle as this worn out strategy has shown their hand and then some.

    Being mired in war for so long has conditioned people to think this is normal.

  3. Really? Where is the American helicopter pictured? The picture shows an Mi 17 which is a Russian made helicopter not British or American. Also look at the source. Iranian FARS News Agency. Don’t believe everything you read in the news. Read between the lines and ask yourself what is the real objective behind the story. Especially if it’s from FARS.

    • Good point.
      But be aware that it is not too difficult to imagine a scenario in which foreign vehicles are used to do these sorts of jobs.
      The clincher would be, not to display the choppers involved, but the pilots.

    • It seem to me FARS is actually using one incident in Kobani where the Americans did admit that one package of supplies did land in ISIS to come up with this conspiracy. No photos of these two British planes that were supposedly shot down have been release either.

  4. There are but, 21 yrs of peace for America, since 1776… common sense below, is this impossible to turn around? No…..Is this probable to turn around? NO….The American mind set is evil…..that’s about the only accurate conclusion to come to with such waring stats….of the past……
    my info is coming from a recent article on washingtons……..

    • Best quote on this issue I ever heard was when asked by a journalist in 1837 if she could ask her sons to help in stopping the wars Mrs. Rothschild stated, “if my sons didn’t want wars there would be none”.

      • that quote is a kick isn’t it….I read it, same but given by a generation of Rothschild….recent…..Central bankers! ! ! They do that…and our Not Federal not Reserve…..right in there with the bunch……a shame too! Could be stopped……Us could throw out the fed, would help….as was done here in the 1800’s……..the us threw it out until 1913…….

  5. I do not know who it was on the helicopter that were delivering weapons to paid assassins, but I hope to god it was not our own American sons and daughters. I refuse to believe that they would take part in such a sick and evil job as this.

    • They swear an oath of allegiance; they are taught to obey orders, they are taught that the collective replaces the personal; they are taught to do whatever they are told.
      And many will.

  6. Read also the article – Who makes up the Islamic Emirate –

  7. The problem I have with all this is that the Iraqi army abandoned their positions and left their arms behind including air bases – where helicopters were stationed – of course ISIS got them – how come we don’t have pictures of the pilots in all this photographic evidence? That would prove beyond doubt – and yet they don’t exist? ‘splain that one.

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