Chemtrails Exposed: Peter A. Kirby and James Corbett Discuss the New Manhattan Project

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Chemtrail researcher, writer and activist Peter A. Kirby recently did an audio interview with alternative media stalwart James Corbett. Here is a link:

Peter and James discuss the chemtrail spraying programs currently ravaging planet Earth. Kirby’s latest paper is called “Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project,” originally published February 17, 2015 right here on Activist Post.

Among the revelations contained therein are those pertaining to New Manhattan Project progenitors Bernard Vonnegut and Admiral William Francis Raborn. Also discussed are the probable other agendas such as mind control and Nikola Tesla’s death ray.

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31 Comments on "Chemtrails Exposed: Peter A. Kirby and James Corbett Discuss the New Manhattan Project"

  1. The market has spoken … again. The public just ain’t buying what the climate alarmists are selling – even at what is going to be an enormous loss for the producers of “Merchants of Doubt.” Couldn’t happen to a better group of film-makers whose piece of expensive propaganda demonized researchers who adhere to the scientific method. You’d be much better informed if you read Russell Cook’s excellent “Merchants of Smear.”

    “Merchants of Doubt” has earned $23,300 in the four theaters in which it opened on Friday. So that means … “Merchants of Doubt” had the 314th best opening weekend ever for a documentary film in the United States! What an achievement!

    Read More:

    By the way…..Thank You Mr. Kirby…. not only for your brilliance, but your willingness to stand up for yourself and for the rest of us. This info will be shared with my local State University.

    • The author of that article is a public relations guy, read that as Professional Liar. Also, Heartland Institute is totally in bed with the neocon politicians – the actual atmospheric scientists with ethics are pretty much all agreed that the planet is heating up. I’ve been researching all this for years and am married to a biologist of 40 yrs who follows all of this science. He can poke holes all through your comments and the “theories” of those sold-out scientists who work for Monsanto, etc. as shills. They are paid well to lie. About half of all research papers are lies these days, according to people who went out and researched it. Fred S. Singer was an advocate for Big Tobacco and told the world that GW isn’t happening. There are many like him and most are easily duped because they don’t know science or any scientists. The truth is that there is about 98% consensus among NON-SHILLING, ETHICAL scientists that global warming is happening. Do you really think it’s normal that it has never gotten below zero degrees this winter in Alaska? I don’t, I’ve been there numerous times in winter and there was ALWAYS snow on the ground from about Oct. thru end of April but this year they had to save up their snow just to have the Idatarod opening ceremonies. Chemtrails are real I’ve seen them (it is almost impossible for airplanes to create contrails now so NO they aren’t contrails) and I’ve seen our woods dying due to these chemtrails,w hich have been tested and are known to contain aluminum, barium, dessicated red blood cells, genetically=engineered molds and much more. This is science, not supposition or theory, it’s FACT. I see them everyday, huge Xs in the sky. I’m 60 y.o. and never saw them in my life until 5 yrs ago.

      • The atmosphere is heating up due to goengineering…pressy and gov bob need their water money to win elections even thoegh 2/3rds of the voters didn’t vote for the mouseoles.

        • That is the backup lie funded by the oil/gas oligarchs: if you don’t believe their propaganda that global warming is a hoax, blame it on the government.

          There is zero scientific evidence for chemtrails, and atmospheric science completely explains the existence of contrails. The only agency in the world capable of stopping fossil fuel pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are governments….so the propaganda ploy is to create distrust of government, so the Koch bros and others can continue to make billions by shifting the cost of health and environmental damage (8 million die each yr due to fossil fuels, hundreds of millions are diseased, and the net cost is trillions) to the public (in higher insurance premiums and taxes) and government. This is clever (to blame the source of a solution for creating the problem) but very very evil.

          See what the scientists in the field (ciimate and atmospheric) have to say and revolt against the propaganda: don’t consent to be a useful idiot for the fossil fuel industry, which has sacrificed your health for more profits.

          Demand that the government protect human health and the environment by regulating fossil fuel emissions, which are slowly killing you. This is not alarmism but documentable fact.

        • Zero evidence for geoengineering effecting weather, , whereas there is more CO2 in the atmosphere than in the last 800,000 years. Geoengineering is a proposal, not a reality. The geoengineering hoax is promoted by the fossil fuel industry (which discovered global warming caused by fossil fuels in the 70’s by Exxon scientists; Exxon then buried this finding and funded the denial propaganda campaign) to distract the public (tho only 5% believe it) from their own lethal pollution and emissions causing the empirical fact of global warming.

          • gozounlimited | May 25, 2018 at 4:31 pm |

            Lie On …… Bunky!

          • dale ruff | May 25, 2018 at 5:49 pm |

            You can choose to believe he scientists who devote their lives and reputations or the Koch brothers, who profit from lack of regulations, for the damage of which you (and I) pay. Your choice.

      • You can google contrails going back to WWiI and the era when planes began to fly in the lower stratosphere where emissions freeze and form vapors. What you see are normal contrails at 30-40,000 ft and in the commercial flight routes, which you can fact check on your own. You interpret them as “chemtrails” based on an unscientific narrative you have been programmed to use to see what you believe Look up contrails from WWiI;check the fact that you will see none except at the level of cirrus clouds (far above where any targeting can be done) and use google to check out commercial flight paths and you can then correlate to the vapors you see in the sky. Do your own research and reject the propaganda of the fossil fuel oligarchs, who want you to look away from their lethal pollution and shift blame to the only agency that can end the pollution/emissions. Don’t react; do the research.

    • The market has not spoken (4 theaters?) and even if it did, that has nothing to do with science. If fact, the market is driven by “news” which often is mis or disinformation.

      Science adheres to a method which is independent of markets or propaganda campaigns. It is driven by evidence and scrutiny.

      According to the Berkeley Project, funded by the Koch brothers, the govt data on climate is accurate and the “alarmist” predictions are understated, according to the man who led the study, a climate skeptic who, being an honest scientists, was converted by the overwhelming evidence of global warming and the fact of human contribution via the pollution and greenhouse gases emitted by those funding the anti-climate science movement.

      Peoples! Listen to the scientists, not the oligarchs who are trying to brainwash you. The argument that the 10,000 climate scientists in 140 nations are all sell-outs (most make excellent salaries as academics) is absurd. And if you believe that the climate scientists worldwide have sold out, whom do you trust: even if you trust the Koch brothers, whose goal is to block government legislation to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, their own study showed that the government data is accurate, and that the claim of alarmism, if anything, has been understated. That is why the Koch brothers no longer openly fund anti-climate science propaganda but do it with dark money, undisclosed tens of millions to persuade the scientifically illiterate that there is a scientific debate about global warming, and thus block legislation to reduce the harm.

      Useful idiots abound in a world of propaganda. The anti-dote to propaganda is science. Stick with the science.

  2. Atmospheric scientists reject the alarmist claims of the chemtrail narrative.

    Who then is behind this myth? The same people who are funding the anti-climate science myth: the fossil fuel polluters whose agenda is to confuse the public with unscientific propaganda in order to block government from passing legislation to reduce pollution and greenhouse emissions.

    It is a clever ploy: only government has the ability to reduce pollution through legislation and regulation, so the program is to shift blame from the actual polluters (each yr 8 million die from fossil fuel pollution and hundreds of millions are sickened) to the one agency with the ability to do anything about it.

    Whom will you trust? The atmospheric scientists or the promoters of propaganda funded by the fossil fuel industry? Another function of such unscientific myths as chemtrails is to poison the well of legitimate conspiracy allegations based on evidence (for instance, the murders of JFK, MLK, and RFK and the fact that the govt lied to the 9/11 Commission–all based on evidence).

    Chemtrails both deflects outrage from the real culprits to the only organization which can address the lethal pollution which destroys our health and environment AND poisons the well of evidence based conspiracy allegations.

    I do not wish to discuss this AGAIN…………..just read what the atmospheric scientists say about those white trails in the stratosphere AND think about who benefits from turning the public from outrage against known polluters to outrage against the institutions capable of doing something about it.

    Evidence is NOT “I see them spraying everyday.” You do NOT. You are interpreting contrails based on being brainwashed. “The world is full of nano-particles, alumininum, barium, etc.” Yes, these particles are part of common household (food and sandpaper, for example) and industrial items.

    “The government wants to kill me.” Spraying in the stratosphere, if it were real (jet fuel emissions are real and do change the weather, as part of fossil fuel pollution), could not target populations since air currents move the vapors you see thousands of miles over months while all the while diluting and mostly falling into the ocean. “There is evidence!” There is not: atmospheric scientists dismiss the claims of amateurs as paranoia fueled by the kinds of articles posted by activist post and promoted by the fossil fuel oligarchs, like the Koch brothers, who seek to block government regulation by creating a public outcry about government “spraying” and “lying” about global warming. There are no chemtrails; global warming is real. We need a responsible government to act to regulate the fossil fuel industry to clean up the environment. Buying into hysterical myths thwarts that necessity and is therefore both gullible and dangerous. I will not responds, as I have written on this 50 times. If you don’t believe me, go to the atmospheric scientists and see what they have to say. That’s where I get my information so that is my source: if you have the credentials, attack their science. If you don’t, start to listen to those who spend their lives studying the atmosphere.

    • “I do not wish to discuss this again!” Who are you? Al Gore? “There is no debate, its settled cause I say so!”
      Are these the same kind of scientists that fudge their numbers in order to push the climate change agenda, or the evolution lie?

      • Read my post. I do not ask you to believe me, as I am reporting what the atmospheric scientists are saying. I am telling you to find out what the atmospheric scientists say about “chemtrails.”

        No one fudged numbers on climate change. Many investigations have all concluded there was no attempt to manipulate the data. I urge you not to believe me but to check out the investigations.

        I urge you to reject the propaganda which has stopped you from investigating what the scientific experts have determined. If you don’t trust the scientists, from all over the world, who in the hell do you trust: the Koch brothers, some right wing websites written by non-scientists.

        Among scientists, there is no debate. You can trust the scientists or you can dismiss them and trust the fossil fuel oligarchs who are funding the anti-science propaganda: it’s your choice. I will stick with the science…you can continue to promote the propaganda of those who have a profit motive in deceiving the public.

        Again, I do not ask that you believe me–I have not spent a lifetime studying atmospheric or climate science, which is why I rely on actual scientists for my information. The claim that the world’s scientists are all frauds is, quite simply, too stupid to argue with. You can continue to be a useful idiot for the Koch brothers and other oligarchs…or you can check out the science. You can be intelligent or stupid: your choice.

      • Good post. Short and sweet!

      • It is a settle fact that the earth is warming and that fossil fuels (and methane from ag) has created the highest levels of CO2 in the atmosphere in 800,000 years. It is a settle fact that greenhouse gases warm the atmosphere, ocean, and earth. Al Gore deserves credit for presenting these scientific findings to the public. But the dirty fuel industry,which is subsidized, according to the World Bank, 5 trillion a year wants to create confusion, despite 100% scientific agreement of the facts, in order to block regulation of the lethal pollution and emissions by which they profit, shifting the costs of human, environmental, and climate damage to the public.

    • Anyone that uses the same old excuse of “anyone that says differntly is funded by the oil companies” simply shows that they are spewing ignorant propaganda. The REAL MONEY is the countless billions of dollars that is behind the pushing of the AGW fraud and the now obviously bogus “glowbal warming” agenda.
      Also anyone who thinks that the endless pushing by the government of it’s “anti-polloution” agenda is because the government is concerned about our welfare is so far out to lunch and obvlivious to reality that they are a lost cause.
      “Trust the government”?? Are you friggin serious?
      Wake up out of your coma and pay attention to what is going on around you.
      The government is ONLY concerned about CONTROL of the masses. It’s doesn’t give a damn about the environment.
      I also suggest that you do some homework and stop pretending that all the atmospheric scientists support AGW theory. They most certianly do not! However you will not be told about them by the TV or the corporate news sources but if you actually take the time to educate yourself and do a little bit of researchyou will see that there are thousands of them that are claiming that the CO2 driven AGW theory is nothing more than organized scientific fraud.
      Simply saying that there is a “concensus” does not mean that there is one because any 12 year old with access to the Internet can quickly see that there is not.

      • It is a fact that the anti-climate science movement is funded by the oil and gas industry. Why anyone would call that an excuse is incomprehensible.

        “. Oil and gas sector lobbying has more than tripled since 2004, reaching $168.3 million last year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Koch spent $12.3 million on lobbyists in 2009, ranking it fifth behind Exxon, Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips Co. and BP PLC.”

        “Conservative billionaires used a secretive funding route to channel nearly $120m (£77m) to more than 100 groups casting doubt about the science behind climate change, the Guardian has learned.

        The funds, doled out between 2002 and 2010, helped build a vast network of thinktanks and activist groups working to a single purpose: to redefine climate change from neutral scientific fact to a highly polarising “wedge issue” for hardcore conservatives….. the stable of donors represents a wide range of opinion on the American right. Increasingly over the years, those conservative donors have been pushing funds towards organisations working to discredit climate science or block climate action.”

        “Dark Money” Funds Climate Change Denial Effort

        A Drexel University study finds that a large slice of donations to organizations that deny global warming are funneled through third-party pass-through organizations that conceal the original funder.In all, 140 foundations funneled $558 million to almost 100 climate denial organizations from 2003 to 2010.

        Meanwhile the traceable cash flow from more traditional sources, such as Koch Industries and ExxonMobil, has disappeared”

        The study was published Friday in the journal Climatic Change..”

        In other words, those promoting anti-climate science have turned to funding that cannot be traced….why? Certainly, oil and gas funding, with the goal of thwarting government action to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, is real and hardly “an excuse.”

        Why do fossil fuel oligarchs oppose federal action on pollution and greenhouse gases? Because reducing pollution costs money and reduces profits. The goal is simple: to create wedge issues, such as global warming and chemtrails, to prevent government action. Meanwhile, each year, 8 million people die from fossil fuels and hundreds of millions suffer serious diseases. This is public health vs profits, and the fossil fuel industry spends hundreds of millions to prevent legislation which would cost them billions in order to protect human and environmental health.

        There is zero evidence that government funding for research on global warming is used for fraudulent purposes. The Koch funded Berkeley Project, headed by a climate skeptic, with the purpose of exposing government manipulation of data, found that the data is sound and that the claims of global warming are even worse than predicted. The lead investigator was so overwhelmed with the evidence that he converted to the global warming consensus and the cause of human activity, in an op ed in the NY Times. This was a private study that backfired, showing the government data to be accurate. Those claiming the government funding for research and the govt data are fake no longer can make that claim after the results of the Berkeley Project.

        Trust the government? I would trust the climate scientists of the world. Or you can trust the propaganda funded by the oil and gas oligarchs and the non climate scientists they pay to confuse you. Climate scientists all make excellent salaries (usually 100-200K a yr) as academics. It is absurd to claim that all of them have risked their academic positions and reputations to lie for the government. And why would the government lie about pollution and greenhouse gases? I can understand why those who cause this pollution would lie–to protect their billions and maximize profits by shifting costs for the damage they do onto the public (higher insurance premiums and taxes).

        So you have a choice: trust the climate scientists of the world or trust the propaganda of the oil and gas oligarchs.

        • You have chosen to shill for the Taxman. “Pay your climate taxes and Uncle Al will save the planet.”

          What you have forgotten is that most people distrust the Taxman, just like I distrust you.

          • William, you are full of shit. I have no relationship to the government or the Taxman. I am reporting what climate scientists have learned.

            As it stands now, the cost of damage to human health and the environment (8 million die yearly from fossil fuels, 100 of millions are sickened, with trillions in healthcare costs and lost productivity) are shifted from the fossil fuel polluters to the public in higher insurance premiums, lost wages, poor health, and to the government in higher taxes to clean up the lethal pollution the fossil fuel oligarchs cause.

            I do not think there should be a tax on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; I think they should be banned with stiff fines.

            Do not forget that taxes paid for this internet you are using, for gps, for many of the drugs that have been commercialized and may save your life, and for the highways you use everyday, the courts that protect your rights, the police, the schools, the firemen. I would rather pay taxes for these services than pay with my health and the degradation of the environment caused by the fossil fuel industry.

            Muller, the lead investigator for the Berkeley Project (which you seem to have ignored) was funded by the Koch brothers (who do not want to pay for the damage their businesses cause) to expose the fraudulent government data, but he found it was accurate. Therefore, while I will not accuse you of having a close relationship to the Koch brothers, I will point out that you are a useful idiot in their effort to continue to kill and cripple people with pollution, to cause extreme climate change with their CO2 emissions, and to destroy the environment….what you pay for this devastation is a tax for which you get nothing in return but poor health and a degraded environment.

            You may distrust me, but I am not asking you to trust me. Do you think I made up the op ed by climate scientist Muller. I am asking you to trust him and the other climate scientists who have indisputable evidence of global warming and only one logical cause: the highest CO2 concentration in 800,000 yrs. That is the science. You can trust the science or the propaganda of the fossil fuel oligarchs and serve as another useful idiot.

            The taxman has nothing to do with climate science. No one has a right to pollute the air and create extreme and dangerous climate change. I urge you to stop being a voluntary useful idiot for people who already have billions and want more, despite the harm they do. They want you to “distrust the Taxman” so they can continue to pollute and shift the cost to you. You ARE paying the Taxman, but he is a private billionaire who favors profits over your health.

            Calling me shill is a dishonest way to dodge the evidence. I urge you to read the Muller op ed and go thru the same process he did, based only on the evidence.

            What you have forgotten is that climate science has nothing to do with the Taxman but your health and your planet are harmed everyday by the ability of the fossil fuel oligarchs to use your air, your water, your soil as a free dump for their lethal pollution.

            Those who pollute should be thrown in jail for harming others. We don’t need a Taxman; we need citizens to make these billionaires pay for the harm they do. I am shilling for science and the health of the planet. Whom are you shilling for: rich polluters who don’t give a shit if their pollution kills you?

    • Thanks for that clarification Dale. Wow, for a few minutes you really had me going. I thought for a moment perhaps you were not a troll! I have to admit you’re damn good at what you do, keeping the public confused about this issue. I’m sure they have you slated for a raise and promotion. Do your wife (or partner) and kids know what you do for a living? When do they change shifts there down at the NSA Troll farm? You’re really showing the world how important it is to keep the obvious covered up if they sent for a guy as qualified as you. I wish you all the best

      • JGJG, your sarcasm is limpid. I have been fighting the establishment for 55 years……you can read my hundreds of well-researched articles at and

        AS I do not hide behind a fake name as trolls do, just look it up under my name. I wish you a speedy recovery.

        • What made you think my name is fake? My name is JGJG. That’s my name. You’re assuming again. What are you basing your assertion on?

          • dale ruff | May 26, 2018 at 6:34 pm |

            Very funny.

          • I think “dale ruff” is a limp fake name. Your real name is Piper. Mr. Pied Piper, XIII.

            The thing I guess I resent most is that you’re getting paid with our tax dollars to confuse and disrupt social media conversations. Everyone knows this is happening now. It’s been disclosed. I’d prefer to have our tax dollars spent on worthwhile projects, not on bullies jeering and taunting us for expressing ourselves and exercising our free speech. I don’t need you spending top dollar of my money to harass me while I have to work for a living.

  3. Who was it at the CFR meeting I saw that said, “there is an awful lot of money being spent keeping the public confused about this issue…(!)”

    • Who was it that said Global Warming is an empirical fact? Oh, 100% of the world’
      climate scientists in 180 nations working for public and private universities, governments, and private corporations.

      Who was it who said in the 70’s that global warming was caused by burning fossil fuels? It was the Exxon scientists:

      • Oh, I thought we disagreed. So what’s your point? Chemtrails are a hoax? Of course not. Edward Teller had the idea in 1997, and he proposed it, and it goes back further than that. Did you read his paper? Only he didn’t use the word, Chemtrails, but it was exactly the same thing. Geoengineering good, chemtrails bad. Same thing. It’s just another dogwhistle for the scientists.

        You must be one of those GS-11 trolls, Dale. This must be a pretty important cover-up for them to send for guys like you.

        The problem with Chemtrails is that it encourages moral hazard. Instead of lowering CO2 emissions, all they think they have to do now is spray the skies and keep polluting the earth with petrochemical energy. No more urgency to switch to non-polluting power. No need to phase out nuclear. My goodness, pretty soon there will be such a huge Chemtrails industry built up they will start relying on it for GNP, will become like the prison guards and start to oppose any efforts to lower CO2 emissions that will cut into their profits. The farmers will lobby to continue them so they won’t lose crops. Creating another bureaucratic monster. But by now, it’s too late. There’s been too much global warming to stop now, even if it does poison the earth. You’d think that they could at least drop something beneficial to plants and the water like fertilizer instead of Al, Ba and Sr, but Noooo. These are really stupid scientists doing this, because nobody is allowed to talk about it. And they want to keep ionizing the atmosphere for HAARP.

        But the chemtrails are real. Just look up. You can’t convince people to stop looking.

        • Chemtrails are a myth promoted by the dirty fuel oligarchs to do two things;
          1. Get us looking up instead of at ground level where the real dirty pollution is
          2. Shift blame from the fossil fuel oligarchs (Koch brothers, who fund climate denial and formerly Exxon, who actually discovered the human cause of global warming in the 70’s but buried the research and funded the propaganda scheme to confuse the public
          3. Throw doubt on the 100% of climate scientists, in public and private careers in 180 nations, who have empirical evidence that those trails you see in the sky are ordinary persistent contrails, always in the stratosphere where commercial flights cruise and alway on normal flight paths: you can check this out yourself. The stratosphere is where cirrus clouds form and you cannot target anything from that 30-40,000 ft altitude as fierce winds blow and carry the jet emissions (which are toxic and do warm the atmosphere when they form cirrus clouds) thousands of miles….and you can find commercial air flight maps on google.

          No commercial flight is spewing extra matters as they are weighed down by sardine seating for passengers and of course are totally visable when they land, are serviced, and take off.

          Geoengineering is an idea, a proposal, with virutually no actual experimentation. Living on Mars is equally an idea, a proposal, but hardly anyone thinks we are doing it.

          Who benefits from the chemtrails narrative (which 5% in the US believe and hardly anyone in the rest of the world)? The rich fossil fuel corporations which seek to maintain huge profits by externalizing costs (of the damage done by fossil fuels0 and to block legislation to clean up the pollution/emissions.

          The narrative that the world’s 10,000 atmospheric scientists are all sell-outs belies the fact that the oil and coal companies have the wealth to buy out corrupt scientists and promote mass propaganda. Why would a scientist working for Shell lie about global warming? Why would a scientist working for Princeton lie? Why would a scientists working for the government of Spain lie/

          There is no reason, as scientists caught in lies lose their jobs and well-paid positions. Why would the fossil fuel oligarchs lie; to block regulations that would require them to clean up their act and might adversely effect their bottom line…how sweet to have the public, which is damaged by fossil fuels (millions die each year from pollution), pay the tab.

  4. Why was my comment deleted? Too much relevant expert information? I posted this, and it got deleted as “spam detected!!” Who’s the “spam detector” I guess “spam” is the new word for censorship.

    Here’s what I posted:

    As a scientist, I can tell you that Al, Sr, and Ba oxides just happen to have one very unique well-known property in common. They are all cold cathode emitters, low work function materials. Electrons can be easily removed from a metal surface at low differential electrical potential without heating, and injected into a gaseous column discharge. The three very best in the entire periodic table. Barium is tops. Orders of magnitude lower than tungsten (W), which is used in thermionic electrodes for fluorescent light tubes that burn out.

    They are used for that purpose in every commercial neon tube cathode made today. There is a thin molar ceramic eutectic powder of all three of these oxides, or something similar, coating the hollow cathode of every cold cathode gas discharge lighting tube made today. I’ve made these preparations. These combinations have been used for as long as neon gas discharge tubes have been invented.

    The combination of all three of these unique oxides being sprayed cannot possibly be a coincidence. They are facilitating the ionization of the atmosphere for gaseous discharges for purposes of microwave heating and ELF communication as well as environmental warfare (e.g, HAARP) according to the Bernard Eastlund patent. It’s not just Solar Radiation Management mitigation of earth warming, although it is that too. Read Elana Freeland’s book, Under an Ionized Sky, out this year.

    I know you must be aware of this because I am sure your trollmasters told you how important it is to shut up the sheeple and ostracize the whistleblowers. It’s a top secret project. Now everyone knows.
    You are full of shit. Lesson: Political scientists have no business ruminating about physical sciences.

    JGJG dale ruff 20 hours ago
    Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.
    Your entire post reeks of mock paranoia. It’s the most ridiculous and grandiose of all conspiracy theories. Who’s gonna believe a story like that?

    Thousands…no! Tens of thousands! of scientists all over the world all conspiring together to hide the scientific truth? No one has a conscience, morality or empathy for the destruction of the planet and its human beings? What kind of amazing Dr. Mesmer would be capable of making them all want to do that, even when they could not prove the science? It’s unbelievable! Goodness, even the Stanley Milgram experiment had some objectors! That’s what you want us to believe.

    And so you come here jeering, taunting and insulting people who disagree with you and you still want us to believe you’re not a paid troll?

    Sure, the Koch Brothers are behind climate denial. We all know that. What’s really insidious is that the chemtrails will become the offered solution to global warming instead of lowering greenhouse gas emissions or stopping microwave atmospheric heating, a crutch to save them from solving the carbon crisis. They will even get away with offering us expanded “clean coal!” And yet they all warn of the dangers of unintended consequences because nobody really knows all the science of how that will work out. Even Edward Teller warned us of this. At some point the whole unstable rotten structure will tumble in a catastrophe of unsolvable proportions

    Sequestration of CO2 by ocean fertilization is probably the best solution, as proposed by Russ George et al. It also would save marine ecosystems, but it too has been pilloried by the climate deniers as supposedly having too many unknown consequences. George showed that it brings back the fish! It is at least as viable as stratospheric spraying, and moreso.

    JGJG dale ruff 20 hours ago

  5. I thought Activist Post was an honest alternative journalist site but it looks like either Michael or Discus is in cahoots with the trolls. I note that it does nothing about blowhards like Dale Ruff, but my comments get repeatedly deleted. I hope it’s not Michael, but he should do something about this because it’s been on several pieces before and he should be able to keep his site uncensored. Calling a particular viewpoint “spam” when it is actually loaded with real information doesn’t change the fact that it is viewpoint discrimination and censorship.

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