Anti Police State App ‘Sidekik’ Features Real-Time Legal Aid

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Studies have shown that police are held almost completely unaccountable by the current systems of governmental oversight. Perhaps this is the reason why you are 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than a terrorist. Rather than wait for bloated bureaucracy or corrupt government to save the day, we as activists have to find our own solutions. Technology is one of these solutions. Each citizen needs to become a member of the media and record everything that they see during encounters with the police.

We previously reported on the launch of a smartphone app called Sidekik which required funding to make it as easy as possible for you not only to record the police and upload that recording offsite, but to put you in immediate contact with legal representation to help you navigate the encounter … in real-time.

We are happy to report that activist efforts have funded Phase 1 of Sidekik. Developers are now prepared to enter Phase 2 of fundraising. Please see their new video, screenshots, and additional information below to discover how we can help make this essential tool a reality.

Main Features

Real-Time Legal Representation: Get legal aid via video call anytime, day or night – whenever you need it. The initial representation won’t cost you; access to an attorney is included in your subscription.

Secure Audio and Video Streaming: Sidekik will stream HD audio and video from your smartphone to secure servers. Access the data anytime. It’s yours, you own it!

Livestream For Public Viewing: You can choose to stream your encounter to the Sidekik website so that people around the world can witness your interaction live.

Complete Feature Flexibility: Do you only want audio/video streaming but no attorney? No problem. Want to add an attorney later? Easy. Want to switch to a different attorney? Only takes a few seconds. You have total control over Sidekik app features.

Multiple End-Call Security Levels: Choose between three levels of security when ending a session: no pin required, pin required, and pin from both the app user and attorney required (two-stage authentication).

Meet the team, read the FAQ, and Donate Here (39 days left):

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