Unlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

The CIA and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex have now invested over 6 months of ISIS branding, promotion, and public relations. It was revealed by early January of 2015 that the U.S. had already dumped over one billion dollars to fight ISIS. All supposedly invested in failed air strikes and un-televised secret battles against ISIS where the U.S. ends up attacking Syrian targets instead.

The ISIS psyop has been worked on so hard by the architects of the plan that now we are seeing the final desired political goals of the entire operation – an operation which has become more of a global theater. The ISIS psyop theater is now coming to fruition and the globalists are speaking loud and clear about what they want, which is really an admission to why they concocted the ISIS psyop to begin with.

They want the authorization to use “unlimited” military “force” wherever they want, whenever they want and (of course) on WHO-ever they want to use it on. Isn’t this a tyrannical empire’s dream come true? And with this revelation the romance between ISIS and CIA/US/Israel and the other NATO ISIS partners is now fully exposed to anyone willing to see it for what it is.
For over 6 months Americans and people all over the world who still retain their normal critical thinking skills have been subjected to painfully sloppy fake ISIS videos, heavily scripted news reports verbally dictating to us accounts of supposed battles against ISIS. All along, as the months go by, ISIS has not been affected at all by anything the U.S. and its pro-ISIS allies have done. If anything, they keep telling us that ISIS continues to grow.

Even when it was revealed that throughout Iraq, “suspicions” were running deep back in September of 2014 that “CIA and Islamic State are united“, no one within the mainstream media did anything to stop the ISIS psyop by at least exposing the fact that not one ISIS supply line had been disrupted, not one bank account ceased, not one (illegal) NSA data mining effort able to collect the whereabouts of ISIS (as they do of U.S. innocent citizens) to gather them up and end the ISIS theater. Not one story was reported by mainstream media about the 100+ ISIS supply trucks rumbling through Turkey to get into Syria. Not one story appeared about how Turkey was supporting ISIS or about how the U.S. and its NATO allies were allowing ISIS to enjoy (food, water, toiletries and ammo) supplies without disruption.

We never did find out how ISIS was able to get on the Internet, make calls, communicate, make high production style videos and upload to the Internet. All we got was ISIS production department Rita Katz and her (CIA approved anti-terror propaganda) SITE Institute telling us she luckily found the ISIS beheading videos and was able to show it to the world before ISIS themselves could promote their own video. Aside from this bizarre story we got not a peep from the mainstream media about anything relevant to stopping ISIS.

Since the launching of the ISIS show, mainstream media has instead been focused on only branding and praising ISIS and showing the world how incredible and unstoppable they are. Since the branding of the ISIS name began late in the summer of 2014 we’ve watched the ISIS psyop script morph from the fake James Foley beheading video blocked from the masses by YouTube claiming the video was too graphic and offensive, to an organization which is now (supposedly) full-scale global force stronger and more organized than any nation on earth.

We have also watched for over 6 months now as the ISIS story evolved into a tale told very differently by two opposing forms of media coverage. The true alternative independent (non-corporate) media has collectively exposed the ISIS tale showing how each story gets more and more ridiculous. On the other hand, the mainstream corporate media has pounded the ISIS brand and its greatness into its viewers daily, carefully setting them up for the war approval request we see now.

If you actually tracked mainstream media stories of the last 6 months you will very likely find that ISIS has gotten more headlines than any other single topic. In an Orwellian society that suffers from headline news amnesia, thanks to the “ministry of truth” mainstream media who regularly changes the headline news to fit the agenda of the day, we’ve seen an unusual repetition of ISIS stories that doesn’t even fit the mainstream media’s own script, much less the framework of reality, truth and reason.

This over-the-top effort by CIA’s mainstream media to over-sell the ISIS brand is now primed for being fully exposed with the latest White House bold request for unlimited military power to strike and kill anyone they please. For perspective, let’s examine the Obama/White House psyop sequence of responses with respect to ISIS over the last six months.

Timeline Of White House Reaction to ISIS

In early September 2014 on the heels of the fake beheading videos and stories of ISIS conquering Mosul and taking over U.S. weapons, Obama stated regarding ISIS, “we don’t have a strategy” – an unusual thing for any leader to say about any supposed threat. The strategy at the time was to make the U.S. FEEL like they were the underdogs. This “underdog” strategy is practiced by boxing coaches and we see this underdog strategy in sports all the time. It is well known that most people enjoy and prefer to root for the (perceived) underdog. Taking full advantage of this human tendency to root for the underdog was a significant piece of the early strategy for recruiting American sentiment and support for “action” against ISIS.

At the time, the mainstream media played right along with what clearly turned out to be the chosen strategy heading into the end of 2014 and early 2015. The plan? Blow up ISIS by talking endlessly about them and continue to show the world how they are growing, while continuing to sound weak with respect to attacking ISIS.

Following the September 2014 launching of the “we are the underdog” strategy, we heard highly unusual stories like ISIS bragging on social media about their success, ISIS making promotional videos involving the murder of non-supporters, ISIS somehow recruiting members all the way on the other side of the world, even ISIS printing their own money. By the end of 2014 there was almost nothing that ISIS had not accomplished.

By the turn of the new year (2015) the ISIS branding was secure and by January the U.S. Government announced the creation of a secret new “Task Force” to deal with ISIS. Details of this task force would be held a secret. The only thing we knew for sure was that it would require a lot of money $$$ to operate, that it would combine the efforts of the other NATO (pro-ISIS) countries, and that its location would be somewhere in the Middle East or South East Asia, smack in the middle of the region of the world where the U.S. has been illegally meddling in for years in its quest to run the world.

By early February 2015 the reaction from Obama and the White House was “Obama Warns Against Exaggerating the Islamic State Threat“. This position and this reaction to ISIS was intended as nothing more than reverse psychology. Obama, who had been positioning himself as the underdog all this time, now begins to position himself as someone not so eager to attack ISIS, someone who is calm and not wanting to sound like a warmonger. This was all by design.

Shortly after this staged comment attempting to sound calm and cool, of course Obama is now reacting to the ISIS soap opera in an exaggerated manner. Any time a staged terror group gets its ammunition, support, supplies and public relations from the same country they claim they will be attacking, responding to this staged situation with unlimited power of war is very much an exaggeration.

Just days after announcing his request for unlimited war on the Middle East, all consistent with the PNAC plans, now it is being reported that 4000 U.S. troops are heading to Kuwait to fight ISIS. This is what happens when the CIA’s mainstream media and its bought-out politicians make the decisions that please the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. The rest of us sit here watching these psychopaths lie about ISIS and give themselves power to wage limitless war.

ISIS Superpowers Transcend Reality

As I mentioned in my recent article about the deliberate mainstream media branding of ISIS, most people are not aware of the magnitude of the ISIS brand and how they have been portrayed as greater than god. ISIS is a meaningless group of ($300 a month salaried I’m told) Middle Eastern stray men with both Jesus Christ and Superman-like powers, combined into one. According to Western corporate media, ISIS has greater intelligence than all of their enemies combined. They are a super-human force able to outsmart all military intelligence at once, avoid all global surveillance and NSA illegal data-mining at once. All the while fighting multiple countries on multiple fronts, and WINNING!

As I’ve mentioned before, the ISIS brand has stood up to the world (according to the CIA’s mainstream media) showing off their razor blade sharp technological skills like programmers, hackers and techies with super-slick untraceable and effective social media prowess. Their totally retarded psychopathic view of life is no deterrent to average Americans, Canadians, Australians and citizens (apparently) all over the world including women!! Average people (as I said in a recent article) apparently suddenly decide the want to join ISIS for no reason at all. I suppose these people (if they actually exist) are overwhelmed by the over-the-top branding ISIS has received from mainstream media. Absolute evidence that marketing and branding works.

Breaking the ISIS Hypnotic Spell

Recently I saw where one major left-wing media persona tweeted doubts about the ISIS theater script. Is this a sign of things to come within left-wing media? As humanity waits for the people within the media to continue to break ranks and seek truth, we can be sure that things will get much worse before they get better. ISIS is a definitive piece of the puzzle for the new world order. It’s a powerful tool to enslave humanity by first killing off and destroying the uncooperative sovereign nations that get in the way (like Syria and Iran), then enslaving the rest of us. For now, the ongoing headache known as the ISIS theater or the ISIS psyop will continue unfortunately. The globalists have thrown the kitchen sink at the ISIS psyop hoping to make them greater than life and hopefully this over-the-top effort will be their own undoing.

Let’s do everything we can to expose this pro-war psychological operation whose main goal we are now seeing come to fruition. The globalist gangsters want to wage unlimited war, and it’s up to us to stop them. We also need to stop thinking of ISIS and the new world order gangsters as being separate entities, they are not. The Islamic state is very much a big part of the new world order plans. Without ISIS, the new world order plans are in serious jeopardy. Try to see this connection and free your mind of the ISIS psyop. Right now it’s plain and simple: No ISIS means NO new world order. Obama knows this, the White House knows this, traitor John McCain knows this and many in D.C. know this.

Now more than ever it is important to dump the mainstream corporate media and or hope that enough truth comes out of independent media to trigger enough doubt in Americans to stop this latest war authorization trick from the White House. Say no to more reckless war, say no to government (legal) propaganda designed to promote war, and say no to endless promotion of staged terror groups to be used as tools for the globalists’ final goals. At this point in history Americans are burned out with the same script: Problem-Reaction-Solution. Let’s all step back and change the paradigm that allows for this repeated script to play itself out over and over again. We know that the “solutions” offered by government are no solutions at all, instead it’s an extension of the problem. We are being fooled every time into Problem-Reaction-More Problem!

We must all now offer NEW solutions without which we will not survive.  True solutions for the world that are real and effective. Our future as a humanity now hinges on our ability to shut down or replace the control system or their control over our ability to implement true solutions. How well we as a humanity are able to do this will determine our future and the future of the human race.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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22 Comments on "Unlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition"

  1. The profits derived from fighting a nonexistent enemy must be astronomical…

  2. “ISIS” just released another substandard psyops video showing the beheading of 21 christian Egyptians. (21 men in their brand new spotless orange glo suits offering NO resistance whatsoever, calmly kneeling to be beheaded by abnormally GIANT (check photos) “ISIS militants” on the beach in their equally spotless black ninja suits ). Camera switches to pic of sheeps blood or red dye in sea. Actual beheading is blurred out as ISIS no doubt wouldnt want to offend our sensibilities. Today Egypt jumps into the fray bombing ISIS targets inside Libya. On cue, call goes out from Libyan (US puppet) prime minister of fake Libyan governmet that ISIS must be stopped even if it means foreign intervention (who would have guessed!!). On cue, UK envoy warns Libya will become another Somalia right on the Mediterranean sea, (oh the horror of it!!) unless “we” act and “ISIS” announces that ” Italy is next”.(or maybe Greece?) Are you shaking in your boots yet?

    Actually I think Libya is more about Africa but hey, why not behead 2 continents with one stone.

    Dont they sometimes puke on their own insane miserable drivel?

    • They aren’t puking, they’re high fiving each other for creating another ridiculous piece of propaganda that only the truly brain dead could believe. Must be the same production idiots who did all those Obama Bin Laden videos. Mockery and the betrayal of trust is the only thing that makes them feel alive. Pathetic!

  3. I am muched more inclined to the fuck-up theory of events than this twaddle.Sure Isis is a creation of US policy in the middle east,but because of stupidity not conspiracy.There are many big budgets for many agencies also in need of protection from a war weary US public.Always look for the fuck-up first,the conspiracy usually comes in when trying to cover it up

    • You’re one of those who think everyone is just wandering around aimlessly, bumping into walls, pushing things over and never giving a second thought to what comes next? Yeah, you’re like most ignorant people. Your viewpoint of accidental history is the biggest conspiracy theory of all.

      • I am interested in the truth in order to stop these things happening.You addicts of conspiracy theory are only interested in your next “fix”of breathless conspiracy, which achieves less than nothing.Do me a favour go and bore somebody else

        • I’d say the last thing you’re interested in is the truth. If anyone is looking for a fix, it’s people like you who want an easy fix to all their problems, and the easiest of all is to just say “they’re dumb” or act as if everything is the result of an accident or incompetence. Don’t act like you care about the truth.

    • ISIS was planned behind closed doors and in secret, by several people. Therefore, conspiracy.

    • Would hazard the fuck up was big oil, ‘leasing’ out equipment, labor, effort, time to extract oil from Middle East.

      This was done to benefit the West via the use of economic hit men. It was all arranged that the Middle East would buy treasuries in the US as ‘intrest’ on the ‘loans’ to enable extraction. Then, Middle East realized the resource was of value and began extraction of its own, extracting money from the West.

      Meanwhile the West continually had cycles of booms, busts leading to cheap commodities, stocks, ownership of the US by Chinese who ate up American ‘paper’ like it was going out of style rice. The Asians started ‘calling in’ their chips as well. We got pinched and instead of going bankrupt like everyone else, we just print more dough. Yee Ha! Seems a fairly big fuck up there. BOHICA, BOHICA.

      So it gets covered up by ‘conspiracies’, ‘whatever trick sates the slut’.

  4. on cue http://www.thecairopost.com/news/137789/news/egypt-seeks-international-intervention-in-libya
    Problem, reaction, the desired solution. Sisi fell for the bait. Or was he part of it all along?
    God save Africa from the New World Order.

  5. ISS is a creation of the CIA/MOSSAD. ISS is a tool utilized to first attack Syria and then ultimately Iran.. ITS ALL FRAUD!

  6. When I stopped watching television several years ago one thing that vanished was my affinity for going to MSNBC or CNN’s website for news. In fact when I am in a room with talking heads on someone else’s television I feel compelled to leave the room to stop the inflow of poison to my consciousness. It seems insignificant but turning off the TV has done much for my brain health.
    When I hear of people bringing up ISIS I always revert to the common knowledge that ISIS is the same thing as AL”CIA”DA. It seems to be common knowledge today that it is a psyop fantasy created by our criminal government. ISIS is nothing different and it is an easy argument to make. After all in a melting pot like the USA it is improbable that it would be non-existent here and yet be prolific elsewhere.

  7. A Voice in the Wilderness | February 16, 2015 at 8:33 pm |

    Thanks for this article. It’s becoming very clear now.

  8. Thank you Bernie for your amazing research and articles!

    I recently wrote about “ISIS” from Japan. Note that “Article 9” refers to the key clause in Japan’s Peace Constitution, that forbids wars of aggression. Those lazy hazy days of relaxing in the summer sun are over, get ready to war up it up!


    The day after Prime Minister Abe visited Israel to agree “with Netanyahu on anti-terrorism cooperation” and gave a speech at the Vad Yesham Holocaust Museum, where Abe invoked the eternal suffering of the Jewish people (but not the Palestinians), the NATO-CIA-Mossad “Operation Gladio” terrorist network, ISIS, announced they would behead two Japanese journalists unless the government ponied up 200 million dollars and withdrew the Self Defense Forces from Iraq (33; 34; 35).

    “Shalom! My Zionist Masters agree that we in Japan need to rid ourselves of Article 9 so that Japan can participate more fully in the War of Terrorism Against the World.”

    Whether the video and images of the alleged beheadings are real or computer generated does not matter at this point since the public has swallowed the story hook, line and sinker. No outrage in the comment section of Japan Times when Obama bombs a wedding party with a drone strike, but one fake beheading video of a Japanese journalist, Kenji Goto, and we have Japan’s 911 with the predictable hysteria.

    In fact, the video does not show any beheading but a ridiculous scene where the terrorist begins to saw away at the journalist’s neck with a knife, while the victim calmly cooperates. There is no video of an actual beheading as would take place by sword as occurs in Saudi Arabia by public execution. The entire narrative is suspicious and appears to be another staged, false flag terror event, in a long line of public deceptions such as 9/11, 7/7 London Bombings, the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, and a number of supposed beheadings against foreign journalists carried out by ISIS (36; 37).

    Japan is a country easily hypnotized by the media and the sheeple operate according to emotions and superficial reasoning, not logical debate or critical analysis (as everywhere). The Japanese are to be deeply concerned with the fate of two journalists but could care less about the victims of Obama’s drone strikes. They have been brainwashed into an unthinking nationalism.

    The Japan Times ran a headline confirming the fact that Goto had been beheaded, but then in the first sentence admits it is “apparently” true. No reference is given for the evidence, just an “online” video and no description of the beheading (38). The NSA can’t trace these videos back to their origin but they can track all digital data of every other person on the planet other than ISIS terrorists?

  9. This was already indicated by Eric Blaire’s George Orwell in 1984. The plan for this crap was detailed decades ago. They are now just unrolling it.

  10. Even if I was to dismiss ALL other evidence, someone is funding them with resources and with such an interconnected financial world, it doesn’t seem like one could go very far unless “they” wanted them to.

  11. ISIS is a creation of the Mossad to get the stupid goys to fight israhells enemies.

  12. What if someone made a “beheading” scene I Washington DC? London? Jerusalem? Would they bomb them then??

  13. “We have the best enemies money can buy.” -The late Stanley Monteith

  14. Israeli Mossad are getting very sloppy lately.

  15. General Wesley Clark mentioned these laid out plans in October of 2007:


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