UK’s Cameron Wants Unemployed Youth to Do Unpaid Work for the State


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United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron wants to teach “order and discipline” to the country’s unemployed youth by making them work for the government without pay.

Under the Conservatives’ plan, youths in the UK will be required to do “daily work” from the moment they claim any government benefits.

BBC reports:

David Cameron: “From day one young people must play their part and make an effort.”

Young people out of work, education or training for six months will have to do unpaid community work to get benefits if the Conservatives win the election.

David Cameron said about 50,000 18 to 21-year-olds would be required to do daily work experience from day one of their claim, alongside job searching.

The welfare shake-up would make sure young people “don’t get sucked into a life on welfare”, he said in a speech.

Cameron also said in his speech that the youth wouldn’t be able to receive housing benefits unless they have a job. He gave no explanation as to why someone would need benefits if they had a real job.

As ridiculous as Cameron’s slavery plan is, his opposition is selling the notion of guaranteeing government jobs for young people by raising taxes on the rich.

The opposition has pledged a compulsory jobs guarantee for the young unemployed, paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses.

But by “compulsory,” they mean young people won’t have a choice not to work for the State if they can’t find private employment. It sounds just like Cameron’s plan of forced labor, but with a salary paid for by more stolen tax money.

Politicians seem to be using welfare to turn both the poor and the rich into a servant class for the State. At least that’s becoming obvious now.

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