Too Far? Teacher Caught Displaying a “Student Terrorist List”

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Last week, a St. Pete high school teacher was stuck in hot water over shaming students by placing their names on a “student terrorist list” and posting it on the door. It is unclear what was the motive for his actions. The teacher, however, went so far as to give the blacklisted students Arabic sounding alias names.

While the teacher sounds like he might have a screw loose – is he in reality doing what he was trained to do?

In other words, was he doing “his job” but just went one tad too far? See below for more. Notably, it doesn’t appear that he will be reprimanded for his actions.

While this particular story is of a quirky, zany nature, the truth is, that government schools are bent toward detecting future thought-crime terrorism in students.

Here are three examples of trying to root out “terrorism” in students:

The Eagle Forum List of Nosy Questions for Students – Submitted by Parents. Follow-up info.


Parents Outraged by “Challenge” Program that Had Students Bear Their Souls Without Permission

A reader tells us that in middle school, during the mid-1990s, a work book was passed around for the students to fill out in Health Class/Study Hall. They were to answer extremely private questions – similar to the ones in the “Nosy questions” and “Challenge” program above. The books were kept on the last day of school. When the student inquired about them, s/he was told they were being sent to a company but was not told why.

Perhaps the teacher above took the cue just that much too far – and accidentally spilled the beans with his twisted form of punishment.

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