The Science Delusion (Banned TED Talk)

By Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance challenges the mechanical-chemical premise that all modern medicine and science is based on. His TEDx talk below must have caused enough outrage by establishment scientists because TED censored the video.


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6 Comments on "The Science Delusion (Banned TED Talk)"

  1. cool video. science used to believe the earth was flat, now they say we came from monkeys! haha same stuff different day.

  2. Morphic Resonance. That explains how humans began building pyramids at different locations around the world without having made contact with one another.

  3. A wise man once said … Science is but a perversion of it’s self unless it has , as it’s ultimate goal the betterment of humanity Nicola Tesla 1919. And then you look arround at the SCIENCES today and you see the lies and perversion and know they follow the money when they should do it for humanity . Sadly this was also co-opted by TPTB for profit once again . tc all .

    • Tyrelle Apuusa | February 7, 2015 at 3:26 pm | Reply

      Really? A wise man once said, “Science is but a perversion of it is self unless it has, as it is ultimate goal the betterment of humanity?” I believe Mr. Tesla was better than that. C’mon man!

  4. If this interests you, and you haven’t heard of Thunderbolts Project, you gotta check em out. Some short pieces explaining the nonsense that is modern quack physics. Fully endorsed by Rupert Sheldrake I might add, who spoke at their 2014 conference.

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