The MMR Vaccine Package Insert – Facts or Fibs?

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

With all the media ‘fear porn’ about measles that’s been inundating everyone recently, perhaps healthcare consumers ought to know some pertinent facts about the MMR vaccines that their MDs, pediatricians, and health agencies apparently NEGLECT to tell the public as part of what should be properly informed consent. Later on, I will discuss ‘fear porn’ tactics.

Legally, ethically, and morally, what would be informed medical consent? According to the American Medical Association,

The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice. [1] [Emphasis added]

Furthermore, the AMA says,

The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment. The physician’s obligation is to present the medical facts accurately to the patient or to the individual responsible for the patient’s care and to make recommendations for management in accordance with good medical practice. [1] [Emphasis added]

However, all the medical professions apparently practice only partial informed consent since they do not reveal the many health-threatening facts about vaccines as published on each and every vaccine package insert—the MMR vaccine being no exception.

Online at Immunization Action Coalition, consumers will find vaccines package inserts for twenty-four (24) vaccines, especially the ones children receive. Each package insert must follow guidelines to supply information in order to comply with CDC/FDA vaccine licensing protocols.

Mercks’ MMR II Vaccine 

Let’s see what the Merck & Company M-M-R II package insert (Measles, Mumps, Rubella Virus Vaccine Live) has to say.

1. For measles, 894,134 cases reported in 1941 compared to 288 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.97% decrease in reported cases; … [2]

That verifies just how prevalent measles was. Measles and other infectious childhood diseases were considered almost as a “rite of passage.” Most children usually were expected to contract measles, as several old TV sitcoms dramatized as ‘comedies’, namely: “The Donna Reed Show” in 1959; “The Flintstones” in 1961 with a skit about ‘measly measles’; and “The Brady Bunch” 1969 parody about an entire family coming down with measles.

It’s rather interesting—and totally amusing—that a TV-show mother resorted to creating a chart detailing all communicable infectious diseases contracted by each of her six children! A novel idea, I’d say, but an intelligent and responsible Mom was portrayed. Was ‘Mrs. Brady’ fear-ridden or panic stricken? Absolutely not! Mothers back then knew the facts about measles, as nonchalantly stated by the MD in that TV show. Also, Moms knew how to treat it without today’s modern pharmaceuticals, and kids in western countries got well in a few days.

Measles fatalities occur in developing or “Third World” countries where life is at subsistence levels and children’s immune systems can’t cope. Mr. Bill Gates, supposedly the wealthiest man on the planet, may I question why you don’t improve the standard of living conditions in those countries with your money, instead of supplying vaccines that harm?

Bill Gates Involvement with Vaccines 

Here’s some of that vaccine legacy:

Bill Gates and 47,500 Cases of Paralysis

Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“Gates Foundation pledged US$ 750 million to set up Gavi in 1999 In 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates called for ‘decade of vaccines'”

Africa receives first delivery of GAVI/Global Fund Vaccines

Bill Gates Calls For “Vaccine Decade;” Explains How Patent System Drives Public Health Aid patent-system-drives-public-health-aid/

What Changed? 

The glaringly interesting aspect of the TV measles theme shows [above] is how nonchalantly measles was treated when an entire household came down with the disease. The depiction in those parodies was actually the way measles was treated back then BEFORE vaccines. I remember it well; I lived and experienced it; and all of us kids lived, too! And, I did not have a MMR vaccine; that was in the 1940s! Here’s an interesting aside: During puberty, my face broke out very badly with acne. I was called “pimple face” by kids in school. However, within the year of my pimple face experience, I contracted German measles. Guess what? When the German measles ran its course, I was left with a clear complexion—the acne went away—almost like magic! So apparently, those German measles were able to ‘fine-tune’ my body chemistry.

Realistically, what has frightened healthcare consumers need to ask today is, “Where has all this vituperative ‘fear porn’ come from?” Apparently, those who have financial interests in vaccines either need to create markets, or champion part of the control mechanisms for the new world order controllers. Remember the 2009 Swine flu pandemic that never materialized. The 2014-15 flu vaccine has a wrong choice of flu strains. Maybe they intentionally want people to get the flu so they can push more vaccines or mandatory control techniques?

I encourage everyone to take the time to read “30 Year Cover-up of Vaccine Dangers Exposed in UK Government Transcripts.” 

Classic Example of ‘Fear Porn’ 

Now, here’s what I would call a classic example of ‘vaccine fear porn’. In the metropolitan Philadelphia radio listening area, at least a couple times an hour over the last few days, a measles report advised listeners to get vaccinated against the “probably deadly disease measles” because a teenager in a suburban county [deliberately not named] may have symptoms of measles. Scare all listeners in the surrounding counties and states neighboring Philadelphia! That hype ratcheted up each day, as I wondered what the —- is going on, since any MD worth his or her professional salt only needs to look at a person’s skin and take their body temperature to diagnose measles! Now, as I finish editing this article, the all-news radio station reports that the 15 year old boy, who first went to ‘X’ hospital in Montgomery County, has not been diagnosed with measles, according to health authorities. No measles outbreak, but plenty of ‘fear porn’ damage accomplished, in my opinion.

Reality Check

Now, for a reality check: The measles vaccine was not invented until 1963, when a measles vaccine was licensed. In 1968 a more attenuated measles vaccine was introduced, and in 1971 the MMR combination vaccine made its debut. [3] However, if truth be known, measles was on the decline long before the first measles vaccine ever was invented, as the chart below indicates what happened in England and Wales in children less than 15 years of age from 1850 to 1965. That’s the year measles vaccinations were given as a single dose vaccine, rather than a trivalent—the Measles-Mumps-Rubella, which definitely has proven to be problematic with adverse reactions, even according to the CDC’s VAERS reports.

The chart was produced by Raymond Obomsawin, PhD, National Aboriginal Health Organization, October 2009 (Source)

The automatic precipitous decline in measles was due to improved sanitation, potable running water supplies, refrigeration, and better/healthful food and nutrition, NOT vaccines like the CDC would have you believe.

However, it needs to be noted that in the USA, only 20 states required measles vaccinations by 1970, but by 1983, all 50 states had those requirements. Furthermore, shortly afterward in the 1980s is when vaccine adverse events in young children became frequent and attracted the attention of vaccine makers and parents, who realized their children were not the same after receiving the MMR vaccinations, in particular, and the same for DPT vaccines.

Cause and Effect 

Vaccine apologists somehow cannot—nor do they want to—acknowledge “cause and effect.” Science teaches that for every action there is a reaction, one of the basic laws of physics: Newton’s Third Law [5]. The intended reaction for vaccines is immunization, whereas what vaccinees acquire is an “antigen response,” which is not natural immunity. The proof is that all health agencies now are requiring the same vaccines be given numerous times at various ages.

With natural immunity, once you contract the disease, you are immune for life with no shots!

Definitely not cost effective for Big Pharma!

Furthermore, Big Pharma vaccine makers became so paranoid about probable future law suits that could put them out of business for adverse reactions from vaccines, that they lobbied Congress for—and even helped write—the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which has become an ever-widening legal challenge for healthcare consumers getting vaccine damage relief, it seems. More claims are denied than compensated, which was not the original intent of the act, I believe.

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Statistics Reports the following claims have been filed for MMR vaccines: 866 injuries and 57 deaths with 357 compensated, but 489 dismissed for MMR vaccine-caused injuries.

For the MMR-Varicella vaccine: 28 injuries, 1 death, 13 compensated, and 6 dismissed. 

Back to the package insert.

2. Women of childbearing age should be advised not to become pregnant for 3 months after vaccination and should be informed of the reasons for this precaution.

Post-Exposure Vaccination

Vaccination of individuals exposed to wild-type measles may provide some protection if the vaccine can be administered within 72 hours of exposure. If, however, vaccine is given a few days before exposure, substantial protection may be afforded.{34,38,39} There is no conclusive evidence that vaccination of individuals recently exposed to wild-type mumps or wild-type rubella will provide protection.{33,37} [2, pg.3]

[Emphasis added]

Vaccine Science Transparency Needed by Law

If medicine wants to be transparent about infectious diseases—and measles in particular, then notation should be made as to what type of measles kids contract: the wild-type or the vaccine strain. That should be a scientific/medical rule, if they want to be accurate about the efficacy of the MMR, or any vaccine, I think.

3. Do not give M-M-R II to pregnant females; the possible effects of the vaccine on fetal development are unknown at this time. If vaccination of postpubertal females is undertaken, pregnancy should be avoided for three months following vaccination (see INDICATIONS AND USAGE, Non-Pregnant Adolescent and Adult Females and PRECAUTIONS, Pregnancy). [2, pg.3] [Emphasis added]

[Plus, effects on fetal development are unknown! Shouldn’t that be resolved as a priority for any vaccine before being released for sale?]

4. Precautions

Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination. There is no confirmed evidence to indicate that such virus is transmitted to susceptible persons who are in contact with the vaccinated individuals. Consequently, transmission through close personal contact, while accepted as a theoretical possibility, is not regarded as a significant risk.{33} However, transmission of the rubella vaccine virus to infants via breast milk has been documented (see Nursing Mothers). [2, pg.5] [Emphasis added]

My comment about the above is this: What I highlighted is what may and probably is happening now, since there’s a given in vaccinology that vaccines can “shed” and the MMR package insert states “while accepted as a theoretical possibility” [legal wiggle room words], shedding is a reality and may be the cause of measles epidemics occurring, i.e., vaccinees infecting others—something vaccine apologists seemingly don’t want to hear, accept and/or believe. That deliberate disbelief refers back to the ‘religious, cult-like belief system’ about vaccines: Just because they say so, it’s so! Not true—but pseudoscience says vaccines are safe! Vaccine shedding can and does happen with the flu vaccine, per the CDC here.

Vaccine Shedding is discussed here.

According to “Inside Vaccines”,

Measles Vaccine – Although secondary transmission of the vaccine virus has never been documented, measles virus RNA has been detected in the urine of the vaccinees as early as 1 day or as late as 14 days after vaccination. [Detection of Measles RNA]

In France, measles virus was isolated in a throat swab of a recently vaccinated child 4 days after fever onset. The virus was then further genetically characterised as a vaccine- type virus. [Detection of measles vaccine in the throat of a vaccinated child.]

Rubella Vaccine – Excretion of small amounts of live attenuated rubella virus from the nose and throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7-28 days after vaccination. Transmission of the vaccine virus via breast milk has been documented. [MMR II]

Vaccines Not Tested or Proven Safe for…

And, probably the most damning of all information in every vaccine package insert, besides their toxic chemical ingredients, is this:

Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility

M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility. [2, pg.6]

What that means is that the MMR vaccine has not been evaluated at any time since the 1960s for the ability to cause cancer, cause birth defects, or impair a vaccinee’s ability to have children. That’s a pretty unscientific, unprofessional and immoral claim to make for every vaccine Big Pharma produces and $ell $, especially since Congress gave vaccine makers “a get out of jail free” card in 1986 with passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that exonerates vaccine producers from any legal or financial responsibilities for health damages their vaccines cause. Case closed, healthcare consumer! Buy our product; get hurt and you’re on your own—screwed!

Vaccine Ingredients and Possible Problems

On page 1 of Merck’s MMR vaccine package insert under “Description,” we find this:

The growth medium for measles and mumps is Medium 199 (a buffered salt solution containing vitamins and amino acids and supplemented with fetal bovine serum) containing SPGA (sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, and recombinant human albumin) as stabilizer and neomycin. [….] Each dose of the vaccine is calculated to contain sorbitol (14.5 mg), sodium phosphate, sucrose (1.9 mg), sodium chloride, hydrolyzed gelatin (14.5 mg), recombinant human albumin (≤0.3 mg), fetal bovine serum (<1 ppm), other buffer and media ingredients and approximately 25 mcg of neomycin. The product contains no preservative.

I think that I ought to mention that recombinant human albumin in vaccines just may be problematic and may be involved with what’s called homologous recombination [6], which may cause many adverse reactions affecting DNA, plus at mitochondrial levels.

Furthermore, the Mumps active in the Merck MMR vaccine was fraudulently stated as effective for numerous years until two whistleblowers came forward. There’s a federal lawsuit: Civil Action No. 10-4374, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. See this.

However and rather disconcerting, those who should know better than to pimp an unproven medical procedure—all vaccines are because they have not been tested for abilities to induce cancer and other diseases or health anomalies—are the very ones who profit from them.

Mandatory Vaccines Are Basic Human Rights Issues

Unsuspecting healthcare consumers need to wake up to what’s been pulled over their eyes in plain sight. Don’t you think it would be a good idea if you checked out other vaccine package inserts here  to find out what you don’t know about vaccines? My 2013 book, Vaccination Voodoo, discusses what many of those toxic chemicals can do in the body according to peer review scientific publications.

The other crucially important measles fact to demand, which is germane to the current hysteria, is this: What strain of the measles virus is it? Is it the one in the vaccine? That data should be required by law to be part of the information made public. However, that would be too significant a factoid to reveal, so don’t count on it, as that would blow their cover.

However, the ultimate vaccine issue is that mandatory vaccinations is a basic human rights issues, exactly like civil rights, gay and lesbian rights issues, same sex marriage, racism, women’s rights, the right to vote, etc., and don’t let authorities forget that!

No one should be made to put into their bodies, or their children’s bodies, toxic and unproven products whose ingredients have contraindications and can cause adverse events according to the manufacturers’ own admissions on vaccine package inserts. If a parent were to give kids those same ingredients in vaccines, they would be prosecuted for child abuse, and the children taken in to Child Protective Services.

It’s high time we stand up for freedom and constitutional protection from vaccine/vaccination mandates and personal rights abuses at federal and state levels, and demand the right to self-determination regarding our health, its care and practices, and that of our children.


[4] U.S. CDC. State Immunization Requirements. Atlanta: CDC, 1970, 1983.

Catherine retired from researching and writing, but felt compelled to write this article. 

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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30 Comments on "The MMR Vaccine Package Insert – Facts or Fibs?"

  1. thank you

  2. I don’t care if the insert says it causes blue skies and sunshine, I wouldn’t inject that poison into my worst enemy.

  3. Catherine J Frompovich | February 8, 2015 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    Check out this 1995 Journal of General Virology article to learn about many strains of measles. [Chart on pg.1174]

  4. ‘fear porn’

    I love this. I’m going to use it in comments. It’s great!!!!!

  5. In the name of public safety all government workers, especially politicians should be vaccinated. After all there job is to keep us dumb assed sheeple safe!

  6. It was interesting to hear that when your German measles ran its course, the acne went away and you were left with a clear complexion. That sounds like a homeopathic cure – like cures like! I too, along with my brother and 2 sisters, all experienced the measles in the early 1950s. It was a normal event – no big deal. We all also had chicken pox. They used to have chicken pox parties, where people brought their kids to visit a kid who had it so they would catch chicken pox and be immune for life, and not risk getting it as an adult, when it could be much worse.

    • There was a study looking to the vastly unvaccinated population in one of the Scandinavian countries, that had a few outbreaks of measles. They found that they kids that were vaccinated against measles had far worse symptoms that lasted longer than those that were unvaccinated. They also found that no unvaccinated kid that contracted the measles contracted it again the next time an outbreak happened but some of the vaccinated kids contracted it during multiple outbreaks.

  7. Thank you so much for coming out of retirement to write this excellent, important article.

  8. John C Carleton | February 9, 2015 at 8:33 am | Reply

    If you have spent much time in doctors offices, you will have seen people come in with satchels who are shown right in to see the doctor. Those are the drug company reps who give all kind of free stuff to the doctor to push their drugs. Sometimes there is outright bribery. Another tactic is to hire good looking young men, or young good looking women, depending on which doctors they are targeting, to go in an “rub it on” the doctors to influence them to push their drugs. Western medicine is a corrupt dirty business.

  9. Check out the swarm of clueless idiots that are attempting to attack me over the Chris Christie flip flop:

  10. As stated before – the US govt gave lawsuit immunity to vaccine mfgrs because they were getting increasingly sued because of problems induced by their vaccines.

    How can that possibly happen, and then in the same breath, have it stated that vaccines don’t cause harm? That seems to be somewhat dishonest.

    • Yea, I have always wondered how someone could read about the immunity that the industry gets, and why they came to get it and think “yea, but they are still safe.”

      • Wondering requires thinking. Thinking is frowned upon.

        Vaccine joke: Of course vaccines grant immunity, there is proof! (legal immunity from vaccine damages is real, lol)

        That’s the only immunity from vaccines.

    • Without that immunity they could be sewed out of existance regardless of the nature of the legal action. Then we are back to square one vaccination wise. Well it would start culling our population on a larger scale so…maybe it would be a good idea.

      • There would be little better than to have the drug pushers all die off. Not one pharmaceutical drug CURES anything – they at best cover up symptoms AND always cause other damages.
        43% of the drugs in the PDR are carcinogenic. In the trade magazine Clinical Oncology it is stated that the 5 yr survival rate of chemo patients in Australia is 2.3% – in the US 2.1%. That sucks. Horribly.

        There are 42 specific drugs in the PDR known to mimic onset of dementia/alzheimers. IF you withdraw from these drugs the onset of dementia symptoms GO AWAY. Unless of course you are taking drugs in the benzodiazepine family – then your drug induced brain damage is permanent. Hmmm

        The govt gave lawsuit immunity BECAUSE VACCINES WERE DAMAGING PATIENTS AND KILLING THEM so they were given the ability to avoid those lawsuits. So DON’T tell anyone that vaccines are safe, because if they had been the govt would not have had to save them from the increasing number of lawsuits to try to get compensation for destroyed lives.

        These 6 graphs PROVE that vaccines do not save people.

        My point in all the above, would be that vaccines not only don’t save us, neither do the other drugs. In fact if you knew how MIStreated much of the standard practices are you’d likely scream. MDs almost always do the wrong thing for stomach acidity, gall bladder issues, they misdiagnose the flu 84% of the time, etc etc etc. They are generally bunglers without training in biochemistry or nutrition – 95% lacking this. Most of the people on this site know more about real health than the avg MD is my guess, but i may be optimistic.

        • First “chemo-therapy” is broad spectrum toxin therapy. The idea is that the cancer cells will die before the healthy cells even though the cancer ones are immortal. A poor primitive way to fight cancer. Most don’t even take it as they would rather feel good for awhile before death. Now the rest is bald faced BS from you. Fine just live without any medications. That is your right.

          Vaccines have shown for centuries to protect from dangerous diseases including the chameleon influenza virus. I take them, never had a problem, but that is just anecdotal evidence from a single person. Not scientific. However if you want wide spread infection and death, that is the ticket. Enjoy.

          • Earliest “vaccine” Jenner’s cowpox vaccine. Here’s the non-propaganda version of reality instead of the lies STILL pushed in some encyclopedias.

            Never studied medicine. Bought Diploma from Scotland by mail. was WRONG about cowpox – as noted by contemporaries.

            His test was ONE (9yr old?) boy. One. Without any proof he declared him permanently immune from smallpox.

            Different disease from smallpox – different virus. Cowpox never fatal – smallpox frequently was. Cowpox = only cows. Smallpox = only humans. Cowpox = only lactating cows. Smallpox = any gender human, any time, any age.

            How the vaccine was made:

            From an original monograph by Dr Walter Hadwen, here is an account of how smallpox vaccine was first made:

            1. A 3 month old calf was tied down on its side.
            2. 30 – 50 one inch incisions were made in its stomach
            3. Smallpox pus rubbed into each incision
            4. Calf is returned to its pen, restrained so as to be unable to lick the sores
            5. Wait one week.
            6. Smallpox pustules form
            7. Calf strapped down again
            8. Encrusted pus is scraped off each sore and the remaining blood, lymph, and pus is then drained out.
            9. It is placed in a crucible and heated, adding glycerine as a binder
            10. Mixed and strained to remove hair and dead flesh.
            11. Poured into tubes as sold as pure calf lymph – or smallpox vaccine.

            Even in the 40s this was the formula. US stopped smallpox vaccine in 71 – last country in the world.

            Deaths – prior to the vaccine the MOST killed in a 2 yr period (England) was about 2,000 deaths.

            After compulsory vaccination: 1857-9 — 14,244, from 1863-5 — 20,059

            So they made a stricter law: 1868 ——– 44,840

            THIS is the god of vaccination, and the lie of smallpox vaccines saving people that started the whole ball rolling. Enough for now.

          • Actually cancer cells are rapidly dividing cells which is what chemotherapy targets. And why people lose their hair

      • Bastiat's Ghost | February 17, 2015 at 4:15 am | Reply

        I just love this kind of protectionist rhetoric. You could say the same thing about any industry. “Car manufacturers need blanket legal immunity even when cars explode from faulty gas tanks because otherwise cars wouldn’t be made.” I wonder what Ralph Nader would have to say about that.

        • How would you handle it then since you failed to mention it? I was giving why they do have that protection. Or the costs would really be high. But in so doing they need to have hard scrutiny with bad outcomes if they are shown to be cutting corners, etc.

  11. I refuse to submit to any vaccinations or medications. I am perfectly healthy. I find it amazing how the pro-vaccine crowd has provided not one suggestion about any alternative way to improve health. That proves they have an agenda.

    • There are two vaccines which helped and help against epidemics: the smallpox one and the polio one. Getting those diseases was a death sentence or lifetime handicap for millions, and now they are nearly wiped out in the world. It does not sound like the measles vaccine has any of that kind of power.

      However I note that it is spreading in California, with a large undocumented population. The statistics are not good for malnourished children who have gotten it, if they are to be believed. “Herd immunity” is the goal – and I for one am glad that it worked for smallpox and polio. But having been a well-nourished American who got all the “childhood diseases” I only got a series of DPT’s – but don’t you know, I got whooping cough (pertussis) anyway! It was cured with a penicillin shot because it is not a virus.

      As we know from the flu, viruses tend to mutate – so I suppose those who need shots to prevent them will need further boosters as new strains emerge.

      • Herd immunity is myth. These 6 graphs show how sanitation and nutrition – better health – cured these diseases, NOT the vaccines.

        i hope you know that Dr Jonas Salk – yes the inventor of at least 2 polio vaccines stated a decade or so later that NO polio cases in the US were from wild polio – they ALL came from the vaccines. Not a single case of wild polio in the US for 30 years according to some who track this information.

        Which measles virus is spreading? There are 18 viruses. Did anyone do Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction testing to find out if (like other instances) the outbreak was caused by the vaccine strain or a different strain? Nope, no science, just politically correct pressures to get shot up.

        Intelligent people seem to grasp that politically correct actually means that things are not REALLY correct, so some one has to spin it for a desired outcome. In this case: drug company profits – since vaccines are the most profitable drugs in the drug pusher’s inventory. (lawsuit immunity – the only REAL immunity from vaccines)

      • Boosters are biochemically stupid, not surprising since 95% of MDs have no training in biochemistry or nutrition.

        If you had a blood sample examined right now, you likely would not find antigens to hepatitis A, B, or C, typhoid antigens, measles, smallpox, chickenpox, measles, scarlet fever, mumps, whooping cough, HIV, cytamegalovirus, etc etc etc.

        Why not? Because YOUR BODY DOES NOT RANDOMLY MAKE ANTIGENS. They are ONLY made when you have a pathogen in your body to fight. So claiming that one has no antigens does NOT MEAN SOMEONE NEEDS A BOOSTER, it means you are not fighting that disease/pathogen. DUH.

        Freaking SIMPLE. Booster shots for lack of antigens is anti-science and amounts to salesmanship based on fear tactics applied to ignorance.

    • I have taken vaccinations all my life going back to the late 1950’s, never had a problem. Never. Doesn’t mean some did, but that is the drawback of giving the same vaccination to a wide spectrum of humans. It can’t be helped. It has to do with the greater good over the few outliers who will get hurt.

  12. It has probably already been tried by someone (and denied by big gubment) but if not I would think someone would bring a civil rights lawsuit against their local public school board for not letting their children go to public school unless they are vaccinated, with the lawsuit seeking to allow either their children to be admitted to school or the family not having to pay public school tax.

  13. Someone has probably already tried (and been denied by big gubment) but if not I would think someone would bring a civil rights lawsuit against their local public school board for not letting their children go to public school unless the children are vaccinated, with the lawsuit seeking to allow either their children to be admitted to school or the family not having to pay public school tax.

  14. You are misrepresenting the graph on measles, just as Obomsawin does in his YouTube video. The graph clearly depicts a decline in MORTALITY, not INCIDENCE

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