Smart Meters: What Consumers Can Do To Get Them Removed

smart meter By Catherine J. Frompovich

“…[B]y enabling two-way, real-time communications, smart meters can give customers the information they need to control their own energy use and reduce their electricity cost,” so said Jim Marston, a ‘smart meter’ supporter with the Environmental Defense Fund. [1] [CJF emphasis added]

That, obviously, is only one part of the serious issues regarding electromagnetic energy technology known as ‘Smart Meters’. So, if SMs can communicate information out of your house, what is it sending and to whom, especially if it’s transmitted via microwaves? Hopefully—or, is it only theory—that moment-by-moment surveillance data cannot be intercepted by anyone, including burglars or other identity thieving individuals. Regardless, there are serious doubts about that information’s security and risks. Moreover, there are dubious and rightful concerns that the information generated within every ‘smart-metered’-home is being sold to special interest commodity producers as ‘leads’ for their merchandising campaigns!

As far as enabling the reduction of electricity costs for consumers, everyone complains that since a ‘smart meter’ was placed on their house, their electric bills have DOUBLED! So much for transparency and truth-in-advertising! Remember when consumers were sold a bill of goods that nuclear-power-generated electricity would be so cheap, that it wouldn’t have to be metered? [2]

But, the most egregious of all problems with ‘smart meters’ is the apparent adverse health effects from the electromagnetic radiation they send into personal homes. That is a serious concern not only in the USA but in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK, which makes one wonder or question if it’s related to the United Nations’ Agenda 21 or what’s called “one world government” and its surveillance techniques.

Rather interestingly and unapologetically, Jim Marston of the EDF said that the environmental benefits of the meters outweigh any such risk. [1] [CJF emphasis added] How callously outrageous! So, keeping that in mind, consumers have to know how to protect themselves, their children’s health, plus their homes, and that’s the reason for this article. It’s going to be a little long, but chock full of useful information. Have fun!

Policy Report “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid”

According to a Press Release from the National Institute for Science, Public Law and Policy,

“Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” states that Congress, state and local governments, as well as ratepayers, have been misled about the potential energy and cost saving benefits of the new “smart” meters, paid for in large part with taxpayer dollars, as well as ratepayer dollars. The report adds that the smart meters are confused with the much broader concept of the smart grid, and that the undue emphasis on meters diverts resources badly needed for key elements of a true smart grid technology.

Timothy Schoechle, PhD, who authored that report, “has been engaged in development of electric utility meters, home automation systems, gateways, and energy management systems for over 25 years, and who sits on several international standards setting committees related to the smart grid, calls the smart meter being rolled out across the U.S. “a canard—a story or hoax based on specious claims about energy benefits… [3]

By the way, synonyms for “canard” are false report, untruth, rumor, falsehood—even myth!

Furthermore, “Schoechle says the present policy approach to electricity infrastructure in the U.S. evidences a “fundamental lack of understanding of the problems associated with the future of electricity and energy”. [3] So, what does that tell us? Sounds like the makings of what everyone loves to dabble with, “conspiracy theories” regarding control mechanisms!

In his report, Dr. Schoechle mentions 9 key points that everyone ought to know, which are:

  1. Data to be collected by the smart meters, including intimate personal details of citizens’ lives, is not necessary to the basic purpose of the smart grid, ….
  2. Federal, state and local governments have mistakenly believed that the installation of smart meters will somehow lead to reduction in use of fossil fuels, greater electricity efficiency and long-term energy economy benefits for the U.S. …. [CJF emphasis added]

The other 7 key points can be read here.

Here is the pdf file of Dr. Schoechle’s 74 page report “Getting Smatter About the Smart Grid.”

Where to File Federal and State Complaints for Smart Meter Removals

Activist Deborah Kopald prepared the following information that NISLPP published at

This is what to do if access to home, office or other critical institution is impeded by smart meter, Wi-Fi or even a DAS antenna, wireless cable tv system, Wi-Max tower or city-wide outdoor hotspots, please use the below procedures in any event and FILE BOTH CLAIMS- HUD AND State Attorney General/Civil Rights Commission. Do this even if you had to move house/ change jobs b/c of problem.

1) If you or someone you know who needs a meter removed from their home and/or from their neighbors’ homes so that they can access their home without being sickened by RF [radio frequency] emissions; please tell them to file the Form 903 with HUD here (ok for private housing): (make sure you both mail and email this form):

2) Also, please file housing access claims with the State Attorney General: (also file public accommodation access and employment claims-to get transmitters shut off (Wi-Fi, smart meters, also try DAS antennae, wireless cable delivery systems, public hotspots, etc by libraries, hospitals, dr’s offices….. can try with schools-though with schools you will need to do a 504 hearing): (some individual state forms below)

More information regarding complaint forms, etc. for these states (AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, ME, MI, NJ, NM, NY, TX and WA) is published at

I wish to express my most sincere thanks to Ms. Kopald, to NISLPP for this invaluable information, and my legal adviser.

Information, via video presentation, from electromagnetics-field-expert Dr. Karl Maret, an engineer, physician, former researcher in the Canadian Armed Forces, can be accessed here .

Smart Meters Fires

Probably, nothing is more frightening about ‘smart meters’ than their ability to catch fire and/or explode! Below is a photograph taken of such an SM fire.

The above file takes a while to load, so hang in there. It’s about SM fires and explosions.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is a federal agency that will take complaints on utility smart meters from all US states. If you have or had smart meter electrical or fire problems CALL: (800) 638-2772 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET or submit your complaint by email. [This information is taken from the above link.]

Santa Rose, California, meter reader discloses that electric companies know smart meters catch fire and are covering it up

PGE in Portland, Oregon replacing 70,000 electric meters because of fire

Smart Meter Fire Kills 74 Year Old Man in Texas

Smart Meters Adverse Health Problems

EMF Radiation from Smart Meters

Wavelengths thousands of times larger than structures in the brain responsible for mental processes, which can cause wireless radiation maladies such as “dizziness” or “memory loss”.

Acting Surgeon General Alerted to Smart Meter Radiation

34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Health Effects from Wi-Fi

Smart Meters – The Ultimate Risk

Transmitting Smart Meters Pose a Serious Threat to Public Health

EMF Sensitivity

People with electromagnetic field (EMF) sensitivity can’t enjoy the high-tech gadgets that make so many swoon. Instead, they develop skin rashes, headaches and swollen eyelids. Some people allege that EMFs even cause cancer, lupus, Alzheimer’s and a long list of other serious diseases. People with EMF sensitivity may have to live off the grid or otherwise drastically alter their lives to stay clear of modern technology.

Australian Study: Altern Ther Health Med. 2014 Nov;20(6):28-39. Abstract

Self-Reporting of Symptom Development From Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields of Wireless Smart Meters in Victoria, Australia: A Case Series.

I attach a brief summary of the findings of Richard Conrad’s study, which includes a link to the full study. Do feel free to forward this message to anyone that you wish. …Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.

Smart Meter General Information

Mainstream media finally recognizes the smart meters dangers that “conspiracy theorists” have warned of for years.

Movie – Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power / Thrive Movement

Note: I’m listing two URLs for the movie “Take Back Your Power” in case one or the other may be a ‘404—taken down’, which happens with a lot of documentation anymore. I understand there is a company called Status Labs—Image Management that, apparently, removes online information for clients as a business.

Are Smart Meters Part of a Real Conspiracy, At Least in California?

Utility Commissioner’s Emails Reveal Smart Meter Conspiracy

Consumers, you decide and please do something to protect your family.




Recommendations For Filing Complaints with HUD and State Attorneys General / Civil Rights Commission

Catherine retired from researching and writing, but felt compelled to write this article. 

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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61 Comments on "Smart Meters: What Consumers Can Do To Get Them Removed"

  1. Who doesn’t want an anti-American, globalist government spy drone attached to their home to spy on everything they turn on and use? Who doesn’t want an anti-American, globalist government taking control of home energy use and turning off their AC or Heater when energy use surpasses pre-selected settings from D.C.? (it doesn’t matter if it’s below 0 or above 110, you’re past your daily allowance of energy use, time to turn it off)

  2. It’s time to “Get Off The Grid”.

  3. ” everyone complains that since a ‘smart meter’ was placed on their house, their electric bills have DOUBLED! ”

    I am not an advocate of smart meters, but the above quote from the article is a bald faced lie.

    Lying does not help the cause which, ultimately, is solar and wind energy .

    When authors lie, they are not journalists but propagandists.

    • Catherine J Frompovich | February 15, 2015 at 6:29 pm | Reply

      Dale Ruff, I think YOU don’t know what you are talking about! Furthermore, what does solar and wind energy have to do with this article, since I, obviously, am talking about Smart Meters and their problems. The article deals with meters, not electric power generation. Duh!
      What kind of ‘propaganda’ agenda are you apparently pushing? I appreciate your backhanded slap to impugn my credibility; it shows I obviously hit a sensitive nerve for someone who just may be an ‘industry shill’. Thank you! You are entitled to your obvious uninformed remarks.

      • Everyone… Is never ‘everyone’. It is a shame that you discredit your own article with the false on it’s face statement “everyone complains that since a ‘smart meter’ was placed on their house, their electric bills have DOUBLED!” in bold text no-less. Then you further ‘junk’ the hard work by calling the guy that points the false statement out to you…. A Liar. :/

        Your ‘statement’ is akin to other falsehoods that utilize the all encompassing word ‘Everyone’… like… ‘Everyone dies if their para-shoot doesn’t open’. And… the falseness of your statement is compounded as it’s not just ‘everyone’ …but that ‘everyone complains’ and further yet by “everyone complains… their electric bills have DOUBLED’ as the result of a ‘smart meter’ which also disallows as factor, huge increases in kilo-watt hour costs of electricity which would contribute to ‘doubled costs’
        Perhaps it would be best to just say ‘Many people complain that since a ‘smart meter’ was placed on their house, their electric bills have DOUBLED! …and apologize to Mr. Ruff.

      • Ms. Frompovitch, I have done a little research on Mr. Ruff. On Discus, all his comments are available. Upon review, I had concluded some time ago he is a paid shill. It appears his primary M.O. is to find one contentious point and spring off of it to draw people away from the main body of the piece. Just as he did here. You bit, and the conversation went away from your primary thesis to an argument over the semantic point of ‘everyone’ vs. some. You do good work, Catherine. Don’t let those who’ve made a deal with the ‘Chosenites’ deflect you or cause you to waste time- that is their goal.

        I could write an article on a number of posters such as Dale Ruff. For all we know, Dale is a female 22 year old recent Jr. college graduate. If you dig into Dale’s Discus postings, the picture manifests with abundant clarity.

        • Catherine J Frompovich | February 17, 2015 at 5:11 pm | Reply

          Thank YOU, Yoda, for confirming the “paid shill status” of ‘Ruff’, an obvious play-on-words phonic that applies to the apparent MO employed by Rough. I readily recognize their types and their MO, but really have fun busting their balloons with valid information. May I suggest you write that article on your research about paid shills and, in particular, what you found about ‘Ms/Mr’ Ruff, who ought to be exposed, then send it to the editor at Activist Post. I think AP would be very interested in publishing it, as AP readers and the public, in general, need to know about shills, trolls, and astroturfers who ply comment sites with their ad hominem attacks and false intentional ‘venom’.
          Thanks again; I appreciate your comment.

          • Hi Catherine. Interestingly, I went to view other comments by Ruff, and I found his log of Discus entries is now private. (At least to me it is). Discus is most definitely a Chosenite (I refuse to call them ‘elite’) program. It is perfect to track various people and profile those awake. I am a contributing writer to AP. I just might do the piece, but am not sure how much impact it would have. They will simply close up the name and enter under a new name.

    • Catherine J Frompovich | February 15, 2015 at 7:35 pm | Reply

      Who’s the ‘liar’, Dale Ruff?
      “The electric bill in January 2011 was $150.23, the usual cost of the monthly bill and typical for this small Laguna Woods home. [Calif.]

      “One year later, the bill was $514.34.” That’s taken from the following link!

      From Springfield, VT: “Why Do Electric Bills Increase After Installation of a “Smart” Meter?

      I hope the chart appears that I copied and pasted from the VT article.
      Want more Dale Ruff? Who’s the liar?

      • Here in Florida, the utility slapped a SmartMeter on my house without my permission. I called them and demanded that they remove it for health and other reasons. They were very gracious and replaced the meter with an old-style meter but told me that I would have to pay an upfront $95 fee and a $15 per month surcharge for “non-standard” equipment. My electric bill has increased 50%.

        Face it, they are thieves out to steal your money! And your state public utilities commissions are in their pockets.

        Good luck in the 21st century U.S.A. Crony capitalism at it finest.

        • I just called my utility company, and was told there is an opt-out program, but it is an extra 40.00 per month fee in order to “hire” an employee to check analog wattage usage each month. That seems to be a rip-off to me. But at least now, there is an opt-out program. Initially, I didn’t even know that a smart meter had been installed on my home. I just noticed that all of a sudden I had ringing in my ears. I had my ears tested, and they were healthy. Then I discovered the truth about smart meters. I complained and the utility company sent out an engineer. There was no opt-out program at the time. He did adjust the reading time from once per hour to twice per day. It is a rip-off and puts our health in danger, not to mention future nefarious uses of the “smart” meters. Thanks everyone for sharing useful information, to Catherine for her tremendous efforts in activism, and to Activist Post for being such a fine web site.

          • Obviously the $40/mo fee is absurd. The idea that the utility company had to hire an employee to read the meter is absurd. That was in the original contract!
            Basically, the utility company “unilaterally” rewrote the contract for service without your agreement and it was upheld by your state public services commission!
            Here in Florida, Florida Power & Light (FPL) knew what they were doing was illegal and they desperatly tried to get my signature on an agreement. They even sent me certified mail! I refused to sign anything.

          • I don’t remember signing an agreement for smart meter installation.

    • So you absolutely Know what you are talking about Mr Grouchy old Dale.
      I think you just like flapping your gums>

      • judynz, your lack of rational discourse and your descent into the gutter to hurl personal insults, including the bigotry of agism (which is no better than racism or sexism), suggests that you are a troll with nothing constructive to say. So, with all due respect, fuck off.

    • If it’s a lie, how does my bill go from around $200 a month to around $900 for ONE month? I am at work 10-16 hours a day, seven days a week. I go home to sleep. I turn everything off before I leave the house. Yet, called PGE and was told the smart meter said I used the energy so I must have. I stopped using my heater at night & turning off lights (which I think not using the heater caused my daughter to get sick) and my bill was still almost $600 this month. Seriously, my bill used to be $130 during summer to 200 when I use my heater.

      • I don’t know but you are not “everyone” as the article falsely claims. My son has a smart meter and his costs have not risen.
        Point made.

        I suggest you investigate further in terms of energy used and costs.

    • Well, I may agree that the title and lead in is false. I disagree that wind and solar will ultimately be the end all as far as energy goes. Think we may ultimately see a combination of third and fourth generation nuclear reactors, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro coming together and creating a full scope energy solution.

      Before you discount nuclear, consider that third generation reactors do eliminate 6,500 tons of old Russian nuclear missle payload a year. The third generation reactors use the waste of first and second generation reactors as fuel, too. Fourth generation reactors may further reduce nuclear waste by reusing whatever is left from third generation reactors as fuel.

      There was U.S. government study, since defunded, into creating better reactors. The folks involved were progressing well. The reactors they designed and built would not ‘melt’ down, they simply shut themselves off. The reactors also kept recycling fuel as much as they could.

      Not going to say these reactors are foolproof, or 100% safe. Nothing ever truly is. But I do see a lot of potential. Consider that France gets around 80% of it’s power from nuclear, without much if any serious hazardous incident.

      Again, not offering an iron clad solution here. I am however seeing many options, seeing lots of potential, seeing we need affordable and logical solutions. Let us not close any doors simply because we have been taught to fear some mythic evil genie. Maybe, the genie is nuetral? Maybe, if we harness it with positive intention it’ll work?

      Take me with a grain of salt. Do your own research, conclude for yourself. What I suggest though is to try remaining open to possibilities. Again, it comes back to a dead horse for me. There’s always a way around a dead horse, no point to kick it.

      • There is enough solar and wind to provide clean energy for all and beyond. Nuclear is done. Germany is phasing out and the damage from Fukishima is yet untold.

        We do not need nuclear, since the sun is free. Solar installations pay for themselves after 5-7 yrs and provide another 20 years of free, clean energy.

        Solar and wind are pretty much 100% safe, clean, with no storage of toxic materials, etc.

        We do not need nuclear. If Germany, a dark dungeon of a country in terms of sunlight, can go solar (27%, up to 75% on some days), so can any country, especially those with ample sunlight. In the West, solar is already at parity with conventional dirty fuels, and if you add in the externalized costs to health and environment, solar is much cheaper.

        • Rite. But read what Ben says… Reactors ?? We are forced. We need 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ad infinitum. To rid ourselves of the poisons we’ve made as of now.

        • And let’s not forget the dreary-skied Scotland, a pioneer nation of solar energy. Clean energy produced more power in Scotland than nuclear, coal or gas for the first time, in first half of 2014 industry figures show. The Scottish government’s plans to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

    • 35 years of education… junked by a simple false statement… and a stubborn state of denial.

    • Dale, is it possible that smart meters have doubled the electric bills in some areas, increased by a third in others, and stayed flat in yet other areas. all in further efforts to confuse, and distract the resistance to smart meters, and possible deliberate manipulations of regional utilities? Dale, we need to support each other, your heart is in the right place. After reading each article, we must use our own minds to configure the cabal’s various strategies of control. Perhaps you could research utility rates per region post smart meter installation. Divide and conquer is their favorite ploy. (peace to you brother).

      • It’s highly unlikely, since in many places (such as California), the energy company is a monopoly regulated by the state. Before PG & E can raise rates, they must have state approval and justify it.

        Similar laws are common, since most energy companies operated as state regulated monopolies.

        No one I know here in Norcal who has a smart meter has seen their rates increased. It would be illegal to raise rates for those with smart meters and not those without and would require state approval.

        My position is simple: we can get all the energy we need from wind and solar, with solar being decentralized and requiring no meter at all. In many states, those with rooftop solar sell their excess energy back to the conventional energy company, which would require a meter, but there is no law that requires that solar installations be attached to the grid, tho it is a good idea to sell excess and provide more clean energy to other users.

        My beef is against lies in the media, which only hurts the cause of transitioning to safe, clean energy, by confusing the public.

        • It’s not lies. Just sloppy reporting.

        • I can testify that a smart meter has doubled my power bill and then makes me angry that you are advocating these unhealthy meters in our homes
          it is BIG govt run amok..

          • You can lower your bill by using the best plan which matches your energy needs. You are in control of your power use. This choice is NOT big government. You need to power down during peak hours and power up during hrs when rates are cheaper. Got it? And smart meters, which are not mandated by the Government (the bill was not passed), are not “in the house.” They, unlike your RF cordlessphone, wifi, tv, radio, and smart phone, is outside. Happy to share the facts. And I am also happy to teach you how to cut your energy bill by choosing when you use energy.

          • my energy bill is none of your concern.
            I can use energy when I want.
            what planet do you live on?

          • Why so nasty? YOU brought up your bill in public and I am from the planet of kindness where we help each other. If you complain of your bill, I try to help you reduce it. . Our use of energy cannot be selfish……what we use effects everyone..
            Try being nice and check the material on how you can reduce your energy bill. And if you don’t don’t want such advice, stop complaining.


      “The utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, admitted
      yesterday that about 1,600 so-called “smart meters” had
      charged customers for phantom power. The meters, manufactured by Landis+Gyr, malfunctioned when they get too hot.”

    • Michael Peevey, former head of the California Public Utilities Commission complaining that something is screwy with his smart meter bill

    • That has been the case at my house. They put a smart meter on w/o my permission and since then my bills have greatly gone up. I have complained to no avail. I am now trying to get them to remove it. I will probably be a great grandmother before they get around to it.

      • In California, and many other areas, installation of a smart meter requires permission. For advice on how to get rid of an unwanted smart meter, see this site:

        They report: “We know that no one so far has been arrested for changing their meter back to an analog. When during December 2011 PG&E cut off several customers’ electricity for changing their own meters, bad press quickly brought them to heel, and those customers got their lights switched back on in a week. Electricians tell us that making upgrades to a homeowner’s electrical system can sometimes entail a meter change. PG&E says you must contact them first before making this change.”

        The orange county register reports that Southern California Edison would have 5 million smart meters installed by the end of 2013. They report they have had 964 complaints, regarding “health dangers to privacy and billing issues, to simply not wanting the smart meter at all.”

        If everyone’s bill went up drastically, there would more than one complaint for every 10,000 meters.

        What many people don’t understand is that there are various plans, including time of day, seasonal rates, etc.
        Consumers should learn to adjust energy usage to the rate plan they have. Or find a way to opt out. Lying about everyone’s bills doubling only poisons the well of legitimate complaints!, an anti-smart meter website, states that smart meters release less waves than your cell phone or wifi and transmit for less than 2 minutes per day. They also point out that actual energy savings are very rare (this requires adjusting your energy use to the energy plan you use)…tho no where can I find any claims that “everyone has seen their energy bills doubled.” Maryland, like many states, allows consumers to opt out but you have to notify the energy company.

        I am not a fan of smart meters, as they currently exist, but lying and exaggerating both their harmfulness and the rise in energy costs only hurts legitimate opposition and complaints.

        I do not doubt that many (perhaps most) have seen energy costs rise, but there is no need to lie about it!

        I, personally, pay PG & E, $5 a month not to have a smart meter, since this requires a workman to come and read the meter each month. Considering I live in the mountains that is not a huge price to pay.

        If we want the energy companies to play fair we must also play fair and not make exaggerated claims.

        The strategy of smart meters is to induce or entice consumers to adjust their energy usage to the lowest rates (certain times of day, certain seasons). Unless consumers who keep smart meters do this, they may well see higher rates…

        So opt out or learn to use the system to your advantage. PGE where I live offers 3 basic schedules, where I can save 40% by using heavy energy later in the evening rather than during the peak daylight hours. They also offer a plan where winter rates are much lower than summer rates. These rates apply whether I use the analogue or smart meter….so I have learned to lower my rates by adjusting when I use certain appliances.

        Ultimately, the solution to the problem is solar and wind energy, which allows you either to opt out of the grid or use it to sell excess energy and provide clean energy to others. Meanwhile, learn the rules, opt out or use the information smart meters supply to adjust your usage to curtail costs. Better yet, have solar installed at zero down and with a lower monthly cost than you now pay for dirty energy.

  4. If anyone were to ever attempt to put a so called “SMART” meter on my house, I would run ’em off with a Shotgun.I’m friends with the Sheriff here, and he would not attempt to arrest me because I educate him on stuff like this and he would understand my reasons for refusing to allow it to be put on my house.

    One thing I don’t see here though is this information which might be useful for someone if they have one installed on their house- use this device which shields you from the Electromagnetic radiation:

    “SMART” meters are part of UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control. Morgellons disease is another part of UN Agenda 21. The Morgellons microorganism was man made as a bioweapon using nanotechnology. We all have breathed it into our bodies and must detox to avoid being biologically microchipped. For More info see my in depth alert on this complete with countermeasures we can use to protect ourselves:

    If you want to subscribe to my double opt in email distribution list for info like this you can at no charge at scroll down for sign up menu. To see my archived e-alerts go here:

    • Concerned Citizen | February 16, 2015 at 7:50 pm | Reply

      Shielding the meter on the outside is one thing, but you cannot prevent the RFs from going into your house over the electric wires and zapping you inside your house.

  5. My wife let the power company install a smart meter when I was at work. I didn’t know anything about them at the time. Then I found bad news on the internet especially the radiation. I wrote a letter to the power company and requested in writing their statement smart meters are 100% safe. They did reply and came up with a lame excuse. I took that letter to the congress woman and within two or three months I was opted out and had me old meter back. I did have to pay five dollars a month more on my bill.

  6. How am I to know if they’ve installed a smart meter on my home, or if I still have a stupid one? I’d like to know, and have the fucking thing removed if it’s a smart one….

  7. I don’t know about the doubling of the cost of electricity when a home’s meter is replaced with a smart meter, but I DO know this: I know someone in FL who is saddled with a smart meter. Since it was installed her health has gone straight to you-know-where and her electricity bill has gone up for no apparent reason. She is elderly, does not use her stove at all, has no washer or dryer or dishwasher, has a gas water heater and forced heat, has no television or computer, doesn’t even have a refrigerator, uses energy-wise bulbs in the few lights she turns on, and her electricity bill is always over $150 per month. The utility can’t explain why the bill suddenly went up after the smart meter was installed, and doesn’t care. No one has been able to help her get this figured out or remedied. This is the future for all of us, at the mercy of centralized power in more ways than one.

  8. Another conspiracy theory for everyone: This equipment makes it simple to locate everyone even in rural areas that’s running electricity. When the SHTF maybe they show up to take your guns, haul you off to an internment camp and “re-distribute” all your food and supplies. You couldn’t even use electricity to run in an underground bunker for lights, fan, heater, fridge or a ham radio or it would tip them off. I guess we should all have a backup passive solar system.

  9. They told us, here, in San Antonio, that they would have turn on and off capability
    , and would do so, as they wished, regardless of personal needs by those with these meters. That, alone, was enough for me to say no to one…


    Susan Losonci had never paid more than $125 a month for electricity since she moved into her Colodny Drive condo six years ago.

    But after Southern California Edison installed a new smart meter for
    her home on Aug. 1, the Agoura Hills woman said her utility bill
    suddenly tripled.

    “There is something wrong. I have not used more electricity and I haven’t done
    anything new, so how does this smart meter charge me so much?” Losonci

  11. Experiment raises questions about SmartMeters,

    The students will receive a refund of $1,600. They are grateful for
    the refund, but say some of their original questions about the
    SmartMeter remain.

    “I’m really glad that you guys helped us out
    and also that you were able to stir up enough commotion in this to get
    them to move their feet on this issue,” said Hinkson.

    PG&E has so far admitted that 23,000 SmartMeters have been installed incorrectly.

  12. What about removal of smart meters in Ontario Canada? What approaches are there?

    • Catherine J Frompovich | February 17, 2015 at 5:18 pm | Reply

      RG, I’m not familiar with Canada, but there should be an Opt Out capability for which you would pay a fee to not have the SM installed on your property. However, I’m not certain if that is in the regulations in Canada.
      If any reader knows, will they please share it here, and thank you.

  13. As a physicist I don’t buy EMF from smart meters causing bodily harm. If this was true ,based on the amount of RF energy they emit , your cell phones would be cooking your brains.
    What most folks forget is that utility meters like gas and water have also been automated. By adding the proper solenoids and control circuitry they too can be used to remotely turn off your service. Just another way for the new left wing Nanny State to regulate your utility consumption and punish you for not paying that carbon tax.

    • There’s more than enough evidence to show that cell phones DO cook our brains, including the excellent work of Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe – check it out on Google/Youtube. You don’t appear to be a particularly well-informed ‘physicist’ whoever you are.

      • I have read these papers and so have thousands of scientists around the world. Nothing but total B.S. They have been debunked thousands of times.The U.S. and British Military jointly performed ten years of testing with UUHF to ULF radio and magnetic waves on their own volunteer soldiers at power outputs from 1uW to 100W and have determined exactly at what frequencies and power levels human tissues and the brain become affected. I read this report about eight years ago. You should be able to find this in the public domain.

    • Cell or smart phones are cooking our brains, a slow process but it all adds up. I don’t have a smartphone. Under peer pressure I had a cell phone for awhile, but did not like the idea of always being “available”, general lack of privacy. People were mad at me for turning it off, and being “unreachable”.
      “Cell” phones, the name says it all.

  14. Smart grid data dumps wake almost everyone up. I bet you wondered why you were waking up at odd hours and couldn’t get back to sleep.

    How do I know? Because I have the equipment that records all night long. Plus have been on this problem since the beginning of 2011. You with cash may want to experiment by going to a very remote part of the globe to test my claims.

    Nayasayers please keep your smart meter and park that WiFi router in your bedroom so you can catch up with the rest of us that know the source of our problems. You won’t get it until you get it. The media won’t tell you so do your own experiment like the 9th graders did trying to grow plants next to WiFi routers… Lol

    Solar inverters produce dirty power. Anything over 1.7 KHz passes through the skin. Solar produces 4 KHz to 100 KHz and these ELF are some of the most damaging.

    The grid is life threatening and this is no joke!

  15. My summer bill went from 60 a month to 90 a month.
    My winter bill went from 120-130 to 170 with a very weak winter.

  16. Just what I warned about in my previous post. This is how the enviro-Nazis and their leftist government use technology er. smart meters to monitor when you open the refrigerator, turn on the stove or AC and even remotely shutoff your electricity, gas or water. Its happening now in California today!

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