NYPD Successfully Disarms, Pins Down Female ‘Drug Lord’ Wielding a Lollipop

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In an effort to really instill trust back into New York residents, NYPD has decided to be extra vigilant about finding drugs in all the wrong places.

Are you a female who enjoys the occasional ‘lolli’?

Then of course you must be a drug lord deserving of a good kick, tackle and a literal roll in the grass only to find an unidentified plain clothes brute on top of you.

Last spring, detective Sekou Bourne thought he’d do some sleuthing by conspicuously poking about Jarnale Henry’s apartment building. To her, it must have looked like some creeper hanging out for odd lengths of time.

“What do you want?” she asked.

With such a provocative question, laced with mystery, it was clear to him he must immediately inflict violence.

John Vibes reports that she said:

He pushed me down … They knocked my lollipop to the ground. I fell on my leg, onto my whole right side.

She must be covering her guilt, for in the NYPD’s reality, she in fact caused him a lot of distress and must be lying. After all, her lollipop looked a lot like marijuana at such close range, according to him.

Back to that question she asked him earlier when he was lurking – What do you want? That’s really just code for I want to sell you drugs, according to him. Inflection be damned! And, as we know, all drug dealers walk up to random strangers in broad daylight with drugs in plain view asking if they want to buy.

Bourne alleged that when he determined she was asking a “drug-related” question he finally identified himself as an officer, but completely dismisses the tackling accusation.

She tripped and fell on her own. Then I got on top of her and began frisking her for my safety. emphasis added

John writes that Bourne has repeatedly reacted this way toward innocent people in the past. He attacked a teenager smoking a cigarette under the same delusion of suspected drug-use. One wonders if prosecutors are tempted to bring 10-year-olds undergoing their first week of D.A.R.E. programs to the witness stand. To see how readily they can identify a lollipop, cigarette and a joint. It is unclear how this particular case panned out.

Obviously, this guy is no Columbo, but I’d like to stress yet again that incidents like these are not the result of incompetence or lack of training, as they were not occurring in decades past. This is the direct result of training, unmerited advancement and protection. Add to the mix, possible drug use, rabid aggression and unhindered narcissism, and it’s quite the dangerous mix, not exactly the preferred traits of detective work.

While the IQ level of cops has been extra questionable in recent years, it’s questionable that a detective or any functioning person would really believe that creative, mind-bending rationale. Such is the twisted story that the sociopath, psychopath or narcissist will project when questioned in court – they gravitate to positions where they can enjoy protection for the harm they find pleasure in inflicting.

Like with the “Spaghetti-O drug lord” who wasn’t, or the Indiana grandmother who bought legal cough medicine and then was immediately followed by police, searched, arrested and handcuffed to a chair for 17 hours because “meth lab.”  When aggressive brutes can’t find a suitable reward, they may find brutalization a rewarding substitute.

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