Comex Gold Open Interest Numbers Show Massive Manipulated Gold Hit In Progress

Dave Kranzler
Activist Post

The Comex is a complete fraud.  It’s one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history.

With China and Viet Nam (the latter being a major gold importing country) now closed until next Wednesday in observance of their Lunar New Year, the bullion banks have engaged in a major attempt to drive the price of gold lower.

Yesterday (Tuesday) 99,000 gold contracts  – 9.9 million ounces or 287 tonnes – were sold into the market between 9 a.m and 11 a.m. EST, which had the effect of driving the price of gold down over $26.  To put this into context, a total of 179,833 contracts traded between 6 p.m. Monday and 5 p.m. Tues. The entire daily trading period is 23 hours.

But 55% of yesterday’s total trading volume – the volume used to slam gold – was traded in a two-hour window of NY trading.

Think about it this way:  in that two-hour window, 35 days worth of daily global gold mine production traded in the form of paper gold.  The open interest expanded by 5,290 contracts, which translates into just over 15 tonnes of gold. The total amount of gold available for delivery – the “registered” account gold – is 804.9k ounces, or 23 tonnes.  In just one day, the bullion banks (JP Morgan, HSBC and Scotia) sold forward 65% of the entire stock of deliverable gold on the Comex. And that’s if you really believe the unaudited bank reports which produce the gold warehouse stock reports.  I do not.

Gold was raided again today (Wednesday, Feb 18) – again at 11:00 a.m. EST. This time gold was slammed another $9 in the space of 30 minutes, most of it in the first seven minutes. Today 18,000 April gold contracts traded in the 30 minute space, representing 24% of the total volume in the April gold contract up to that point since 6:00 p.m EST the previous evening. This is 52 tonnes of paper gold – more than twice the amount of gold in Comex vaults available for delivery.

This is very painful for most of us to watch unfold because we understand how corrupt our entire system is and we also somewhat understand just how devastating the consequences will be for the entire population of the United States (and, really, the entire world) when this giant Ponzi scheme blows up.

Folks, these are not free markets by any remote stretch of the imagination. These are markets controlled by dangerous criminals who are in the process of stealing everyone’s wealth and, in the process, destroying our system. Unless something is done, your children’s lives will become a very unpleasant experience. I don’t have children so I don’t have equity in the future of this system other than I was raised with a very strong sense of “right” and “wrong.” I’m just the messenger.

Sometimes I wonder if I might have been better off being one of the 95%’ers who are oblivious to the size and the velocity of the giant two-by-four being swung at the back of their head by those in control of our system…

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You can read more from Dave Kranzler at his site Investment Research Dynamics, where this article first appeared.

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9 Comments on "Comex Gold Open Interest Numbers Show Massive Manipulated Gold Hit In Progress"

  1. Who cares about the price of gold , we know the price is fixed. Besides when gold goes up who would be stupid enough to sell it for toilet paper fed notes . As gold goes up the toilet paper goes down.

    • I don’t own any gold but, if I did, I would sell it immediately and buy things that people need – ammo, food, tarps, warm clothing, lighters, and, yes, toiletries, etc. Gold and silver will be worthless compared to survival items when the SHTF.

  2. My gold has been converted into hemorrhoid suppositories.

  3. It’s not as simple as black and white…own gold or own survival supplies. Survival supplies are for the bad times of collapse, etc.. Precious metals are for the later recovery times. Ya know…all those survival supplies have a shelf life and over time become as worthless as dollar bills. Precious metal has never been worth zero and never will be worth zero. Those expired survival items on the other hand….

    • You are correct; gold will never be worth zero. But, can you eat gold? We can all agree the shit will hit the fan big time in the near future. When there is no food, water, ammo, guns, shaving blades, antibiotics etc. available, how valuable will your gold be then?

  4. John C Carleton | February 19, 2015 at 9:13 am | Reply

    It has been clear for years to those who are not dumbed down sheeple, that the price of gold and silver is being manipulated by the owners of the not federal and no reserves bank and the UNITED STATES corporation, (incorporated in 1871). If the price of gold were allowed to rise to it’s natural position against the not fed. and no reserves fiat currency, even most sheeple would began to understand that the fiat currency is basically worthless and reaching the end of its life cycle. The fiat currency is being propped up because those doing so are greedy, evil parasites who wish to steal everything before the collapse that is coming. It also gives them more time to put in place the forces and policies which will be used to herd the sheeple through the slaughter house doors After the collapse.

  5. History has shown that gold and silver will always have a good value. For those who talk about survival after an economic crash, gold, silver, and other precious metals will be vital for trade and bartering.

    Don’t believe the anti-gold and silver faction.

  6. I used to agree with this sort of story , now i have switched my thinking to Martin Armstrong theories which seem to be correct in every case.

  7. although history would indicate its good to have gold, i believe that this time it will/may be of temporary use only. this crash and war that is coming IS the big one and food, shelter and kind minded people will be what you should aim for. and those will not be found in cities.

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