Captured Opposition Defends Nuclear Poisoning

Richard Wilcox, PhD
Activist Post

“In an effort to not panic the public about the dangers of Fukushima, many institutions or experts have possibly gone too far the other direction. Instead of easing public concern they have migrated into the territory of providing intellectually dishonest information.” – Nancy Foust of Simply Info

“If you want a winning role, act like a scientist. Talk like a scientist. Imagine that everything you say is backed by a study published in a peer-reviewed journal” (1). – Jon Rappoport

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

There is now a significant amount of radiation released from the Fukushima nuclear disaster to warrant serious environmental and human health concerns (2; 3). In particular, the people in Fukushima are being exposed to high levels of background radiation and in danger from bioaccumulation of radiation.

Damaging effects from radiation in the Pacific Ocean may be related to marine die-offs. As has been documented for over a year at the website, there is a distinct pattern of marine-die offs occurring off the west coast of North America among a wide variety of species. A worthwhile hypothesis for any PhD marine chemist worth her or is salt is that the Fukushima nuclear accident has been, at the very least, one factor in this apocalyptic trend.

Whatever the uncertainty (or intentional obfuscation on the part of the powers-that-be) of scientific facts of the case (and science by its very nature is an open and unending quest for truth), the dismissive behavior of the political establishment is not hard to see.

As philosopher of science, Robert Proctor once observed:

[N]eutrality refers to whether a science takes a stand; objectivity, to whether a science merits claims to reliability. The two need not have anything to do with each other. Certain sciences may be completely ‘objective’ — that is, valid–and yet designed to serve certain political interests (p. 10; 4).

I will argue that the scientists employed by government agencies and universities are not taking into consideration all factors and are putting forth faulty arguments in order promote the pro-nuclear and geo-political entities that pay their salaries.

Whither The Pacific Ocean?

Decades of pollutants from industrial society including previous radioactive releases, heavy metals such as mercury and contaminants such as PCBs have negatively impacted ocean ecosystems. Various methods of industrial fishing– which has led to overfishing — is the equivalent to the clear cutting of a pristine rainforest, annihilating every tree, plant and animal in the path of the ravaging machinery (5; 6).

A 1995 study found that depletion of global ocean fisheries leads to devastation:

The loss of genetic diversity weakens a population’s ability to adapt; the loss of species diversity weakens a community’s ability to adapt; the loss of functional diversity weakens an ecosystem’s ability to adapt; and the loss of ecological diversity weakens the whole biosphere’s ability to adapt. Because biological and physical processes are interactive, losses of biological diversity may also precipitate further environmental change. This progressively destructive routine results in impoverished biological systems, which are susceptible to collapse when faced with further environmental changes….

Overfishing can deplete biological diversity by causing extinctions. While no marine species is known to have gone extinct due solely to fishing, the Atlantic gray whale was hunted to extinction, and other marine mammals were placed close to extinction by overexploitation. For example, between 1920 and 1986, the population of humpback whale was reduced to five percent of its former level (Butman, et al., 1993). Several fish species are being reduced to very low levels by fishing, especially species that have concurrent habitat problems, such as many sturgeons, several North American salmon stocks, and the totoaba of the Gulf of California, suggesting biological extinction may become a possibility (7).

We can see the connections between habitat loss, disruption of the food chain; vulnerability to toxins such as heavy metals, PCBs and radiation as negative influences on trans-generational health of marine species leading to consequent die-offs.

Oops A Daisy: Governments Underestimate The Problem

It was recently reported in a Japanese-run scientific study that due to faulty methodology and lack of testing, strontium-90 is being “underestimated” as a “content of Japanese foods” by the government (8). Obviously the same faulty methodology would apply to the ocean where it is even more difficult to test for strontium.

Captured Scientists

Is Fukushima the final nail in the Pacific Ocean’s coffin? The US and Canada are employing Greenwash Organizations & Captured Scientists (GOCS) in order to coverup the issue.

In fact, the CEO of Atomic Energy Canada, Dr. Robert Walker, is displayed at the Meopar website (Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network) as its primary board member which is in turn the primary funder for the newly created Canadian marine watch-group, Fukushima Inform (9; 10).

Bear in mind Proctor’s warning that although science may be objective, that is reliably carried out (as in this case employing sincere citizen volunteers to test the water for radiation), it may not necessarily be neutral, meaning inherent biases in data selection and interpretation for political and economic reasons.

An individual’s societal role, state of mind, mental predispositions, prejudices and biases play an important role in how and whether he approaches objective evidence.

Researcher Paul Zimmerman notes in his voluminous study of  “the cult of the nuclearists,” and the nuclear and military industries that:

The [scientific] field of radiation protection has been heavily infiltrated and compromised by those with a vested interest in ensuring the proliferation of nuclear and radiological weapons and commercial nuclear reactors. A politically motivated international system of standard setting agencies, upholding antiquated models of the biological effects of ionizing radiation, has asserted itself as the voice of authority in the field of radiation protection. Governments, in turn, depend on the flaws within these models to legitimize the safety of their nuclear programs and conceal the detrimental biological effects these programs impart to unsuspecting populations (p. 139; 11).

The official US military budget is roughly a trillion dollars per year in total. Could it be that some of that hefty budget goes toward information warfare in order to deceive the public about the harms carried out by the military?

How about placing a nuclear physicist, Kai Vetter, employed by the nuclear weapons industry to be in charge of the nuclear safety program, Kelp Watch (to check for effects of Fukushima radiation on west coast kelp)?

Kai Vetter is a Professor-in-Residence of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley and Head of the Applied Nuclear Physics (ANP) program in the Nuclear Science Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Professor Vetter’s main research interests are in the development and demonstration of new concepts and technologies in radiation detection to address some of the outstanding challenges in fundamental sciences, nuclear security, and health.” He is also involved with “homeland security” and “medical physics, new means in the verification of ion-cancer therapy” (12).

Not only is Vetter a nuclearist (Ala., Lawrence Livermore’s Edward “we need to keep testing hydrogen bombs even after tests have been banned by JFK so we had to kill him too” Teller) but a collaborator with the Big Brother and Big Pharma industries as well.

When interviewed about people’s concerns of Fukushima radiation on California’s coastal ecology, Vetter made the claim that artificial radionuclides are “natural”:

The levels of the cesium we measured in the tuna and salmon are extremely small…. we are living in a world which is radioactive…. We still see Cesium 137 back from the atmospheric tests in the 40s & 50s…. It’s, in a way, part of our natural background now (13).

Just like MSG, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and GMOs, now manmade radionuclides are marketed as au naturel.

Vetter “insists he has no reason to misrepresent his findings” but that’s exactly the point, his data may be accurate regarding becquerels per kilogram in kelp, but the inherent biases in data selection and interpretation are not politically neutrality.

The nuclear industry is not disinterested but views renewable energy as its mortal enemy (14). It is prone to take a dismissive rather than precautionary approach to public safety.

Click on the pages of the Japan Times and any article that is critical of nuclear power, considers the dangers of radiation or promotes renewable energy will be pounced on by the pack of rabid, vermin-infested attack dogs, the industry paid shills in the comment sections beneath articles. The trolls employ the usual ad hominem smears (name-calling), invective (viciousness) and most prominently — special pleading/cherry picking (choosing only the data that supports one’s argument while studiously ignoring or ever admitting that another view may have validity) tactics.

Nuclear Strategy: Invoke Climate Change

Under the false pretext of fighting “climate change” the Nuclear Trolls claim that climate change will kill billions of people as compared to the dangers of nuclear power which are insignificant.

* (This is the old trick of “fallacy of relative privation, or appeal to bigger problems, … an informal fallacy in which it is suggested an opponent’s arguments should be dismissed or ignored, on the grounds of there existing more important problems, despite these issues being often completely unrelated to the subject at hand” (15). I heard someone offer an amusing analogy for such thinking: “Your neighbor accuses you of having broken their teapot, but you respond that it was cracked when you borrowed it; it was already broken when you borrowed it; actually you never even borrowed it!” Also known as the “make it up as you go along” argument.)

It has been proven that the mining of uranium, transport of materials and the regular operations of nuclear plants themselves produce significant amounts of “greenhouse gases.” However, there is still significant debate about the real causes of climate change. I am no fan of the monopolistic practices of Big Oil (I don’t even own a car) and against pumping polluting effluents which are the byproducts of industrial processes into the air we breathe. But there can be no doubt that the climate change issue has been politically hijacked for an agenda that really has nothing to do with “saving the planet” (16; 17; 18).

If the world is “warming,” why are there endless documented news stories at showing a cooling trend around the world, not warming, or is it that “global warming” is causing cooling by having disrupted the climate? That’s just too difficult for me to wrap my brain around.

I recently called out one “global warming” proponent when he claimed that use of geoengineering (Ie., chemtrails) might save the Earth by “reflecting incoming solar” as a possible solution to “abrupt climate change”– all the while pretending as if chemtrail programs are not already in use (19). In a previous email with me about a year ago he admitted that chemtrails were a problem but told me that it was too difficult to prove through research!

The Mystery Of The Magic Money, Malignant Megafauna And Deformed DNA

Dr. Jay Cullen, oceanic chemist, is editor of the Fukushima Inform website (which received 630,000 dollars in funding from Meopar, whose most important board member is a CEO in the nuclear industry) and is employed at the University of Victoria in Canada:

[C]hemical oceanographer Jay Cullen is leading the formation of a new marine radioactivity monitoring network that will engage scientists in Canada and the US, health experts, non-governmental organizations—and citizen scientists along the British Columbia coast…. The Integrated Fukushima Ocean Radionuclide Monitoring Network (InFORM) is being funded by $630,000 over three years by the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) (20).

While I am glad the group is testing water for radiation, when I clicked on “Biota” at their website I only found one entry, which was for salmon. Yet the west coast die-offs are occurring in a wide variety of species. I could also find no specific article or mission statement addressing the obvious question: What is the relationship of ocean chemistry, radiation and the marine die-offs we see today in the northwestern Pacific?

In a scathing critique written by the author at the informative A Green Road blogspot, the issue of scientific nuclear fraud is examined:

Listen…as Jay Cullen’s lies and deceptions are exposed by Dana [Durnford], starting at 16 minutes into [the video linked below]. Jay Cullen goes so far as to say that Fukushima had NO meltdowns, no meltouts, no spent fuel pool fires and that radiation in the ocean is 1,000 times BELOW the ‘natural’ levels. In other words, Fukushima was a non event, and nothing happened there; no radiation was released AT ALL.

Even TEPCO admitted three months after 3/11, that at least 3 full melt downs happened. Jay is telling revisionist history as part of the pro nuclear apologist club, and he is a very good example of how pro nuclear ‘experts’ come out of the woodwork and deny nuclear accidents caused any negative effects, no matter what happened, even inside of educational institutions, where scientific truth is supposed to be pursued and reached for.

The pro nuclear apologists like Jay who staff the educational community make outrageous claims, such as no one died from Fukushima and no one will ever die from it. Of course, the mass media features their point of view, and no one is there to refute these claims, despite there being no actual evidence to support it.

Let’s assume best case that Jay is deluding himself and that is ok. Everyone has a right to believe whatever they want (the Earth is flat, sun orbits around Earth, Earth is stationary in middle of universe), but he should not be allowed to say these things on air or in the college classroom without at least someone there to challenge this hokum” (21).

Dana Durnford who is an experienced commercial shell diver off the BC coast has photo-documented changes and die-offs in the coastal ecology (22). He has much to say about the disappearance of biota on the BC coastline, Jay Cullen and nuclear disinformation (23).

Good Grammar Or Bad Waste?

An article written by Jay Cullen at Fukushima Inform entitled “Comparing 20th Century Strontium and Cesium Isotopes From Atmospheric Weapons Testing in the Pacific to Fukushima Sources” (24) predictably relies on the pro-nuclear bodies, the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The UN sources cannot be considered politically neutral as they are being pushed and pulled in every direction by interested power players (25).

For an article that claims to address “atmospheric weapons testing,” except for a couple of indecipherable charts, there is scant information in the article about that aspect. The scientific paper Cullen cites (26) is a highly technical paper written for other experts, thus Cullen has written his paper for the layperson concerned about the effects of Fukushima radiation on west coast ecology. Not to worry, the experts are in control.

Furthermore, one of the authors of the original report Cullen relies on is Ken Buesseler, who is a member of Fukushima Inform, which is a slight conflict of interest. Most of the many authors of the paper are predictably associated with nuclear research fields, which while understandable from a technical view, also draws into question inherent political biases– conflict of interest involving research funding, promotions and professional status.

Worst of all, Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company) is cited as a source for measuring levels of radiation leaked from Fukushima. Tepco’s reliability is badly tarnished having consistently ignored, hidden or lied about many aspects of the Fukushima disaster.

Cullen states that:

Fukushima inputs are much smaller in magnitude and despite ongoing release unlikely to exceed weapons fallout. Initial Cs-137 release to atmosphere and ocean from Fukushima is ~80 PBq and the relative Sr-90 associated with the initial pulse is much, much less than weapons fallout being only about 3% of Cs release.

Firstly, the Fukushima releases cited are far lower than most research has estimated. This argument also fails on the level of the fallacy of privation, urging readers not to worry because the A-bomb tests were “much, much” worse than Fukushima, so don’t worry, be happy. This also lacks grammatical logic, if Fukushima inputs are only 3 percent of bomb testing, then of course they are unlikely to exceed weapons testing. No estimates are provided by Cullen for total amounts of radioactive materials that could potentially contaminate the Pacific from Fukushima.

However, even if these figures are accurate, 3 percent of the number of deaths caused by above ground testing cited by the IPPNW amounts to 12,600 cancer deaths.

A 1991 IPPNW (International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War) study estimated that the strontium-90, cesium-137, carbon-14, and plutonium-239 released worldwide in all nuclear test explosions would be responsible for 430,000 cancer deaths by the year 2000. Moreover, there are additional widespread health and environmental effects of nuclear weapons production as the result of massive contamination of land by radioactive materials and toxic chemicals (27).

The gist of Cullen’s argument is that although weapons testing added radiation to the ocean, over time that amount gradually decreased, and only increased with Chernobyl and now Fukushima inputs, putting today’s level “with roughly similar fission product radiation concentrations in the Pacific.” I don’t follow this logic, if Fukushima is only 3 percent of the bomb tests and Chernobyl even less, but the amount of artificial radiation in the ocean is still equal to the height of bomb testing, this is good news?

According to my colleague Yoichi Shimatsu:

Many of the US bomb tests failed to detonate or only partially consumed the fissile material, meaning nonclassified data on actual amount of atmospheric release by kilogram is not available. The military did not disclose the actual mass or weight of the uranium or plutonium in the bomb series, keeping that info classified. So ALL data from the atomic atmospheric tests are estimates, all skewed by the lack of fundamental data on amounts of material and also the efficiency ratio of each blast. Some were abject failures, but we shall not know until classification expires.

In addition, UN figures are questionable since Soviets and Chinese did not disclose full data on their tests.

Thus, all we have are estimates so rough as to be unreliable. The comparison of guesswork on atomic tests versus Fukushima is therefore an untrustworthy exercise of little to no value.

The Canadian project [Meopar/Fukushima Inform] is bogus science, a misuse of statistics, since the underlying data is unreliable. Cullen shows at least shocking laxity for a scientist in his position and his opinionated stance raises a basic question of whether he is qualified, particularly in terms of science ethics, for his position. An ethical review of his work is required.

Cullen dances around an important question, and does not tell us how badly weapons testing did affect marine life during that period:

Based on current data any environmental effects and negative impacts expected from Fukushima should be less than any impacts on organisms in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Here again we have the fallacy of privation, as if the radiation in the ’60s and ’70s was no big deal, then no worries today either. This analysis does not take into account damage to organisms caused to their DNA due to bomb testing, which could make their generations of offspring even more susceptible to further exposures to radiation. Little is said about the plume of radiation sweeping across the Pacific– a complex phenomenon of migration and concentration patterns– and the mechanisms by which radiation could bioaccumulate in marine species.

I wonder if Cullen et. al., would like to pin the west coast die-offs on global warming because that would keep the institutional money flowing in that direction while deflecting attention away from what may be a real or major cause of marine die-offs.

There are many other questions, gaps and ambiguities in Cullen’s article about which independent researchers and scientists might disagree if they were able to have access to the mainstream media.

A truly independent team of scientists not captured by the nuclear industry needs to seriously research the topic of Pacific Ocean die-offs and the relationship to Fukushima radiation.

The Geopolitical Context Of Nuclear Insanity

It is not surprising that governments want to downplay dangers from radiation if they are producers of radioactive waste or use uranium in weapons production. The US military, for example, is the world’s largest waste producing and polluting entity.

Canada’s rich sources of uranium mines have made it difficult to veer away from the nuclear power paradigm and go the way of Germany, for example, which leads the world in renewable energy policies. Pro-nuclear policies have predictably driven Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has long been tied to nefarious international agendas in blatant contradiction to the interests of Canada and the environment (28; 29; 30; 31). It really makes you wonder who runs their country.

On the other side of the Pacific pond, Japan’s geopolitical situation is also complicated, being a major host of US military bases and currently under the control of the far right militaristic, Shinzo Abe administration.

Israel recently pressured Japan to approve a gambling casino (32) which reminds me of the way the British in the 19th century forced China to buy their opium — a money making scam that also destroys the integrity of a nation.

The day after Prime Minister Abe visited Israel to agree “with Netanyahu on anti-terrorism cooperation” and gave a speech at the Vad Yesham Holocaust Museum, where Abe invoked the eternal suffering of the Jewish people (but not the Palestinians), the NATO-CIA-Mossad “Operation Gladio” terrorist network, ISIS, announced they would behead two Japanese journalists unless the government ponied up 200 million dollars and withdrew the Self Defense Forces from Iraq (33; 34; 35).

“Shalom! My Zionist Masters agree that we in Japan need to rid ourselves of Article 9 so that Japan can participate more fully in the War of Terrorism Against the World.”

Whether the video and images of the alleged beheadings are real or computer generated does not matter at this point since the public has swallowed the story hook, line and sinker. No outrage in the comment section of Japan Times when Obama bombs a wedding party with a drone strike, but one fake beheading video of a Japanese journalist, Kenji Goto, and we have Japan’s 911 with the predictable hysteria.

In fact, the video does not show any beheading but a ridiculous scene where the terrorist begins to saw away at the journalist’s neck with a knife, while the victim calmly cooperates. There is no video of an actual beheading as would take place by sword as occurs in Saudi Arabia by public execution. The entire narrative is suspicious and appears to be another staged, false flag terror event, in a long line of public deceptions such as 9/11, 7/7 London Bombings, the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, and a number of supposed beheadings against foreign journalists carried out by ISIS (36; 37).

Japan is a country easily hypnotized by the media and the sheeple operate according to emotions and superficial reasoning, not logical debate or critical analysis (as everywhere). The Japanese are to be deeply concerned with the fate of two journalists but could care less about the victims of Obama’s drone strikes. They have been brainwashed into an unthinking nationalism.

The Japan Times ran a headline confirming the fact that Goto had been beheaded, but then in the first sentence admits it is “apparently” true. No reference is given for the evidence, just an “online” video and no description of the beheading (38). The NSA can’t trace these videos back to their origin but they can track all digital data of every other person on the planet other than ISIS terrorists?

The Christian Science Monitor offers little proof or analysis as to whether the video is authentic, and ends with a claim from Metabunk that the video is authentic, but Metabunk is pretty clearly funded by the CIA to debunk “internet conspiracy theories” (39). CSM relies on a mysterious internet website rather than computer professionals who should be able to tell within minutes whether or not this is authentic. I did a search at to find out if computer experts thought the videos were fake, but there was nothing on the topic despite several tries.

Japan Unbroken

Understanding the geopolitical and historical context of nuclear madness is essential for ending the radioactive pollution of the planet, given the nuclear project has very deep roots beginning in Western wars.

In the build up to the Academy Award season, CIA-infiltrated Hollywood has treated audiences with a flood of nostalgic and entertaining World War II and war movies. As the X22 Report which is featured on the Rense Radio Network often points out, the Central Bankers are trying to distract the world from the fact that their corrupt economic system is collapsing, thereby creating war and chaos in order to shift the blame (40). As the US turns into an invasive and brutal police state, Americans are being programmed to ready themselves for WWIII.

Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken was quite good I thought, assuming it is historically accurate, it shows the brutality of WWII prisoners of war at the hands of Japanese captors. Overall the message of the film is anti-war and humanistic, but since the film is critical of Japan it will get no play inside Japan itself since the Japanese are an insular people who won’t allow foreigners to directly criticize their culture. A little self introspection might be good for the national soul.

Unbroken is also American propaganda meant to stir up testosterone and nationalistic feelings of anger. Hollywood would never allow a film to show US fire bombings of civilians and other atrocities during WWII, or how our allies at the time, the Soviets, murdered millions of innocent Germans. This included the horrific rape of female prisoners from ages “eight to eighty” as documented in Thomas Goodrich’s book, Hellstorm (41).

It’s too bad Clint Eastwood could not have put his superb story telling and directing ability to work to expose American crimes rather than glorify them, as he did with American Sniper — a gift to neo-con war mongers. I wish Eastwood could make a film called American Scum instead, the biography of war criminal, Henry Kissinger. Or, the same title could be applied to our treasonous American congress – American Scum (42). Why not expose the crimes of Genrikh Yagoda who killed millions during the early Soviet era — this story is unknown to most people in the West (43). Most of what Americans know about WWII — the war that spawned the nuclear era — is pure propaganda and is rarely challenged with alternative interpretations of how the war really came about (44; 45).

Richard Wilcox is a contributing editor and writer for the book: Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization? (2014) and a Tokyo-based teacher and writer who holds a PhD in environmental studies. He is a regular contributor to the world’s leading website exposing the Fukushima nuclear disaster,, and a regular contributor to Activist Post. His radio interviews and articles are archived at and he can be reached at


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