11-Year-Old Girl Pushed Down, Pinned and Held at Gunpoint in Home

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

One of the perils of having an alarm system is – which is worse? The thugs who might have invaded your home or the ones dispatched to the “rescue.”

In the case of one family, the home alarm system had been inadvertently turned on last Sunday, leaving them blissfully unaware of what would happen next.

No knock. Not even a “we’re here to help!” Two Groveland, Florida officers let themselves into the home through the garage. Guns a blazin’ – only to find a little girl watching television on her bed. She must be the burglar! (Yeah, right.)

At this point, all the focus of police force they could muster beamed in on her, as they began “protecting” her.

She said:

One of the officers was pushing me down and when he was pushing me down, (he) put his knee on me and the other officer had his gun pointed at me…

I was very scared and didn’t know what to do; what happened…

And the cops asked her if she was the owner of the house… She answered no, and then they finally got up off of her to pursue Dad in his bedroom. The girl cried when she went to her dad’s bedroom and remembers feeling sadness and fear.

The father, Jean Guirand, cannot fathom the rationale behind it, because in his mind, police only go after legitimate threats. He does think someone should be fired for it.

Speaking of which, why were they on the force to begin with? Look:

Channel 9 found Officers James Festa and John Rigdon have been with the department for three years, and both have been disciplined several times, according to their personnel files.

Festa was reprimanded in December for botching a child abuse investigation. He was also been suspended in 2013 for sleeping on the job.

Rigdon was suspended in May and demoted in 2013 from corporal. He was also reprimanded in 2011. Each punishment was the result of allegedly filing false police reports.

Brothers in blue have a way of staying on board, transferring, or pulling desk duty. Guirand wants Internal Affairs to scrutinize the initial police report, one that said nothing of the girl’s account. Investigators may have interviewed her on Monday.

Not only is it beyond disturbing that they jumped on her and pointed a deadly, loaded weapon at her, but it also unfathomable to consider the targets officers use for practice: no-hesitation targets featuring children, pregnant women and elderly; live injured animals, and old mugshots from locals.

We’re not just talking about “excessive force” (as the headlines are spinning it) – a term that used to be reserved for the treatment of apprehended suspects – no, this was a home invasion terror event. A little girl. In her very own home. Please bust any illusions that this is mere incompetence or lack of training – this is the result of training. You’re the enemy.

What’s considered “business as usual” by two obviously mental thugs, continues to traumatize her.

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21 Comments on "11-Year-Old Girl Pushed Down, Pinned and Held at Gunpoint in Home"

  1. Any cop who would ask a little girl if she was the owner must have scored especially low on the IQ test that he was administered to make sure he wasn’t too smart to be a cop.

  2. The cops were upset the family didn’t own a dog for them to shoot so the next best target was a small child. The cops weren’t happy that they had not killed something.

  3. This family should sue the alarm system company. You can believe if this presents a problem for alarm system companies, the overzealous rent a cops will be brought under control. It’s all about money.

  4. All intelligent discussion is based on context.

    For context:

    number of people killed each year by household invaders….about 50

    number of people killed by family or friends……………………….about 4,800.

    You can have guns and gamble against the odds (homes with guns have 270% greater likelihood of a gun death in the home than homes without) but in almost all cases, you will lose. More children

    The Guardian.com reports that each year, over 100 children die from gun accidents in American homes, twice as many as household membes are killed by household invaders.

    “Over 7,000 children are hospitalized or killed due to gun violence every year, according to a new studypublished in the medical journal Pediatrics. An additional 3,000 children die from gun injuries before making it to the hospital, bringing the total number of injured or killed adolescents to 10,000 each year.

    The new study, led by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, highlights the toll gun violence has on child mortality rates in the country. Doctors surveyed the most recently released data from 2009 that tracked pediatric hospital stays.”

    If you gamble against the odds, you are unqualified to own a gun. If you have both guns and children, you are guilty of child endangerment.

    • How much do you pay your bodyguards? I mean, you’ve made yourself a public figure now. How many, and how much do you pay them?

    • Nope. Attempting to selectively examine facts as you do, allows a person to make almost any case. The fact is that many people are killed by means other than firearms in places without easy access to firearms. In fact the rate of violence is lowest in gun owning societies. In the USA open carry states have the lowest incidence of violence. Here in Australia we have very strict gun laws. It doesn’t stop the criminals from getting guns, oddly enough they don’t seem to care about the law. However as far as violence and home invasion goes, we are one of the worst, indeed the worst for any developed country. I do not think that a person who is shot with a gun, is any more dead nor tragic than a person killed with a knife, rock or poison. Lots of knife violence in the UK too by the way where that’s the most likely murder weapon.
      The only reason I’d want a gun these days, is to use against the government and cops when the time comes as I am sure it will and I firmly believe our governments are going to have to be taken out, for humanity to have any future worth looking forward to. That said now is not the time, I do not see enough people awake and feeling the pressure yet.

      • When you begin a conversation with an insult, it is an admission of defeat. You are confessing you have no evidence to persuade the person with whom you disagree so you resort to the fallacy of ad hominem, which of course guarantees that the person will not be persuaded.

        Then you double down by presenting zero evidence for your absurd claims.

        In the UK, the gun murder rate is 99% lower than in the US.

        The overall murder rate is 80% lower.

        In the US, guns are responsible for over 2/3 of all murders.

        In the UK, basically a gun free zone, guns are rarely used for murder (about 35 a year), and so of the 550 murders, other instruments are used, rocks, bats, knives, cars, poison,etc.

        The net result is that the UK has 80% fewer murders per capita than the US.

        Of all the other 34 other advanced nations the gun murder rate averages 90% less than the US, (with Japan having 99% less, Germany, Spain,Austria having 95% less, etc) and an overall murder rate 80% lower than the US.

        In 2011, there were 1,700 murders in the US with knives (10,000 with guns)–Wikipedia, with sources) . In the UK there were 200 knife murders, as reported by http://www.parliament.uk.

        Adjusting for population, (US has 5 times more people), the UK would have 1000 knife murders, or far less than in the US.

        Let’s summarize

        US: (2011) had 16,000 homicides
        with 11,000 gun murders and 1,700 knife murders.

        UK had 38 gun homicides (99% less per capita) and 200 knife murders (40% less per capita). Total homicides were 653. (about 80% less per capita than US).


        1. “When good people don’t have guns, only criminals will.” Wrong!
        2. If people don’t have guns, they will commit just as many murders by other means.” Wrong!
        3.” Gun free zones will attract violent thugs” Wrong!
        4.”The Constitution gives us gun rights to take up arms against the government.” Wrong! In fact, the Constitution, in Clause 15 and 16 (Article 1, Sect 8) gives 3 reasons for the militia (ie armed citizens), to be called up under the organization, arming, and control of Congress: to enforce the law, to put down invasions, to put down insurrections.
        There is no mention of the right to take up arms against the government, which has the power to draft you, arm you, force you to bear arms under their command, and to put down rebellions, etc. The 2nd Amendment is a duty to serve Congress disguised as a right (and nowhere mention the right to gun ownership).

        I suggest you digest these facts and adjust your thinking.

      • i HAVE not selectively cherry picked facts. This is your false claim to mask you inability to accept the facts. In fact, among all advanced nations (indeed all nations), the lowest gun murder rates are in the gun free zones of UK and Japan, which also have 80% lower overall murder rates.

        In the US, the states with the loosest laws (38 do not require background checks for private gun sales) and most guns have 40% more gun murders, more accidental and suicides, and overall higher murder rates than the states with the strictest laws and fewest guns.

        In the home, homes with guns have nearly 3 times more gun deaths than homes without guns.

        These are findings from peer-reviewed studies.

        In the UK and Japan, where few citizens have guns, the criminals also do not have guns. In 2006, the US had over 10,000 gun murders, the UK had 35, and Japan had 6. If criminals had guns, they didn’t use them.

        Your claims are NRA propaganda, based on lies designed to scare you into buying more guns, tho all research shows that the more guns, the more gun violence.

        Wake up! You have been brainwashed by those whose motive is not public safety but profits at the expense of public safety.

        The UK, which has 99% lower gun murder rates than the US also has 40% lower knife murders. Look it up at gunpolicy.org.

        Wake up from your propaganda induced slumbers and face the facts: guns are a primary risk factor for gun violence and while in the USA, about 50 home invaders are killed by armed citizens each year, nearly 5000 are murdered by guns by family and friends (confirm at FBI website). Gangs do 6% of gun murders (mostly each other) and family/friends do 54%. These are documented facts and are not flung into the air but are grounded in reality.

        Those who are disconnected from reality are not qualified to possess guns.

  5. I’ll refrain from the 60’s term, but they wonder why “We the People” don’t trust the cops. I had one asshole bust my head open while sleeping. Internal affairs was a joke! LOL Public servant my ass. More like bully revenuer!! Wonder why so many were cheering when them 2 cops got greased in NYC? You reap what you sow. Sorry to the few good ones out there, but after my lifes experiences, I wont go out of my way for them. The days of “Leave it to Beaver” are gone!

  6. Wow , this level of treachery can’t even be blamed on bad training or low IQs although I’m sure both factors played a part in this incident. Some people are just sadistic and have no sympathy or empathy for anyone. I am sure these cops have encountered so many dangerous little 11 year old girls who break into houses to watch TV that it didn’t even occur to them that she lived there. This is unbelievable and the sad thing is they probably won’t get in any trouble for their actions.

  7. The kid should’ve said: Yes, I’m the homeowner! The Police Pig Puke Scumbags are so stupid, they’d probably have left!

  8. “Please bust any illusions that this is mere incompetence or lack of training – this is the result of training. You’re the enemy.”

    You had better BELIEVE it!! Advocate lawmakers in your state to pass laws that make the police forces pay monetary judgements for stuff like this out of the following year’s police budget (NOT the Fire Department! NOT Parks and Recreation – THE POLICE BUDGET!!), instead of passing the atrocity on to the taxpayers.

    • I take this one step further and advocate mandatory individually-purchased professional malpractice insurance policies for all police. These two cops already had so much going against them that they probably would already have been priced out of the profession by their escalating premiums, which is exactly what this policy is intended to do: force bad cops to quit.

  9. Why is it a requirement for cops to be racist?

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