Why Is This Giant Cell Phone Tower Smack Dab in the Middle of an Elementary School Playground?

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Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
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Thanks to a tip, we took a look at the playground for Anne Frank Elementary in Dallas, Texas via satellite image, where a rather large cell phone tower looms over the public school campus.

The very place that these young children (and their teachers) spend their time – both inside and outside the school building – is saturated with powerful electromagnetic frequency radiation.

This is unconscionable. How is this even allowed? To have a giant cell phone tower standing in the middle of an elementary school right on the basketball court directly between the playground where small children with developing brains are playing and the buildings they are supposed to be learning in every day on this public school campus?


Considering that numerous studies have linked cell phone radiation with cancers including leukemia and brain tumors – and that studies have found young children to be more susceptible to damage from EMF fields, allowing a cell tower to operate right in the middle of an elementary school campus seems particularly flagrant and unwise.

What’s worse, the cell tower – which is directly next to the outdoor basketball court – carries a warning sign reading in large read letters:

Warning! Beyond this point: Radio frequency fields at this site may exceed FCC rules for human exposure. For your safety, obey all posted signs and site guidelines for working in radio frequency environments.

Yet no one put two-and-two together and considered that if the radio frequency fields were hazardous to humans, that school children don’t belong in their proximity. Wow!

How many other locations in society is this technology also posing a risk to human health? There are enough scientific studies to make clear to anyone paying attention that there is a problem … but, of course, the long-term effects are yet unknown.

As Truthstream Media previously reported:

Estimates show that those of us living in modern-day America are experiencing 100,000,000 times more electromagnetic frequency (EMF) than our grandparents did simply by existing. Incidents of brain tumors have also been found to be higher in Western, developed nations. Everything from cell phones to cell towers going up everywhere to household appliances to computers…even cars emit EMF. Many of these technologies were never tested for potential harmful effects. Research has found EMF does have an adverse effect on tissues and cells, and this non-ionizing radiation has been classified as a carcinogen or potential carcinogen.

The top two childhood cancers are leukemia and cancers of the brain and nervous system. Studies have linked both EMF exposure and childhood leukemia (for a few examples, see here, here, here and here), and EMF exposure to childhood brain tumors (see here, here and here).

Belgium just banned cell phones specifically designed for children up to age 7 based on this risk.

It is abundantly clear that there are plenty of reasons to apply the precautionary principle and limit your child’s exposure (and your own) to both cell phones and to cell phone towers, as well as other sources of EMF pollution, but here are a few considerations:

But does the average parent who does this even realize that studies have shown people who use cell phones before the age of 20 have a five times higher chance of developing malignant brain tumors?

Do they know that the country of Belgium has banned all cell phones manufactured and marketed towards children age seven and under because the International Agency for Research on Cancer cited a potential increase in brain cancer risk back in 2011?

Did they realize that the United Kingdom has told its schools to discourage students under 16 from using cell phones due to health risks citing a scientific report which states that children “have smaller heads, thinner skulls, and higher tissue conductivity than adults” so “they may absorb more energy from a mobile phone than adults”?

Were they aware that the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety has confirmed “the existence of non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter” which includes “blood brain barrier changes, learning and behavioral effects, changes in anti-oxidant enzyme activities, DNA and biological damage”?

That this caused the commission to conclude, “We strongly advise limited use of cell phones, and other similar devices, by young children and teenagers, and we call upon governments to apply the Precautionary Principle as an interim measure while more biologically relevant standards are developed to protect against, not only the absorption of electromagnetic energy by the head, but also adverse effects of the signals on biochemistry, physiology and electrical biorhythms”?

In fact, childhood diagnoses of brain cancer are ‘mysteriously’ on the rise and have been for awhile now….

Here are just a handful of studies showing that cell phone exposure could be very dangerous, especially for children….

Also, the Cellular Phone Task Force compiled a list of all the governments and advocacy organization on record warning against or even banning wireless technology (see here).

H/t Gene Irvin. Full video: Take This Tower Down

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