Watchdog Resigns After Revelation that CIA Hacked Senate to Cover Up Torture Program

Cassius Methyl
Activist Post

In case you were unaware, it was recently revealed that, yes, the CIA hacked into Senate computers to try to delete files related to the Senate’s investigation into the CIA’s secret torture programs.

Now, CIA ‘watchdog’ (Inspector General David Buckley) will be resigning at the end of the month, directly following the revelation that the CIA tried to hack Senate computers to cover up their disgusting torture programs.

It is essential to note that we do not know the whole of this situation, not even close.

That being said, and keeping in mind the real nature of the Senate and basically all US political figures and bodies, I wouldn’t be quick to assume that the Senate was taking on some benevolent role to try to uncover what sick, twisted forms of torture the CIA was using. Dianne Feinstein, the Senator in charge of the CIA report, staunchly defended the NSA‘s huge spy dragnet. In other words, don’t forget the Senate also houses corruption, despite the headlines currently painting them as some sort of check and balance for the CIA, we’re talking about Dianne Feinstein here!

When the CIA was previously accused of the hacking, they vehemently denied it. Now, they were forced to admit they lied.

“As far as the allegations of the CIA hacking into Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth.… That’s beyond the scope of reason,” Brennan once said, now known to be a bald-faced lie.

Beyond the scope of reason? Beyond the scope of basic morality, yes; but based on your past actions, this is nowhere near beyond the scope of reason. The CIA does not mind torturing human beings with total secrecy, using the most disgusting methods available.

So, this torture report that was made public recently is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the CIA did at places like Guantanamo Bay and completely secret torture sites (black sites) we didn’t even know about. These sites are now known for interrogation and brutal torture that included ‘rectal rehydration’ and sleep deprivation, among other things.

I think it’s important to highlight that there is a lot we don’t know. For example, there’s a larger document yet to be released that would really illustrate what the CIA was doing when it was torturing people.

These documents would probably reveal who they tortured, and who in the power structure ordered the torture and who was complicit with it (perhaps the most important thing we have yet to find out); I’m talking about  a full declassification of The Panetta Review.

The Panetta Review was an investigation into the Bush-Era torture, CIA torture done under the Bush Administration, an investigation into the CIA, by the CIA.

We only discovered its existence in December 2013. To this day, absolutely nothing from this report has been revealed to the public. It’s just something kept between the corrupt, secretive bureaucratic branches of the US Government; a report done by the same people who essentially did the torture, the CIA — and to some degree, Leon Panetta. We barely know what this thing is, but we know it’s filled with info that would implicate many people as criminals in the eyes of international law.

According to many sources, The Panetta Review actually further illustrates how no useful information came out of all of this torture, among many other critical details left out of the Senate’s recent report on CIA torture.

As the public, as the citizens of empire America, what we should really be doing is to push for the full declassification of The Panetta Report and other documents that tell the full truth of the despicable, unfathomable human suffering inflicted on people by the CIA with total secrecy and impunity. Realistically speaking, however, why on earth would they declassify documents that implicate themselves as criminals? Criminals cannot be checks and balances to themselves. By some means, the truth must be revealed, and it isn’t going to be revealed by the people who are committing these atrocities.

There is so much more about this to be discovered, so much I could not fit into this article, so much we have no idea about. But here’s what I can say: this is no example of checks and balances; the CIA does whatever it wants with impunity, and we must recognize that and stop it. Activists have launched a national day against torture in response to the CIA report, with actions scheduled to take place nationwide on January 31st.

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